Lying, Cheating “Refugees”

Province of British Columbia in Canada
British Columbia


Canadian security agents and immigration officials in (the province of) British Columbia, are being entertained by well concocted tales of “persecution”, “danger”, and “war” in a far off place (Sri Lanka) … where to stay is to die, to flee is to live.

They are — for the most part — stories fabricated to game Canada’s asylum system. Why wait years to come to Canada as an immigrant when a believable fable of persecution is all one needs to walk right into the country, and make oneself at home.

In fact, that is what some (invaders) thought they were going to do. According to this CBC news report “some of the nearly 500 Tamil migrants who ‘travelled’ (invaded?) to British Columbia inside a cramped cargo ship had no idea that once they finally set foot on Canadian soil they could be kept behind bars for weeks or even months.” They had it in their heads that “they would be able to explore the country soon after they arrived thinking “the next day they [can] go and see Canada and enjoy”.

I wonder what gave them that idea?

There is much to gain by misrepresenting yourself as a “refugee”. Not only is a refugee allowed all the rights and privileges of a Canadian citizen via the (1985) Singh decision (except the right to vote), but also work permits, (free) welfare payments, partial health and dental coverage, and subsidized housing. 

As a consequence … the Tamil refugee tab will cost Canadian taxpayers millions (of dollars), especially those of us in Ontario, particularly Toronto where most of the Tamil migrants will settle… if not all of them. This is what prompted mayoral candidate Rob Ford to speak out against the federal government offloading the costs of its immigration program onto Toronto.

   Everyone in the world knows, that if you are going to scam an asylum system … CANADA is the place to do it.

Roy Green is a talk radio host on Winnipeg’s CJOB 68. On his August 19, 2010 show he interviewed two guests. One was an immigrant from Mexico who came to Canada through the regular channel as a principal applicant. This gentleman speaks of an incident in (the province of) Quebec, when he was having dinner with his wife and conversing in Spanish.

Two young Mexicans approached, and a conversation began. Turns out the young couple were on their honeymoon and had declared themselves as “refugees” here. Not because of any persecution in Mexico, but because they had researched the Canadian refugee system, and knew, that if on arrival in Canada, they applied for refugee protection, Canada would begin to pick up many of their expenses, provide free health benefits and access to social programs.

At the end of the honeymoon (about 3 months), it was the plan of the young couple to return to Mexico and pick up their lives, after having just enjoyed a paid vacation in Canada (paid for by the Canadian taxpayer).

Camilo also points out that while no longer on the internet, not long ago a PDF document existed which instructed how to take advantage of the Canadian refugee system in order to obtain a year long vacation in Canada.


   The other interviewee was a man residing in Toronto. He talks of his encounter with “refugee” claimants “and estimated only perhaps 1 in 10 was a genuine refugee”.

He spoke on air about one individual who showed — a Canadian IRB (Immigration Refugee Board) adjudicator — a scar on his abdomen, claiming the scar was from torture in his native country. The judge signed off on the refugee claim. The individual then admitted to Ghassan that the scar was from an altercation in a personal dispute with another individual.”

Showing scars is a tried and true trick in the book. This is what is going on right now in British Columbia. Some of the Tamil migrants are showing scars on their bodies that they hope will prove that they deserve asylum in Canada. Others are showing stumps on their bodies illustrating that they will mostly be on disability benefits and a drain on Canadian health-care dollars.

But my response to their scars and stumps is … so what? How do we know the scar is from torture? How do we know that a lost limb is not the result of an accident, or birth defect? But the real question is, if they will face persecution if returned to Sri Lanka?

As I have said before, and I will say again, the answer is … NO. There are several reasons for not granting any Sri Lankan asylum in Canada. The first is the war is over. The second is the war is over. The third is the war is over. The rest I explain here, here, and here.

Besides, why are we granting asylum to a people who have displayed a propensity to routinely return to the land of their alleged persecution? -Read FULL REPORT HERE

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