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By Peter Brimelow


Let me give you just one brutal reason why you must support VDARE.com.

Sometime in the next few months, the Census Bureau will announce that a majority of births in the United States are now non-white.

That means the U.S. will be majority NON-white around [the year] 2040—when my new daughter, […] will still be a young woman.

It’s an astonishing, indeed, unprecedented transformation of a country every one of whose Founding Fathers was white—in which nine out of every ten citizens (90%) was White as late as 1960!

[MUSIC – the way it was in 1960 – Listen!]

[Read: 100,000,000 NON-Whites In U.S.A. & California Dreamin’ To Destruction]

And it’s all a result of government policy—specifically, the 1965 Immigration Act and the subsequent collapse, or sabotage of law enforcement at our southern borders.

[MUSIC – the way it was in 1965 – Listen!]

No-one wants to talk about this. (I’m sure that even some VDARE.com readers flinched when they read it). No-one wants to think what it means.

But at VDARE.com, we are prepared to say what it means: the end of the historic American-nation state—a nation-state being the political expression of a particular people, in this case the historic American nation as it had evolved by 1965.

A blog [post] that our James Fulford posted on Christmas Eve summarizes what will happen in a nutshell. A pro-immigration Beltway libertarian think-tank had posted a goo-gooish lament about MSM reports of government corruption in the southern California city of Bell. James added the rest of the story:

“What you won’t be reading much in the press is that Bell, California is a small Hispanic town, (90.9 % Hispanic) with a Hispanic mayor and a largely Hispanic city council, which has been largely ARRESTED. That makes the shakedowns of the local small businesses very familiar–it’s the traditional corruption that the Mexicans call la mordida, which translates as ‘little bite’ in English, and means that a citizen can’t do anything without paying off an official.

“One thing that immigrants who come to America for a ‘better life’ are coming for is to escape this system. But if they all come at once, it’s coming with them.”

And this alien “system” coming soon to an America near you—if current immigration policy continues.

The antagonism toward America felt by even successful immigrant minorities can be shocking.

UCLA Professor Kent Wong got a little attention recently when he told an audience of illegal alien students gathered to support the DREAM Act amnesty (fortunately defeated in the lame duck Congress—but it will be back):

“You will go on to become lawyers, teachers, doctors and members of the US congress to replace those old white men… You are the hope and future of this country”. (Washington Times, December 14, 2010).

(Who other than VDARE.com pointed out that the great paradox of immigration and Affirmative Action — if amnestied, these illegal aliens would become lawyers, teachers etc. with the help of quotas (racial spoils system), which would privilege them at the expense of the native-born who are not in the “protected classes”—like my Felicity?).

But this sort of thing happens all the time. In the current political climate, there’s no need to hide it. Thus Trinity College, CT history professor Vijay Prashad had no qualms about writing in the radical webzine Counterpunch that, even though he had few expectations (from his leftist perspective),

“I wanted Obama to win the 2008 election for one simple reason: it was a stubby brown finger in the eye of white supremacy”. (October 13, 2010).

Get it? “White Supremacy” = America.

I am afraid that my new daughter Felicity has been born into what may prove the most turbulent century that the U.S. has ever experienced—one which, frankly, it may very well…. not survive.

Of course, all this could still be stopped. The historic American nation could still regain control of its institutions. It could still stop and even reverse immigration.

At VDARE.com, we regularly document how this could be done. We call it the “Sailer Strategy” because the concept was originally developed in articles by our Steve Sailer—basically, the Republican Party (or, more accurately, what we call the “GAP”, or Generic American Party) has to mobilize its base. It’s just a matter of simple arithmetic.

But we’ve discovered that even famous political consultants, are surprisingly, often unable to count. And even when they can count in the current political climate, they are too afraid to advise their clients to act.

A related Shelby, TN story HERE.

VDARE.com exists to change that political climate. We do it by taking risks. That means we can’t hope for Establishment foundation support. We depend on you!

I can’t think of another issue like immigration, where the American people feel so overwhelming one way, and the American elites so hysterically and intolerantly, the other [way].

It is now nearly nineteen years since I wrote my Time To Rethink Immigration? cover story for the pre-purge National Review, which late grew into my 1995 book Alien Nation.

I have to admit, that I never anticipated that the reasonable arguments I presented would be met with such unscrupulous and sustained savagery—or that so many putative allies would quail and flee.

I still believe that the historic American nation will regain control of its destiny. But I find myself remembering the last words of the harbinger of an earlier great convulsive national struggle:

I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood. I had, as I now think, vainly flattered myself that without very much bloodshed it might be done.

I don’t predict that America’s post-1965 immigration disaster will end in bloodshed—although of course, there is constant under-reported violence on the Mexican border and elsewhere, witness the killing, just before Christmas, of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry in Arizona.

But, I do now believe that achieving patriotic immigration reform will leave American politics and culture transformed much more radically, and painfully, than anyone now imagines.

Increasingly in 2011, VDARE.com’s articles will get darker—will be looking at a post-2040 survival strategy for the historic American nation if mass immigration is not halted.

That nation will still be here, even if it does lose control of its political institutions. It will simply have to develop new ones. VDARE.com will be exploring how that can be done.

This is the kind of radical thinking that you have come to expect from VDARE.com. It will not appear in the Establishment media, liberal or “conservative”.

But we can only publish this thinking… if you help us now.


But please give something—every little helps.

The future of Felicity, and millions of American children like her, is in your hands.

Sincerely, Peter Brimelow


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