A White Racial Crisis

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Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers; a white



By Douglas Chism

DEMOGRAPHICS are the facts and figures pertaining to various populations trends.

The science of demographics provides us with vital information concerning births and deaths, median age and affluence of a population, immigration and ethnic/racial shifts, and much more. This knowledge is important to our study of race.

Just 100 years ago — (circa) 1900 — there were approximately 2,000,000,000 persons inhabiting the earth. In fact, it had taken many thousands of years for a struggling population to even reach that relatively modest level.

Todayin only one (1) century alone … due to scientific and technical advances in the production of food, the treatment of diseases, sanitary living conditions, and, most recently, welfare state social policies (thanks to mostly White geniuses) …  the earth’s population has surpassed (7, 400, 000, 000 people).

The most significant factor in this unprecedented growth is that almost 98% of that INCREASE has taken place among the populations of predominately NON-white countries.
Map of countries and territories by fertility ...

If present trends and demographic predictions hold true, during the one-hundred year period from 1920 to 2020, the NON-white populations will have increased ONE HUNDRED TIMES (100X) that of Whites!

The BIG Picture

A report issued by the United States Immigration Commission around the turn of the previous century (circa 1900), stated that the Aryan (White) races made up almost half of the world’s total population. United States Census reports for the year 1920 indicated that one-third (33%) of the earth’s population was still White.

By 1970, Whites had come to account for only about one-quarter (25%) of the total world population.

Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, LESS than ten percent (10%) of the earth’s population is still of essentially White European racial stock.

….actually between 7% – 10% of the World population, depending on how strictly the definition of “White” is applied. Some statistics include Jews in the category of “White”, and most include White Hispanics.

 You Will NEVER Be European!

(WHITE WOMEN of child-bearing age are about 2% of the World’s population.)

A White Racial Crisis

While precise percentages may vary, the pattern is perfectly clear: the White race is diminishing considerably in proportion to other races, and could quite conceivably find itself hurling headlong toward extinction … if steps are not taken to correct these disastrous demographic projections. The racial crisis is highlighted still more at the national level.

WHITE AMERICANS accounted for a majority 90% of the 1960 U.S. population!

The American Household – 1962

(Today … WHITE Americans have plummeted to 61% of the United States population (about 198 Million of 325 Million) … and declining every year!    See: 100,000,000++ NON-whites in U.S.A.)

1980 – 1990 … all NON-white populations in the United States increased steadily — while for the first time the percentage of Whites actually DECREASED.

Today … while  (U.S.) Whites maintain a slight majority at the national level (61%), the NON-whites have already become majorities in some areas of the country … including several major cities.

Since 1990CANADA’s incoming (annual 300,000) immigrants have been majority (87%) NON-white peoples from 3rd-world countries. In contrast, White European immigrants are discouraged and forced to pass through many difficult hurdles to live in Canada. Read:  “Useful Idiots”   [Read: Canada’s BLACK Population]

ENGLAND is overwhelmed by a growing number of immigrants from her former (non-White) colonies.

Netherlands cities are also expected to lose their White majorities within the next ten to fifteen years.   [Read: Blacks in Holland]

Scandinavian nations are besieged with immigrants and “refugees” seeking to take advantage of social welfare systems – systems designed by, and for the native White people, but are overwhelmed by foreign alien interlopers.

Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN!
“Multiculturalism” is code for White ethnic cleansing.

[Read: Has SWEDEN Gone Insane?]

The story is the same throughout most of the White Western World. Even far-off Australia is struggling with an unprecedented influx of NON-white immigrants from neighboring islands.

[See: Australia’s Declining WHITE Population

New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion


The Triple Threat

There are three main factors that determine the direction of population change:

1) Immigration

2) Differential Fecundity

3) Miscegenation (race-mixing)

The first of these, Immigration, is unquestionably the most serious threat to White Western Civilization, as we know it today. Ironically, immigration is the one factor that can be regulated and controlled….by law.

A Dying Breed […]

In any society, a mating couple must leave at least two (2) children behind to take their places after they’ve gone, in order to maintain a numerically stable population. The actual figure, statistically, is between 2.1 and 2.3 (depending on the level of civilization in a given country), to allow for accidental deaths and diseases, etc.

Today, not a single WHITE Western nation has a fertility rate high enough to even maintain present population numbers. On average, the fertility rate for the White nations has fallen from 2.8 children per woman down to just 1.5 – this means White populations are actually diminishing, worldwide. […]

The Rising Tide of Color

The global population has skyrocketed to (near 7,500,000,000) people; and yet, demographic statistics show White Western populations diminishing. How can this be?  [Note: The percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth is  HERE.]

The answer is simply that … a full 98% of recent population-growth has occurred in NON-white nations.

As of 2001, the total world population was still growing by about 1.2% per year – almost 77 million persons (every year!) – but, a full half (50%) of that, growth occurred in just 6 countries – all of them NON-white (India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Indonesia). Much of the remaining growth was in sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East.

Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision (2007).

Social Distortion

Burgeoning populations in the 3rdworld and developing nations, compounds their own internal problems, contributes to their instability, and burdens the more civilized nations who try to render humanitarian aid.

Europe’s new class of arriving “inventors”, “scientists”, “philosophers”, “academics” “entrepreneurs“, etc. to lend support to Neanderthal Europeans to identical “riches” they’ve accomplished on their native AFRICAN continent.
Remember “Demography IS Destiny”

Low IQ – High Testosterone and illiterate BLACK Africans crashing through Spanish barriers and now heading towards Northern European nations to “enrich” the populations with “diversity”.

The worsening social situation and comparatively low-standard of living in those nations often compels NON-whites to emigrate in search of better living conditions – which, of course, brings us back full circle to the aforementioned problem of NON-whites immigrating into WHITE Western Nations

Great Parody by “Cuck the Right” 

Even without the immigration dilemma, the falling White birth rate is a harbinger of social chaos. It means children with few or no blood relatives beyond their parents; it means losing half the population every other generation; it means not enough young people in the work force to subsidize the growing number of elderly (e.g. pensions, social Security, etc.). At the same time, the median age of White populations (getting older) continues to rise….. along with the rising tide of color.

[Remember … it’s either ME …]

Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers; a white

… or

ugly black baby3

Baby Photos courtesy of:  https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/

Hybrid Theory

Miscegenation is the actual, biological intermingling of the races: interracial mating and the production of an adulterated, mix-breed racial type. The mating of two persons of diverse or different races necessarily brings about the end of family lineage – in racial terms – for both parents.

English: The widespread mating of two distinctly different races means the eventual end of both races – in biological terms – and the creation of a new, bastardized, indeterminate racial type. From a racial standpoint… miscegenation means death.  –Source


 LOOK!  No enforced, artificial “multiculturalism” here!



WAKE UP!  … and speak your mind as this Englishman has done.

After 1000 years of internal strife, wars, pestilence, famine and disease … Europeans at long last, had found some degree of peaceful co-existence until only recently.

Amazingly, 30 to 40 years of continued mass NON-white immigration has created a disaster of epic proportions — and is rapidly DESTROYING 1000 years of hard-won European harmony.


Radio Program discussing these important issues.




Dr. William Pierce 1933 – 2002

White Americans in the 1950s and were the envy of the world. NOT so much today! Some 1950s PHOTOS. >>https://www.flickr.com/photos/blast_of_the_past/

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  1. I am a white who born and lives in Iran.as white as many of you.once at my youth age I was very found of nationalism,but as use of identity has faded by power of religiosity,so I saw how things have changed so rapidly.while africans have africa and asian have asia,white people don’t have their racial core any longer.constant emigration-over 5000 years- has opened many doors but it also replaced the race over and over.living in warmer countries-while originated in north pole area-brings normal genetic change in skin’s color.for example in this country which means house of aryans by its immigrant founders,people in mountainous or cold of north are whiter than south which is under constant sunshade.I think there is some kind of feeling of suppression within all white people,a systematic suppression and abuse.I only see these solutions:using of eugenic,massive use of fertilization for single white male or female who don’t like to get married or form traditional families -supporting of white by white across the globe as a racial duty-even if by making random children and leaving race legacy for our children.previous generations were in higher racial consciousness than us.nationalism or fascism of 1900s was not an absurd concept,it was a response to historical troubles made by lower forms such as religious or traditional economic sources who are ready to destroy everything for their own benefit.feel of guilt that other races always try to imply on white people is out of a wrong image.we are not debtor to any race.this was white people who brought great changes in history of mankind.from human rights to life style or industrialization or modernism.what that is written under the name of white people such as slavery or colonialism and such,is in fact a bad name that religious hierarchies have made for us.in reality slavery was a tradition of khalifs which is adopted by vatican.now they try to apply multiculturalism to form their jewchrislamasian planet.and sacrifice to their religious or ethnic gods is apparently white race!!!!!

  2. “mostly white geniuses”… that statement is the biggest reason why “whites are dying out” and that the biggest population growths have happened in “non white countries.” Hubris. Pride goes before destruction. Non whites invented the number system, calculus, trigonometry, the medical symbology, guns, grenades, rockets… etc. The last 3 were China and are also why they are THRIVING. There are more people in CHINA ALONE than the ENTIRE WHITE POPULATION OF THE EARTH !!!! WAKE UP MAN. Stop with all the supremacy

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