Importing Jamaican “Culture”

(en) Jamaica Location (he) מיקום ג'מייקה


Canada Imports Jamaican Culture of Single Mothers-Multiple Fathers

Where are the fathers?

There’s a hidden crisis in [Toronto]. Single (Black) mothers speak out about the scary struggle to raise children who don’t expect to survive past the age of 25.

In other —and I am sure unrelated– news “Parents, kids flee hail of bullets”.

Residents run for cover as gunfight erupts to disrupt barbecue near home where Jordan Manners once lived.

[Also read: Black Violence Comes To IRELAND

AUSTRALIA Meets With Black Crime]

The absentee “father”, and “mothers” of children by several different men is often cited as a characteristic of members of (Black) gang culture.

[Recent story:  Clifenton Ford, 38 yrs. old, a father of TEN (10) kids is TORONTO’s latest murder victim.The SIX (6!) different women who have mothered his children … all stopped by the sports bar on Eglinton Ave. E. near Midland Ave. to pay their respects the morning after Ford was gunned down.]

It is also a cultural norm of Jamaica. So is gun violence.

When you allow the importation of a people whose home country indulges in such behaviour, what do you expect from them when they come to Canada?

[See: Report ILLEGAL Immigrants

& for our American readers: … also, an American reporter receives reprimand for reporting the truth, see here: ]

Immigration to Canada is not a human right. Canadian immigration policy is not an exercise in charity.

It is supposed to benefit the country and its people, save in the case of asylum seekers, who genuinely need protection from persecution, and not the refugee frauds that have gamed our system (I’m also looking at you TAMILS, MEXICANS, ISRAELIS, SOMALIS).

Canada’s immigration policy does not benefit the vast majority of Canadians, but it does benefit the immigrant (and their soon-to-be imported relatives), ethnic communities, and those whose livelihood is dependent on the importation of people.

[See: Canada’s BLACK Population]

Our immigration system has failed this country in the importation of people from socially dysfunctional and culturally incompatible societies.

[Update to November, 2016. The Trash man trashed his job with the city of Toronto. He is no longer employed by the city. Translation: He was fired!]

JAMAICA is one such country.

[See: Black Culture Retarding White Kids]

Canada is under no obligation to allow Jamaicans, or anyone else for that matter, to immigrate here. In instances where social mis-behaviour is apparent, then Canada should stop bringing those people in.

The problem is not illegal guns imported from the U.S. The problem is that, we Canadians, allowed the importation of a foreign culture whose people are willing to use them. >Continue to read commentary

[See: Importing Black Violence]

[Note: This short essay was originally posted by PaxCanadiana over 3 years ago, but could have easily been written yesterday. The main elements to this story have not changed one iota, and unfortunately for Canada, these events will only escalate for future Canadian generations. There is one other important element that’s missing here …. who financially supports these single mothers with multiple off-springs from different fathers?

Hint: It’s not the sperm-donors … dead or alive!

know his daddy

“Toronto the Good” was an apt description for this once-great city before the city (and Canada) was needlessly inundated with incompatible 3rd Worlders.


1. Net Cost of Immigration to Canada: up to $35 BILLION per year. That amounts to $95,890,000 per day, and so far in 2016,

2. Number of immigrants coming to Canada per year: an average of close to 250,000 since 1991 (Note: in 2016, Canada will take in 300,000 new foreigners).

That’s 684 per day, 28 per hour. This unnecessary and relentless intake is an abnormality in our immigration history, and has made many Canadians feel like strangers in their own country.

…more facts & figures >>


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