To “Flight” Or Not

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United States of America


 By Vanishing American II

Have any of you read this piece?

It is along the lines of the ongoing discussion we had a while back ‘fight or flight?’ – asking whether there was anyplace to go to evade the onslaught of forced demographic change.

A persistent belief among many of the proponents of ‘flight” is that The Northwest is the promised land.

This idea persists: Pastor Chuck Baldwin writes about his decision to head for Montana. His motivations may have more to do with being among ‘freedom-minded people‘ than with seeking a remnant of old America, so his story may not be typical. But it’s an inescapable fact that areas which are demographically transformed become more ”liberal”, inevitably.


Another persistent line of thought is that the South is ‘lost’ and that it should be abandoned to its fate, as the SBDL blogger infers. He sees little likelihood that the South will maintain its integrity, or regain it, presuming it is lost.

Personally, I am not willing to write off the South, as some have urged that we do. First, it’s literally the land where my fathers died, some under the flag of the Confederacy. I suppose that makes me a diehard, but I have a great deal of sentiment and passion for the South — not just Texas — but the South as a nation unto itself.

The reason some are writing the South off, is that we read in various newspaper articles about the new black exodus from the North or the East back to their Southern ‘roots.’ Now this strikes me as odd because the South is depicted as this dark land where slavery and cruel Jim Crow held sway up until the 1960s, and up until this very day, according to many. I hear that Glenn Beck himself spends a good bit of time bashing the “bad old South”, one more reason for me to disdain him.

Is there a real exodus of black people to the South? Or is this just a liberal media storyline that they are promoting in service of their agenda? Many of the articles I’ve read, (assuming that we can believe anything the old media write on anything to do with race), depict black ‘professionals‘, middle-class people, as returning to places like Atlanta or Charlotte or wherever, because of cheaper costs of living and their ‘African-American culture‘.

I am not sure that there is a mass movement of blacks in general to the South. And if there is such a thing, I would wager it would be directed towards the urban South, not towards the smaller towns or the rural areas.

So Southron cities may become even more ”diverse” (read: NON-white) than they already are. I think it’s probably safe to say that all urban areas are pretty much diversity-dominated these days — and guess what: that is true of the North, the Northwest, the East Coast, or wherever. Even Anchorage, Alaska has its share of ”diversity”.

The Northwest, that supposed haven for ”non-diverse”, boringly White people, is becoming more and more ”vibrant” by the day. Some people from other parts of the country claim that Seattle, for example, is very White. I would say that such people have likely spent little time in Seattle. It might have been very White 40 or more years ago. Not now. Seattle is now properly ”enriched” with East African gangs, Samoan gangs, Hispanic gangs, Af-Am gangs, you name it. There are ethnic enclaves of various kinds there.

This website is devoted to information on gangs throughout the Northwest.


The Northwest is not what it is cracked up to be as far as being a last bastion of the old America. Not only is it no longer ”boringly White” but it is also mostly very liberal, with the exception of rural areas — and those areas are now being settled by Hispanics — mostly illegal — who arrive as agricultural workers.

Demographic Maps

[Check your own town for a racial figure]

I hear it said that Portland, Oregon is ‘mostly White‘, and I confess it’s been some years since I was in Portland, but I cannot believe that Portland — as liberal as it is — is not a magnet for ”diversity” and ”vibrancy.” The state of Oregon has seen quite an increase in Hispanic immigration, as have parts of Washington, and even Idaho, if you read the newspapers, is now receiving a special delivery shipment of refugees.


As for the cities, I have a news flash: urban America is already at a saturation point of ”vibrancy.” Cities in general are capitals of the new changeling America, as I refer to it, to the New Babel.

[See: ]

Is the South any worse in this regard? I would doubt that. I have been around this country, to the far corners of it, from Canada to Mexico. I don’t know that any place is immune to what is happening to this country, or, more correctly, to the engineered transformation of this land by movement of peoples from the Third World.

If you read the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch, which is on my blogroll, you will realize how even the more remote areas of this country are now being presented with refugees who are placed there seemingly with the intent of breaking up the existing demographics.

You can run, but you can’t hide, as the saying goes. Somewhere, the diversicrats have you and your town in their sights. >>Vanishing American II




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