What is Miscegenation?



1. …heterosexual marriage/cohabitation between different races….usually a black/white coupling in the U.S.
2.interbreeding between members of different races.
3. …the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding.

ONLY White Homogeneous Nations  are Slated for Race-Mixing
China’s Population of 1.4 BILLION or India’s Population of 1.3 BILLION people
No Worries! 
Richard D. Fuerle
Erectus Walks Amongst Us
…excerpts from Chapter 29
No dog lover would want all the breeds of dogs to interbreed, so that all dogs are mongrels. No breeder of race horses would want his thoroughbreds to breed with common riding ponies. No garden lover wants all his flowers to come in only a single color or shape, or his tomatoes or apples in only a single variety, and no oenophile (wine lover) would want only a single red wine and a single white wine to choose from.
Only those driven mad by the maladaptive ideology of egalitarianism, cheer the loss of diversity that results from their demands for more of it. 6 To borrow from the anti-racists, one might call the end result of miscegenation, “Life without rainbows.”
Egalitarians love diversity so much that they insist that everything – our corporations, restaurants, hotels, neighborhoods, schools, television, movies, and textbooks 7 must all be diverse – everything, that is, except people, who must miscegenate to become the same and therefore equal.
They were overjoyed in 2003 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8 that “diversity” (i.e., racial quotas) is so important that colleges can legally violate the Fourteenth Amendment, 9 but only for 25 yrs, by discriminating against Eurasians in order to achieve diversity in their student bodies. But their love of diversity is different from the love others have for it.
Egalitarians love diversity not as an end, but as a means. They do not want to preserve the diversity of the peoples of this planet; they want to destroy it. Making all human contact diverse is simply their means for destroying human diversity. Mix the races physically, and they will mix biologically on their own. 10 Diversity to destroy diversity.
The loss of biological diversity, which most of us would not wish on the living things we love and value, egalitarians wish upon man himself.
Some egalitarians openly encourage miscegenation, while others even condemn the failure to miscegenate as “racist,” 11 and still others argue that everyone might as well miscegenate because everyone is already a mixture.
In the sense that the races share most alleles (as do people and chimps), everyone is a mixture but, as we shall see in the next chapter, there are major differences between (1) people within a population interbreeding and (2) people from very different populations interbreeding.
It is not necessary to involve the government in people’s intimate
I questioned homosexuality and miscegenation, ...decisions in order to reduce miscegenation and preserve the uniqueness of the Earth’s peoples. People themselves, given their freedom, can accomplish this. They can segregate themselves, as suggested in Chapter 31. 12
They can boycott movies, television, and books that show, or advocate miscegenation. And they can ostracize those who practice, encourage, or condone it. Parents can disapprove of their children dating inter-racially and withhold benefits, such as weddings, gifts, inheritances, and social support from children who defy their wishes and reject their own people as mates.
They can cite statistics showing that they are many times as likely to get a STD (sexually transmitted disease) from a black person as from a white (Chapter 12, Note (4)) and, for females, many times as likely to be beaten, raped, and murdered. 13 Many things can be done but, until people come to believe that it is desirable and morally good to preserve their own genetic heritage … nothing will be done.
The race mixers love to point out that White men fear that black men will take “their” women. Of course, they fear that; 14 for a White man, it’s a significant loss in fitness. The biological purpose of a male of any species is to pass on his alleles, and the principal way he does this is by impregnating females. But he gets a big bonus if he impregnates a woman who already has more of the same alleles that he has, i.e., someone of the same race (Chapter 8, FN 4), and his fitness falls if he lets someone of another race impregnate “his” women (and similarly for women).
This biological purpose implies, of course, that he must not only compete against other men, particularly men of a different race, but win that competition. If he does not even try to win and, indeed, facilitates his own failure, then his unique collection of alleles, including the alleles that made him a biological loser, are out of the game. 15


Another way of looking at miscegenation is from the viewpoint of eugenics. If blacks and whites engage in miscegenation, the mulatto progeny will have characteristics of both races. 18 Will the two races regard the mullatos as “improved” children?
Although there are no polls on this question, other evidence suggests that more blacks would see it as an improvement (other) than whites. 19 As we have seen, blacks are genetically primitive humans, who have evolved a lesser distance away from our ape LCA. They have alleles that are many millions of years old – chimpanzees and gorillas have them, but Eurasians do not (Chapter 16, FN 17).
Admitting those and other primitive alleles into the White genome would undo hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years of White evolution. 20 Both blacks and Whites regard the primitive features of blacks as undesirable (p. 96). Both White and black children prefer playing with White dolls. 21 And the push behind integration has been blacks wanting to be around Whitesnot Whites wanting to be around blacks.
Mulattos resent the fact that they can never beWhite,” and must accept a lower status as a “black.” They become hostile towards Whites — who are the higher-status group — even though they would have an even lower status if they were not partly White. Thus, Whites who have mulatto children create enemies of Whites, including themselves, another reason for Whites to oppose miscegenation. 22

[From the 7,400,000,000 worldwide population, what percentage (%) are WHITE PEOPLE ?   ANSWER]
Most mixedrace breeding occurs at the margins, where a White woman is undesirable to White men (overweight, ugly, old, addicted to drugs, mentally ill, low IQ, etc.) or has been rejected by a White man, resulting in a deep hatred of all White men…. or the black man may be rich and/or famous (e.g., Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson), though there are some cases where the explanation is not readily apparent (e.g., blond German model Heidi Klum). >…continued HERE.

Interracial Marriages Vary by Race



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