One Proud European Nation

It’s Estonia in 2007

Flag of Estonia

Note: Audio ceases during the last 30 seconds at 4:28 … but feel free to play it over again… and again!

Unlike many other parts of Europe, this White homogeneous nation “appears” to have prevented the onslaught of 3rd-world multi-racialism from taking root in their sovereign nation. BUT… for how much longer??

Japan is another nation that has no interest in “multiculturalism” (read: multi-RACIALISM).

WHITE people are only 8 percent of the entire world’s population of 7,500,000,000 people, thus an endangered sub-species that must be protected from extinction.’s_racial_demographics

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany recently declared — that attempts to build a multicultural (multi-racial) society had “utterly failed“.  (Editor’s Note: Merkel was well aware of the dire consequences BEFORE the migrant floodgates were left open. She takes her orders from un-elected U.N. representatives … not from the German populace. )

In yet another European nation … the British government deliberately set up plans to alter the makeup of their own WHITE indigenous population, thus creating serious race-based tribal problems where none existed before the mass influx of 3rd-world people.  This deliberate policy serves no one except the New World “Orderlies” in their sinister quest to divide and rule.

Oh! Look at all these miserable White folks who lack the “joys of diversity” in their indigenous homeland (2011).

Should Estonia follow Canada’s example of a once-proud, homogeneous nation ?

Two more Canadian examples of our “joys of diversity” and what Estonians are missing out on:

Importing BLACK Violence

Importing Jamaican “Culture”


“Useful Idiots”

Racial “Diversity” Is A Con Game

Destroying European Civilisation

Multiculturalism – A Dividing Force


“A Racial Program for the 20th Century”

50,000,000 Africans INVITED To Europe

Multi-Culti Used To Destroy National Identity

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