The Age of Lies

Family watching television, c. 1958

By Vanishing American


Jean-Francois Revel’s phrase ”a continuous torrent of messages” is especially apt for today’s media, in which there is ”news” fed to us around the clock, 7 days a week. And the torrent of messages is not confined to the sordid ”news channels” on TV or the dead tree media, but it pervades the ”entertainment” arm of the media. It’s obvious to anybody who dissents in the least from the official propaganda that movies, TV shows, and even (especially) commercials carry messages, sometimes in rather sneaky subliminal form.

Even among blogs — created by individuals — the leftist globalist message is omnipresent.

I read a number of blogs on art, antiques, decorating, history, and various oddities, and the default position among those Blogs is that of multiculturalism, one-worldism, egalitarianism, feminism, and pro-homosexuality. These ideas invade even the most innocent topics on many of the Blogs I read.

There is a Blog I read about vintage cartoons and cartoonists, and the blogger sees fit to inject left-wing editorializing into posts which should not be politicized. But everybody who accepts the ‘image of the world and [our] society’ as fed to us by the media, shares this vision of what the world is, and more importantly, what it should be. And as Revel says, as the media-fed image becomes ‘more twisted and distorted‘, the more dangerous the actions and reactions of the indoctrinated become.

The left, obsessed with their ideology, and infuriated at the fact that some people refuse to be conformed to their false image of the world, are at a fever pitch of frustration and rage.

I think most of us who are dissenters from their world of falsehoods are able to ”turn off’‘ politics and the news cycle for a while, and occupy ourselves with healthier and happier things, even if only briefly. But the left, who are as someone said ”hag-ridden by visions of utopia” seem unable to abstain from thinking of everything in political terms. Hence you see a memorial service for shooting victims being turned into some kind of bizarre rally, with cheers, whoops, and t-shirts.

This truly is a religion for them; it is all-pervasive for them. They can’t seem to turn it off and simply take life and the world as it is. Everything is seen in the starkest terms; those they disagree with are their deadly enemies. And yes, there are a few on our side who see things in those terms, and they are not completely wrong to see enemies on the other side. But it is the leftists who hold the power right now, and who have the momentum on their side for the most part. And yet they have not got absolutely everybody under their heel just yet, and they will never rest until they do, apparently.

They are going all out to bring everybody into line with their ideology. But to do so they have to speak falsehoods continually. I’ve often thought that we live in the Age of the Lie; I don’t recall any time in which so many people seem to speak lies, believe lies, and live lies, nor a time when truth was so little regarded.  >full article no longer exists.



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  1. The Cultural Marxist construct has become the default public mindset. As such we all experience a continuous disparity between what we see and what we are allowed to say. Our very thoughts have become linguistic mine fields and we are forced to live dual lives. We know our position is based on natural law and that it is true. There is no “equal” in nature. In fact “inequality” is necessary. Inequality is the cutting edge of natural selection. Inequality is the means by which each new generation is born fresh. But we are forced to deny the very logic of nature. We are forced to believe that a world of unattainable “equality” is somehow possible and desirable. We are evil if we even doubt this. And there is no respite in sight. I do not see how this tension can last. At some point the dam has to break.

    1. Indeed, the “dam” is finally beginning to spring leaks. As recently as only 4 years ago, you’d never have read many of the dissenting opinions found on blogs today. I can only encourage even more start-up Bloggers, such as yourself, to reach out to those refusing to follow the crooked path designed to waylay them. “Truth-seekers” will not always agree on certain perspectives, but at least the salient points are open for discussion.

      The Blog, Vanishing American, began as an excellent source of material. Her original site then ceased to exist awhile ago, and just recently resurfaced as Vanishing American II.

      1. I started my blog about a year ago and then closed it out of fear. But I’ve started it up again. I simply must. The situation is too terrible. I see my little blog as one more piece of wood thrown into the fire. Our thoughts are energy. E=mc2.

        ““Truth-seekers” will not always agree, but at least the salient points are open for discussion.”

        I take heart from Tim Murdock. The point that he always comes back to is: “I’m white, you’re white. The conflict is whites vs anti-whites.” Everything else is in the details. – A

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