Canada, Land of Pandering Fools

OTTAWA, Canada’s Capital City

By T.M.

It’s interesting the C.B.C. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and Ottawa’s political class … love to trumpet the appointment of a Haitian-born Governor-General or a Vietnamese-born Catholic Bishop, as examples of how wonderfully “tolerant” we are.

Oh, look at us! “We, White folks are so deliciously tolerant and accepting of other races”. h/t

How long will we perpetuate this self-image of Canada as a land of opportunity, a place that needs “buckets of newcomers” to inject a vitality and drive, that native-born Canadians allegedly don’t have? Isn’t this immigrant-makes-good mythology wearing a little thin in (2015)?

The family farm is dead… killed by agribusiness and the development and subdivision of prime farmland by immigration-driven population growth. We don’t need waves of immigrants to homestead anymore. Our secondary industry is dead…. killed by trade agreements and globalization.

The smokestack era is over. We don’t need more people from any source to “build” the country, to create a reserve army of cheap surplus labour to drive down wages and displace Canadian jobs.

(Read: Labour Shortage MYTH)

Canada is already over-built!

Our best arable land is under threat from development, with nearly 20% of our Class-1 farmland already lost.

Ontario, which has lost 600,000 acres of prime farmland in the decade preceding 2006, is slated to add another 6 million people to the Golden Horseshoe in the next two decades.

UBC’s (University of British Columbia) Dr. Michael Healy also warned, in a federally-commissioned study of the Fraser Basin Ecosystem, that immigration-fueled urban growth in Metro-Vancouver and the Fraser Valley would wreak the same havoc if not unchecked. He cited immigration as a major force in that growth.

(Read: Immigrants – ZERO Affect On Economy)

So, why do we celebrate immigrant-success stories? Why does C.B.C. icon Peter Mansbridge presume to speak for all Canadians when he declares that the appointment of (Vietnamese-born) Father Vincent Nguyen as a new Roman Catholic bishop … is a story that will lift our hearts”? 

We need new folklore. The old formula is not appropriate to our present predicament.

We need stories about CANADIANS who got the job done, not more CBC portraits of immigrants who turned their lives around by turning ours upside down.

I wonder if there is a program on Saudi Arabian or Libyan TV entitled “Little Church on the Desert”?  (See: Little Mosque on the Prairie)

The cover art for the first season DVD.

Would Haitians celebrate the appointment of a guy called Smith from Saskatoon as their new head of state? Would they import educated Canadians to drive their taxis, and then have a pity-party about how their credentials aren’t recognized? I rather doubt that they would be that stupid.

I, for one Canadian, am sick of C.B.C. puppeteers pulling our heartstrings, while neglecting the hardships suffered by people right here in Canada.

(Read: Cowardly Canadians)

I am sick of their deification of the immigrant and then their denigration of the Canadian-born.

I am sick of the type of journalism that focuses on the struggles of a downtrodden illegal refugee to put food on the table at the expense of Canada’s working poor who are squeezed out by this competition.


I am sick of a taxpayer-funded corporation (C.B.C.) that consistently reports the “frustration” of a foreign-born engineer in not finding employment in his field when CANADIAN engineering graduates, burdened by a mountain of student-debt, must rely on minimum wage jobs or the patronage of parents to see them through. In short, I am sick of political-correct bias.   […]  Source


What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth?  ANSWER.

 Respect for other races and cultures does not mean that Western Whites should commit suicide.


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