Canadian Culture & Integration Society

Flag of Canada over country contour

By Curt Storring

All that we enjoy in Canada today – our freedoms, institutions, and values – can be attributed to our founding fathers.

French and English settlers came to this great land and built the nation that we now call home. The foundation laid by those men and women has allowed Canada to mature and progress as it has. Without those values and institutions put into place, Canada would be a much different nation.

It follows that if a country dramatically changes the institutions and values that have allowed it to flourish, it shall no longer progress as it has under the original conditions. Any successful country would be foolish to deviate from the fundamental underpinnings of its society.

Since Official Multiculturalism was adopted, Canada has been doing all it can to deny its own cultural and historical identity. The basis of multiculturalism is a subjective assumption that all cultures sit on equal footing.

Since becoming official government policy, politicians have taken the easy way out by espousing the supposed inherent values of diversity and intercultural understanding. They are all too happy to pander to the vocal minorities who come to Canada, asking for taxpayer money to start cultural programs, and calling those who oppose this “racist“.

Our immigration, refugee, and multiculturalism policies are unsustainable for the future well-being of Canada. This cannot continue to be a taboo subject. This may be the most important issue we deal with in the 21st century.

Nearly half a million immigrants and temporary foreign workers will be allowed into the country next year.

Boatloads of illegal migrants arrive on our shores and we spend millions to keep them comfortable. We officially value diversity for diversity’s sake, and create ethnic ghettos through funding cultural programs that are not compatible with Canadian values. This makes integration impossible and fosters the creation of extremist attitudes.

All while our economy remains fragile, our culture continues to be extinguished, and our way of life threatened by those whose cultures and ideas are not compatible with ours.

What we need is change, and we need it now.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is riddled with contradictions. They say they want to integrate immigrants into Canada while promoting Canadian values, but at the same time they say we should foster intercultural understanding and embrace all cultures as “equal”. We need strong leadership that will choose to embrace and promote Canadian values, culture and institutions.

If our culture was not one of the best in the world, why then, would we now be one of the most successful countries on earth? If our culture and society did not stand above most others in the world, why then, would so many people be willing to desert their native land and come to Canada?

It’s not because of our weather. It’s because they recognize the freedom and opportunity afforded to all Canadians thanks to the sacrifices, work ethic, and families of our founders.

The Canadian Culture and Integration Society  recognizes the importance and urgency of our situation. We will work tirelessly to promote Canadian values and solutions to our politicians and make sure we keep Canada on the right track for Canadians.

Curt Storring is the Vice-President of the Canadian Culture and Integration Society.

[For added emphasis, links are by  ELN editor]


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  1. ELN,

    Could you please post the original article without edits (bolding, addition of words/sentences), or remove this?

    I would not want to be taken out of context with your edits. If you do edit it, I would appreciate not attributing to me what is not my original piece.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Curt Storring

    1. No problem! I’ll remove the bold print and the insert that I placed in the body.

      As your original website is apparently no longer active, I removed it from my sidebar several weeks ago. Total number of hits for your essay amounted to 198 plus 5 today.

  2. ENGLISH (French sub-titles to wake up Quebec). (Sous-titres français pour réveiller le Québec).

    ENGLISH TITLE: The Key Role of Jews in the Multicultural Transformation of Europe: Barbara Specter

    Comment: Multiculturalism is a Zionist tool to destroy non-Jewish nations. It’s being used in Canada to disintegrate the founding peoples to whom belong the distinct Provincial Legislatures. Canada was founded as a FEDERAL state because FEDERALISM PROTECTED the founding peoples who wished to preserve themselves in DISTINCT sub-states but under a shared political nationality, i.e., Canadians.

    Multiculturalism is a totally different system which purports to give OTHER CULTURES who have HUGE countries elsewhere the right to set up countless mini-states on Canadian soil and contest for cultural and legal power with founding Canadians in the Legislatures created to protect THEM in 1867.

    Multiculturalism is a form of ANNEXATION of Canada, and our provinces to a foreign power (ZION) to dispose of OUR culture, people and nation via imported ethnic and cultural cleansing by people who can always go home if they don’t like Canada. But, Canada is all we’ve GOT, and we can’t go home once they’ve changed it — and altered us to be a subordinate minority on OUR OWN SOIL.

    In the middle of the last century, the importation of dissimilar races and cultures into a nation was recognized for what it is: the true word, GENOCIDE. An American professor wanted to use the technique to exterminate the Germans, which he believed could be done in 2-3 generations.

    How many generations has CANADA left before Canadians, FOUNDING CANADIANS, cease to exist on our own soil — and our Constitution, which PROTECTS us, if we invoke it — thus eliminated to the benefit of Zionist banking elites and the multinationals.

    Proof that Canada was long ago TARGETED by Zionists for elimination is this 1941 communist world planning map. There is NO CANADA on this map, but there is HEBREWLAND drawn in the Middle East where Palestine still existed; and this is before Pearl Harbor, before the U.S.A. entered WWII, before any allegations of holocaust as the pretext to found Israel. The map was prepared by a Jew, Maurice Gomberg, who sympathized with the Communist Party of America (CPA).

    Visit my new Blogger: The Gomberg Map of World Unions, “A WORLD WITHOUT CANADA“:

    Our corrupt elites are currently giving EFFECT to that Map by advancing North American integration, under which CANADA is intended to vanish. This is more clear because the entity we call CANADA is the apex, the pinnacle of our country, where the national sovereign powers are jointly exercised by elected representatives from all the Provinces. Every one of the federal powers is targeted for transfer to a NEW “authority” in a fascist-merged North America. Without the federal powers, there simply IS no CANADA. Which is why there is NO CANADA ON THIS 1941 PLANNING MAP OF WORLD UNION.

    View an enlarged Map and download it:

    1942 POST-WAR NEW WORLD MAP by Maurice Gomberg at Calaméo or browse others.

    1. I remember reading about this map in the distant past. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

      Again, if you have no objections, I’ll post this info up front.

  3. “The settlers were the original immigrants.”

    Wrong. A settler is not an immigrant. There was no country here, no Canada, no civilization, before the (white) settlers created it. The people who came after are immigrants.

    Also, I don’t have a problem with immigrants in general. Just the non-Asian minorities (mainly blacks and Hispanics).

    “Canada is not white people’s land. Get over it.”

    Yes, it is white people’s land—luckily for Canadians! Racial demographics are why Canada and other white countries (like Britain, Holland, and France) are so great, and black countries (like anywhere in Africa) are so bad.

  4. The settlers were the original immigrants. Canada is not white people’s land. Get over it.

    1. “The settlers were the original immigrants.”

      An oxymoronic statement…please elaborate.

      “Canada is not white people’s land.”

      Nobody is claiming it is, but 84% of Canada’s population are White people, the vast majority who’ve inhabited this land long before your father’s sperm penetrated your mother’s egg that caused your presence to grace our land.

      “Get over it.”

      “Get over” what?? Please explain.

    2. That first statement should have been phrased as a question. I’m going to go back and reply to everyone who commented. Sorry for the confusion though.

  5. Well said. 100% agree.

    Actually only 99.5%: “If our culture was not one of the best in the world, why, then, would we now be one of the most successful countries on earth? If our culture and society did not stand above most others in the world, why, then would so many people be willing to desert their native land and come to Canada?”

    Absolutely. However, our culture is partly the product of our genes (that is, white European genes), and that’s one reason why replacing settlers with immigrants (from just any old place) is going to disrupt our culture (through our gene pool) no matter how hard we try to integrate and assimilate the immigrants.

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