Declining Western Nations

English: Enoch Powell appearing on television ...
Enoch Powell in 1987

The Irish Savant

If you’ve been reading the comments to the previous few posts (here), you’ll have noticed something of a debate going on about the future of western civilization, between whom we might call optimists and pessimists.

In essence, the optimists’ argument is that Whites have taken so much crap and abuse in recent decades, that the backlash is coming. The pessimists on the other hand argue that things have gone too far, that we’re in an irrecoverable death spiral.

I reluctantly have to agree with the pessimists.

A bit of context: If western people had been told, say forty years ago (1970), that their countries would — within a couple of decades — be overwhelmed by un-assimilable, 3rd world immigrants,

…that they would be forced to give preferential treatment to such immigrants in jobs, housing, education and welfare,

…that their freedom of speech would be drastically curtailed,

…that their taxes would go to welfare for these interlopers,

…that they’d be bombarded day and night by demeaning anti-white hate speech – had they known this, what would have happened?

Had they been told the truth, there would have been riots in the streets and mass mobilization against this destruction.

O.K… Britain’s Enoch Powell did tell them, but as we know he was howled down, vilified and ridiculed to a degree which shattered his credibility with the proverbial man in the street.

ISRAEL promoting Multi-culti Europe, but NOT for IS-RA-EL!

So my point here is that, not only have all those things happened, but Whites have more or less quietly acquiesced all the way along. Why should they/we suddenly rise up against it now?

In fact, the converse – that we’ll become even more supine – is a far more likely outcome. Bear in mind that the MSM has been totally taken over, as have our education systems. Thus our young people will have known nothing but a diet of pro-black, pro-Muslim propaganda, supplemented with a corresponding programme of White vilification.

I know many White people who actually hate Whiteness and Western-ness – all the things that define them, and provided them with such an advantageous social structure and lifestyle.

Are these zombies going to lead the fight back? And even if by some miracle they did, would they not be vilified, shouted down, ridiculed (cf. Enoch Powell) fired from their jobs? Don’t hold your breath.

I don’t have to belabour the point for readers here that whole areas of the West have been utterly transformed from being almost totally White, peaceful, wealthy and tolerant … then {fall} into dystopian Third World hell-holes…. in an incredibly short time.

Detroit, Trelleborg, inner London, outer Paris… I could go on for ever. Point is, White people allowed this to happen. And it shows no signs of stopping. If anything, the PC multi-culti insanity gets stronger by the day.

 No Free Speech

Add in demographics. White birth rates have plummeted, while the rates for immigrant populations soar. Such demographics show whole cities, and possibly even countries, becoming minority-White within a couple of generations. What happens then? The colonisers will have ‘legitimate’ democratic power.   And we know the rest.

The only thing that might do the trick is a truly massive and prolonged economic downturn. Harsh medicine I know, but I do hope it happens. It would of course affect my Savantettes as much as anyone else, but I’d choose it – without hesitation – before the continued destruction of OUR societies.

Now, any optimists still out there? >>continue to commentary…


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  1. Hello, ELN. You can probably make two of your own articles out of this, go ahead and write, if you want to. I’m really too busy right now to do anything more, I just wanted to give you the links. Regards. KM/HCC

    Are nine Churches in the Côte-des-Neiges district of Montreal, Canada communist?

    A pastoral bulletin published in autumn of 2011 requires redistribution of the POLITICAL POWERS and of RESOURCES towards South America. In the name of “Christian style” and the assertion of “climate change” as the equivalent of the rich harming the poor, this “Christian” policy necessarily attacks the constitutions of Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as those of the countries of Central America, to form an implicit Western hemispherical union:

    Consequently, without any major knowledge of constitutional law and history, nor of politics, nor of economics — subjects in which the experts need years of formal studies and of practice to pronounce — in merely the pious name of “Christian style”, we are implicitly invited to destroy our existing nations.

    If you understand constitutional law, this is what they are demanding, even if they do not know it themselves.

    Moreover, and which is astonishing, we are impliedly asked to abolish our prejudices (i.e., preconceived notions) — by supposing that the white race which is the majority in North America, is thus “richer” and at the root of the problem of the poverty of the southern races.

    Are the white rich and the ethnic minorities poor and thus victims of discrimination?

    NO. Reality is otherwise: there are more poor white children in the United States than black and Hispanic children. There are 12.1 million white children in poverty vs. 6.5 million black.

    Those figures are from the organization “Afro-American NCCP”:

    Here’s a link to the Council of Chuches in Côte-des-Neiges which issues the pastoral newsletter calling for western hemispheric union “to help the poor” of South America:

    The same article in the newsletter (link above) cites the “international community” as the source of the Gospel on Climate Change. However, the vast majority of member states of the UN, i.e., the “international community”, are COMMUNIST, much like the current Pope. The favorite tactic of Communists, to accomplish their world-government power-grab is to LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE.

    If you can invade the Churches, and train them to accept Marxism as Christianity, you have a ready-made Fifth-column attack force to destroy countries from within… for world communism, which has nothing to do with “Christianity”. After all, all those poor starving people down south won’t be the ones using the transferred RESOURCES and POLITICAL POWERS these nine little Churches in Côte-des-Neiges would like to CON North Americans into giving up.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I’ll simply publish “as is”, and then allow readers to follow-up the links.

      Too busy, eh? Me too.

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