WHITE Genocide In South Africa

South Africa Location.


By Adriana Stuijt

The battle-lines are being drawn in South Africa.

With 1 million Afrikaners (WHITE European Descendants) now totally destitute and homeless, because of the ANC regime’s deliberate barring this small minority access to any part of the job-sector and disowning their food-producing farms by a plethora of ANTI-white laws, the Afrikaners, the ‘White tribe of Africa’, are now battening down the hatches and preparing themselves for what they see as the final onslaught against their very survival rights on the African continent.

They now have to fight back – there’s no longer any other choice: their backs are against the sea — and most Afrikaners born and bred in southern Africa for many generations, they have no other place to flee to, they say.

Also see our picture gallery (updated daily) of the great many recently murdered and traumatised White people in South Africa from feral gang attacks: EVERY DAY, forty (40) armed attacks are now carried out against families inside their (supposedly) well-protected homes in South Africa.

Other events also show that Afrikaners especially, have every reason to worry TheDefiantWhiteTribeTimeMagazinethat a genocide might well be brewing against them. In the townships, a worrying new trend is also developing.

The growing strength of crime war-lords and gigantic taxi-associations which are increasingly replacing the outgunned, under-financed and increasingly terrified SA police as the only defenders against the many feral-youth crime gangs terrorising the residents with their AK47s and their Uzi machine-guns. The SA police force is unable to combat this mounting tsunami of violence, gang-rape and mindless murders.  –Source



        •  These two


        • children of Mrs

Carol Herbst,

        • a recently returned

Afrikaner asylum-seeker

          • from the USA, were among the targets in a violent armed robbery attack in Delmas in April 2008,

The children, Derian, 6, and Tegan, 3, were born in the United States while the Herbst couple awaited asylum-procedures for 6 years. She said the U.S. ‘can now see the kind of country (South Africa) they have forced our family to return to.’

White South Africans – but especially Afrikaners — applying for visas at the U.S. embassy in South Africa also report that they are invariably being treated rudely by black staffers there, and often rejected for legal emigration to the USA in spite of their often excellent qualifications.

[See: Canada Accepts White S.A. Refugee]

Note: South Africa has less than 11,000 White commercial farmers left, growing food-crops on less than 1% of the nation’s land surface.

This death toll of more than 3,070 White farmers out of 11,000 in total, definitely represents the world’s highest murder-rate, being at nearly 30,000 per 100,000 of this population group.

[Editor’s Note:  Are readers curious enough to ask why these horrendous stories are never reported in international newspapers or broadcasted on your television news?

 It’s because you’re not supposed to be informed of these relentless murders waged against White South Africans. The mainstream media (MSM) treat you as an obedient “mushroom” and shoved to a dark corner, then brainwashed fed with a steady diet of cow manure.

Your newscaster is more likely to lead off with an international  story about a heavily-armed Israeli soldier stubbing his toe while chasing down a stone-throwing 12 yr. old Palestinian kid … other than reporting that about 1 or 2 South African White farmers are murdered — and often tortured to deathEVERY WEEK of the year!]

Update on the MURDERED Potgieter family pictured below.

The most dangerous job in the world is clearly a White agriculturalist in South Africa.  And most of these agriculturalists (Boers) also belong to the Afrikaner ethnic minority —  whereas the country’s more than 1 million upwardly-mobile black farmers are NOT being attacked like this – indicating that this small White Afrikaner minority of rural dwellers is being targeted very deliberately for an ethnic-cleansing campaign to clear them from the countryside.

Also note that the South African crime statistics are routinely being manipulated downward for political reasons.

Even so, [South Africa’s] official average annual murder-rate is still the world’s 2nd highest, at  nearly 122 murders per 100,000 residents…” (Minority Whites are only 9% of the total South African population)

45 Murders per day!


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