Black Population Welfare-Bomb

Shasta is 15 yrs. old.

Her biological father is in prison… and three of her brothers have been jailed for various offenses – one for murder. Her mother is on welfare.

Shasta is BLACK, poor and pregnantAGAIN, for the 2nd time with an illegitimate baby. She receives FREE

Street dancer at Second Line parade in support...
Jumping for Joy

housing, electricity, food stamps, and welfare payments. She knows her welfare assistance will increase upon the birth of her 2nd “out-of-wedlock” baby.

Her first child was born premature in one of the largest public hospitals in the nation, Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Her first baby’s medical bills amounted to more than $78,000. Thousands of taxpayers in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the rest of the USA, must now shoulder the burden of Shasta and her offspring in perpetuity.

[See: Middle-Class Worker Bees

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[ELN Editor Note: We conducted a fact check with The Cleveland Current to confirm the above display and received this reply from their editor:

“If you please pass this on, for I have responded to a multitude of these [inquiries] and it appears nobody wants to share this information. Wyatt Emmerich wrote a guest commentary for us that time. He is president of Emmerich Newspapers Inc. The article did appear in our [news]paper, as with the Northside Sun, one of his papers. It is not a hoax. It is not online at our site, only available in print version.”]

Guess How Many More Americans Are on Food Stamps Now as Compared to 10 Years Ago

Elaine (a White American) is 32 yrs. old. She, and her husband Ron, both work hard and pay a great deal in taxes. They are trying to buy a home and start a family, but they just can’t afford it because Elaine would need to quit work for a while. They are hoping, in a couple of years, to be able to afford one child, but they know that it will be extremely expensive sending their child to a private school.

They feel it wouldn’t be right to send their child to the 85% Black, crime-filled, drug-laden school in their district in New Orleans. With the sales tax at 9% and their state and federal income taxes at close to 30%, they feel resentful that, not being able to afford children of their own … they must support illegitimate welfare children.

Fifteen-year-old girls like Shasta, are an increasing occurrence in our major cities, even though the government spends better than ten times (10X) more on welfare than just two decades ago. America has more poor, more crime and more ghettos, more alienation than ever.

Why? It must be painfully obvious to almost everyone by now: the high welfare birthrate outstrips our ability to finance meaningful programs to help the poor. To solve America’s poverty problem, the soaring illegitimate birthrate must be curtailed. …con’t Here.

~Your Tax Dollars at Work~

African Nations’ IQ (Intelligence) Scores – ALL African countries average BELOW 83 I.Q. except just five African nations in the 83-91 IQ range!



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    1. LOL, not sure which could be worse. Either being tied to the KKK (didn’t know they were still in business) or recently connected to Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Brevik from which an irate Norwegian commentator who claimed….. had my blog (amongst others) listed in his manifesto, and that I was somehow partly responsible for Brevik’s murderous actions.

      P.S. I never fact-checked to verify the commentator’s claims, but people can just as easily read the Bible, the Koran, or the Talmud and discover written statements that would horrify their little, liberal minds.

  1. Hey ELN, you know as soon as I write a thread, and link to this article, liberals will spinn out of control because, as we know, whites recieve money fr4om EBT, and WIC too. The differance is, to me, that blacks have been forced, due to policies of the left, into this evil situation of dependence. Sadly, most people can’t even address this problem, becuase they are attacked for being racist for even mentioning the color of a person’s skin.
    Another fine article.

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