Can SWEDEN Survive Multi-Racialism?

English: Britt Ekland and Peter Sellers 1964. ...
Britt Ekland & Peter Sellers in 1964

SWEDEN has undergone an unprecedented and  dramatic change since the 1960s when actress Britt Ekland graced the silver screen as a beautiful, Swedish blond icon.

TODAY … we have socialist immigrationenthusiasts eagerly importing low-IQ, 3rd world people to live among the more progressive and enterprising Swedes who are world-renowned for creating such famous industrial brand names as Volvo, Saab and Scania automobiles, Ericsson telecommunications, SKF industries, and other higher technologies .

The Swedes also have a reputation of paying some of the highest taxes in the western world… funds originally intended to support their own indigenous citizens from a cradle to grave existence … or so we thought.

However, that has changed for the worst! About TWO MILLION incompatible NONwhite foreigners (including their progeny) from 3rd-world countries have now infiltrated this small, White European nation of just 9.7 million people, and is rapidly becoming LESS White every year. Under 8 million citizens are actually WHITE Swedes.

Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN Today!
Multiculturalism is “code” for White ethnic-cleansing.

RACE REALISTS often argue that innate, genetically-rooted differences in intelligence and national character help explain both inter-racial relations and cultural/behavioral differences between different races. Severe clashes arise between divergent and wholly incompatible races/cultures that mix together … and they come with disastrous results.

Say “Good-Bye” to this once-peaceful, homogeneous nation!

Teenagers of various backgrounds in Oslo, Norw...
Oslo, Norway. The growing racial diversity of northern Europe.

Similar to other European-based nations, a deliberate policy was set forth in motion — through mass-immigrationto disrupt the equilibrium of Sweden’s formerly stable and homogeneous population.


SWEDEN was duped into financially supporting incompatible 3rd-world, NON-white immigrants/refugees while ordinary Swedish citizens are now forced to suffer through daily occurrences of criminal immigrant behaviour resulting in untold misery as seen in this example video.


SWEDES … RISE UP and FIGHT BACK … it’s in your genes!
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…not often updated, but check-out Sweden’s



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  2. “The soft and civilized Scandinavians, coddled by their welfare states, have lost sight of the Darwinian fact that all life is based on struggle. Struggle for survival, struggle for food, for mates, for territory. For all living creatures it is so. One creature lives by devouring another. That is life.

    When well meaning Scandinavians generously hold out food and medicine and money to totally unrelated peoples, and even invite them to move in and share their countries, these people, who have NEVER been given anything free in their lives, must think the Scandinavians are totally mad.

    But they will gladly take advantage of the fools’ offer. Why not? And then, they will walk all over their hosts and take everything they can get, even their country, having no respect for lunatics or Christian charity, which is totally foreign to them.

    Primitive people like Arabs and Somalis have no respect for anything but power. For them, kindness and generosity are a sign of weakness! Even sheer lunacy. (In Scandinavia’s case, maybe they are right.)

    But you want to give your wealth, your daughters, and your country away, they’ll be happy to take it. Just don’t expect a thank you.”

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