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TOO LATE!  Brits were given ample warning back in 1968.

Enoch Powell 1912 – 1998

London, England NOW has a Moslem mayor and White MINORITY population reduced to 44 percent.

Councillor Abid Hussain (Pakistani-born) “Lord” Mayor of Bradford 2017-2018

The following excerpts are taken from an open letter written to (former) Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain concerning the crucial question of mass 3rd-world immigration and its negative effects on the indigenous British people and their homeland. This letter could have been addressed to any political “leader” of any other White western nation, and still maintained the integrity of the message. The full letter HERE.

From Dr. Frank Ellis

Dear Mr Cameron:

Once again, I am compelled to write to you on the subject of immigration and the related ills which are gnawing away at the fabric of British society and destroying us. Having read your speech, I can say that there are parts which show some awareness of the immigration threat, for example, the connection with the welfare state. Whether of course you act is another matter.

The long-suffering, White indigenous population has heard the cry of “It’s time to get tough on immigration” so many times before, and on each occasion, nothing has happened. Once any election is out of the way the immigration assault on our way life continues its relentless path. Nothing is done to stop the invasion. Whole neighbourhoods are taken over by immigrants and we Whites are supposed to pretend that we are being blessed, when in fact we are being dispossessed.


The reason that ‘immigration is a hugely emotive subject’ is because any attempt to criticize mass immigration has been portrayed by the political caste to which you belong, the BBC, the Guardian-reading classes, the universities, and what is erroneously referred to as the “teaching profession”, as something too dreadful even to contemplate.

The implicit, often quite explicit assumption, has been that any person who criticizes the level of immigration, or who resents the changes that have been imposed on Britain without the consent of the indigenous population, is some kind of Nazi, hell bent on mass murder. Those of us who have attacked the insane levels of immigration have not just made assertions: we have offered compelling arguments to which the BBC, to take just one example, has responded with hysteria and vitriol.


The filters of BBC censorship and of other monopoly stream media outlets through which anything to do with race, multiculturalism, immigration and crimes carried out by immigrants must pass before anything is broadcast or put in print mean that the grim truth is never fully placed in the public domain or only hinted at, as for example when the BBC reports violent black behaviour in London.

Ordinary Britons were rejecting multi-racialism as far back as 1958 and before that time.

Ever since 1948, immigration has been an issue in Britain, punctuated by race riots and culminating in the Islamic terrorist attacks of Thursday 7th July 2005. Successive governments have tried to ram race-is-a fiction, we-are-the-world and multiculturalism down our throats, and when we have retched and vomited this poison out of our bodies, politicians have then resorted to legal and administrative sanctions against us; they have indoctrinated our children to hate their country, its heroes, its past; they have turned children against their parents; they preach hatred of whites; they encourage immigrants to mock us and to take over our towns, cities and neighbourhoods; and our (soldiers) returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are spat at and reviled by immigrants as war criminals.


As for what you call ‘good immigration’ you claim – politicians always do – that ‘Our country has benefitted immeasurably from immigration’That is news to me!?

When I go through large parts of Britain – Bradford, Slough, Leicester, Birmingham, Leeds and whole swathes of London – I am assailed by sights and sounds that might be appropriate in the Third-World … but do not belong in England. Third-World immigrants recreate the Third-World in First-World countries.


When I go to large parts of England … I do not wish to see masses of black and brown faces, bizarre clothing, hordes of immigrant children, freakish behaviour, to hear the invasive cacophony of non-European languages and to see whole streets that look as if they belong in Islamabad or Mogadishu.  I do not feel enriched by “diversity” or “multiculturalism“.


The real problem is the mass influx of poorly or dubiously qualified or unqualified Indians, Pakistanis, sub-Saharan Africans, Somalis and Turks and others, whose sole contribution is to overpopulate Britain and whose customs, religion and high levels of welfare dependency represent a massive drain on the public purse.

When one takes into account the social, economic and displacement costs borne by the White indigenous population and the huge emotional and psychological stress inflicted on Whites by the presence of large numbers of NON-white aliens in their country, there are no substantial benefits at all from mass immigration, especially from India, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Somalia and the Middle East. Mass NON -white immigration is a curse.


What are (staff) people from Uganda, India and Pakistan doing in large numbers in British hospitals?  Britain is quite capable of providing enough staff from the indigenous population. Our training is superior as well. The countries you mention are not exactly known for high standards and good training.

The Indian examination system is corrupt and riddled with cheating such that fake degrees and other professional qualifications are easily obtainable at the right price. Pakistan is a Third-World slum whose sole export to this country has been terrorism, welfare parasitism and immigrant invaders. Uganda is a sub-Saharan, third-world basket case. Do you really expect me to believe that any training such as it is in Uganda meets First-World standards, and that lives are not being put at risk by employing Africans?


For how much longer are you and Trevor Phillips going to tell us that “more time is needed” so that integration can work, or should I say, be made to work, at the expense of the White indigenous population? Integration can never work because most of us have a healthy and wholesome sense of who we are and what we cannot be or become. The natural resistance we manifest frustrates the ambition of the diversophiles, so harsh and repressive legislation must be enacted so that opposition can be bullied and intimidated into silence.


You want openness. Here it is:

I do not want to live in a community where I am confronted with hordes of black and brown faces on the streets of our towns and cities; I do not want to socialise with non-white immigrants; if by mistake I walked into a pub full of non-whites, I would leave immediately; I do not want to have to work with these people if it can be avoided; I avoid non-white immigrants at every possible opportunity (if dealing with them is unavoidable, I am polite no more no less); I do not want my children to have to endure the presence of huge numbers of non-white immigrants in their schools; I do not want to be preached to by diversity propagandists, telling me against all the evidence and the screams of my soul that diversity is some kind of blessing (it is nothing of the sort).

JAPAN Prefers Racial Homogeneity

JAPAN Simply Rejects Mass Immigration

Diversity is bestial, hateful and loathsome: it is a psychological weapon of war which has been deployed against the White peoples of the world in order to undermine their natural sense of racial and cultural separation, their identity, their natural and proper sense of superiority across the entire spectrum of human endeavour. Diversity is a collectivist (Culture Marxist) refuge for the failure, the loser, the envious and the nation hater-killers.

God bless England, Ireland (both sides of the border), Scotland and Wales.

Yours sincerely, Frank Ellis       –Source


How To Colonise Britain

So, This Is England 2009?

How Britain Destroyed Itself



    or… a 1964 view of the beginning of Britain’s end through “accommodation”. As published in The Globe and Mail, 12 October 1964.

    “Turbans Win Glasgow Nod
    In Bus Dispute

    GLASGOW. (Reuters) — Glasgow Corp. owner of Britain’s biggest municipal transport fleet, has ruled that Indians may wear turbans while working as bus conductors and drivers.

    But the corporation’s badge must be worn on the turban.

    A corporation official said there is an acute shortage of crews and hundreds of vehicles are idle.

    Many Pakistanis who wear normal uniform [are] already employed on Glasgow’s busses and subway.”

    Copy of the newsclip:

    1. Your news clip is similar to the analogy of placing a frog into a pot of warm water back in ’64, and then incrementally turning up the heat for decades until it’s too late for the body politic to notice.

      If the White masses don’t begin to take notice of their predicament and immediately turn off the “heat”… then, we’re all “cooked”!

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