Police Surrender To Diversity

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

“Diversity” is an Admission of Cultural DEFEAT

Const. Gurvinder Singh Chakal: 'proud of myself'
(Photo by D. Lipnowski / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

You’d be forgiven if you thought 35 yr. old Gurvinder Singh Chal, [above photo], belonged to the Punjabi Police Force.

In fact… he’s the latest recruit to [Canada’s] Winnipeg Police Service.

He wears the turban “for cultural and religious reasons” and, with the blessing of Chief Keith McCaskill, it’ll be part of his standard uniform. It’s a “symbol of Diversity.”

[UPDATE to October, 2012: Winnipeg Police appoint their first BLACK as police chief, Jamaican-born immigrant, Devon Clunis. Applying to that Canadian city’s police service in 1987 as a new recruit constable, and then with extraordinary help from the “white-guilt” department and “affirmative-action” edicts, he was rapidly promoted and leap-frogged over many qualified White Canadians to become their Police Chief. In just 10 years (2002 – 2012) he went from the lowest-ranking Patrol Sergeant to Chief of Police!  >ELN Editor]Devon Clunis - Nov. 14, 2014Jamaican-born immigrant, Devon Clunis

English: Winnipeg Police Service car.
Winnipeg Police Cruiser

 …continuing from the main article> The former 7-Eleven clerk has been in (OUR) country for just three years (!), but his cultural needs trump (supersedes) those of the 136-year-old Winnipeg Police Service. Apparently the W.P.S. has no cultural tradition worth preserving; its uniform has no significance, whatsoever!

[Also: Toronto Police Losing “Face”

Police Uniforms NOT Uniform]

The move isn’t uncommon in Canada, with Sikh officers in cities such as Ottawa and Vancouver wearing turbans. We have no cultural identity in Canada. Perhaps this is the reason.

I hope the Filipinos, Somalis and aboriginals who make up Winnipeg’s rich cultural mosaic will also be able to modify their uniform.


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I expect that if I were 35 [yrs. old] again, and joined the Punjab [India] police, they’d let me blow off the turban, and wear a Jewish skullcap or Mountie hat, instead.

I’m sure, I could take Saturdays or Sundays off to celebrate my religion. To help me remember my homeland, they’d allow a Beaver Insignia and Tim Horton’s logo on my uniform. That’s multiculturalism!

And, I expect that if 20 million people of European Christian extraction moved to the Punjab, they’d move heaven and earth to ensure we got our proportionate share of good jobs.

I know Punjabis value “Diversity” … as much as we do.

[This is where I insert my Disclaimer: I like racial minorities. I like their restaurants and cooking. They have strong family values and this is more important now than ever. I was married to a Filipina for two years. I am not a racist in the negative sense. I’m all for people being treated fairly. That means hiring on the basis of qualifications and ability — NOT quotas for color and gender.]


This article is just to marvel at the stupidity of the fast-shrinking European majority, and the perfidy of the traitors who pass as their “leaders.”

I am all for having racial minorities, but it should be obvious that “diversity” is a ruse.

Europeans are being sweet talked out of their national birthright. They’re fast becoming the next minority in Europe and North America, and with all the guilt trips, I’m not sure they’ll be treated with the same “tolerance.”

Apparently Jews can have a country where they are the majority and set the cultural standard. So can Indians, Arabs, Africans, Japanese and Chinese.

But Europeans cannot.

Europeans have a sense of political and economic entitlement, and represent the last potential resistance to Illuminati control. They have vestiges of Christianity, the thing the Illuminati hate more than anything. According to Christianity, man has a Divine soul; they obey God and thereby become more God-like. The Illuminati see people as animals trained to obey them.

Many “minorities” and women are beholden to the Illuminati who put them in power. They are their trained seals.

Was “Multiculturalism” or “Diversity” ever major election issues? No!  They were never debated. They entered the world in the form of “political correctness.” To question them exposed you to charges of bad taste and racism.

“Multiculturalism” and “Diversity” are social engineering programs introduced by the Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) central bankers. They are designed to change the European and Christian character of Europe and North America. They prevent us from maintaining and celebrating our cultural identity and traditions. Take school prayer, for example.

Similarly, feminism was an excuse to undermine marriage, heterosexuality and males, in general. The school prom, virginity and even courtship went the way of the dodo. Marriage and birthrates plummeted.

Europeans have been sweet-talked out of their national birthright. Our politicians work for the corporations or unions which are all controlled by the central bankers. They’re not our leaders. They’re our managers at best.

Police Chief McCaskill, and all the other clarions of “Diversity” … are of the same ilk.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? Answer.]

So I’d like to suggest a traditional head covering for the future European minority. It’s the Dunce’s Cap. It’s for people who don’t appreciate their blessings, and don’t protect them.  It’s for people who don’t have the “smarts” to perpetuate themselves,  their values and traditions … and as a consequence become extinct.

Visible Minorities of Canada
This pie-chart is out-dated: Visible Minorities of Canada are now over 20%. Just over three decades ago, NON-whites were under percent! Whites have plummeted to only 77% and continue to drop every year towards minority status in our own nation.

And if you’re feeling resentful, don’t blame the minorities.  Let’s blame ourselves and our so-called leaders — the politicians, pastors, academics and pundits who sold us out for a profit to the Illuminati bankers and their satanic  New World Order.


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  1. The problem here is white guilt. I should say, the problem here is white LIBERAL guilt. There are universities that have courses that teach that white people are racist.

    See: http://whitegenocideproject.com/canada-anti-white-university-conference-training-white-people-to-hate-ourselves/

    Once you have read this article, you will see that these one-great institutes of learning have become Marxist indoctrination camps. I find it almost impossible to have a fair. balanced conversation on the subject or multiculturalism and race without being called every expletive under the sun. The fact that I am a white man (a Scottish immigrant to Canada), married to an Asian woman with two mixed race children, makes absolutely no difference to these cultural enrichers.

    Nowhere on any university in Canada will you find a course that teaches what immense good white people have done in the world. Things that come to mind are the development of science, humanitarianism, medicine, nation building, and dare I say – Christianity. Christian missionaries from the West, including Scotland, took the Gospel of Christ to warring savages in Africa and elsewhere and brought them to peace with God under the Cross.

    But, I digress. Elliott Lake News is one of the few blogs that radiates common sense, which is why those of us who seek dialogue and a willingness to bring balance to such current affairs are shouted down, beaten, abused, threatened and marginalized. The big issue here is, almost all university students today are the 18-25 year olds who were raised in a climate of political correctness and multiculturalism. It’s all they know – which is pretty darned scary.

    1. I’m in agreement with all your points of interest which is why this small Blog was brought into existence in late 2006.

      However, other Blogs trumpeting a similar genre have been born since then, and one that signals a positive course of direction taken up by middle-of-the-road people who refuse to be cowed into subservience by cultural Marxists.

      Here’s the latest “fight-back” example:


      What is desperately needed, are more Canadian bloggers to step forward and shout-out the message.


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