Dispossessing WHITE Europeans

Bozo girl in Bamako, Mali, West Africa, aug 2007
Europe’s Future?

By Mister Fox


The dominant ideology in Western nations is built around multi-racialism or anti-racism, and is a variant of Nazism. The motive is to push “Whites” out of their own communities, and it is done by deceit, and against democratic principles or rule of law.

More than 50 million (50,000,000) AFRICAN workers are being brought to EUROPE in a SECRET immigration agreement.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? Answer.]

This is the most evil plan against humanity hatched in Europe, since the Nazis herded Jewish people into the gas chambers, and the Soviets starved 5 million Kulaks, and is likewise, meant to destroy a people: the whole of western Europe and her people and has been implemented by the evil E.U.

This ideology is totalitarian with only one viewpoint allowed. It is very intolerant of any complaint about the cruelty and injustice of it and brands dissidents as “haters”, “bigots, “fascists” or “Nazis” which de-humanises the victims, and, so the authorities can harass and push Whites out without any conscience because we are all “racists”.

A “job centre” funded by money misappropriated from (British) tax-payers has been opened in Mali, and was the beginning of free movement of people in Africa and the EU (Europe)”.

EU economists claim Britain and other EU states will “need” 56 million (56,000,000!) immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the “demographic decline” due to falling birth rates and rising death rates across Europe. This is the betrayal of British people whose jobs are being sent abroad, and whose children are facing unjust competition from imported labour.

Class Above Photo – Class photo in an Elementary School in SWEDEN.  “Multiculturalism” is code for WHITE ethnic-cleansing.

Moreover, if we were not transferring billions of pounds in aid to elites in the Third World, and billions more as UK subscriptions to the UN and the EU, we might well be able to give our own people a better pension. which are due to be cut.


The Portugal Declaration urges the EU (European Union) to assist African governments in setting up migration information centres “to better manage labour mobility between Africa and the EU”.

The first job centre was opened in Bamako, capital of Mali, on Monday the 6th of October. More centers are to open soon in other west African states… then in north Africa.


These immigrant African people are prepared for immigration with clothes and language lessons by The British Council.

African lawyer Dele Oguntimojou wrote:

“(you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to re-tune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop. Even now the BRITISH Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country.”(2)

There was an expose` in November 2006 that the (British) Government was advertising for immigrants in a Foreign Office pamphlet distributed from Embassies around the world.

‘Multicultural Britain – A Land Of Immigrants’ encourages immigrants to come here because of the Human Rights Act which gives them privileges (over British natives) and well-paid jobs. Illustrated with photos of smiling NON-whites, it is an invitation to people to immigrate here. (3)


Racial Awareness Training is a method of brainwashing that local councils send their employers, employees and decision makers on to be conditioned in “correct” thinking: “to challenge individual prejudices and values and change them”. It stemmed from the ideas of the American Judith Katz who held that racism is inherent in whites.


The police are being turned into a race-gestapo.  Judge Mapherson began his investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence prejudiced against the police. With his mind already made up, he used British law as social engineering to mould the police into an anti-racist, thought-police.

They (already) knew what their conclusion was going to be — and the idea was not to ascertain the facts of a case — but to reach the right conclusion. This further made our law totalitarian: Recommendation 12 states,A racist incident is any incident, which is perceived to be racist by the victim, or any other person.

[See: Revving Engine is Now “Racist”]

Recommendation 13 adds, “That the term ‘racist incident’ must be understood to include crimes and non-crimes in policing terms. Both must be investigated with equal commitment”.  So, now we can be investigated for committing a “NON-crime”.


The labeling of dissidents as “racists”, “bigots”, “haters” etc., is de-humanisation and setting us up for persecution for not conforming to establishment diktats. It is pure totalitarian thinking straight from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union: if anybody speaks out against being dispossessed, then they are persecuted by the state. […]

Source:  http://sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com/

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