Canada’s Federal Election

Tim Murray

I have no preference for any of the five main (political) parties.

All have one agenda — massive and unending immigration-driven population growth.

There is no candidate in my constituency worthy of my vote. But as Churchill said, “while there may not be anyone worth voting for, there is always someone worth voting against”.

And, if I cannot cast a vote against someone in another riding, I can always lend financial support to the candidate best positioned to defeat the worst candidate. Therefore I would send money to the following campaigns:

The (Liberal) candidate who has a chance to defeat the NDP Immigration critic, Olivia Chow.

The Conservative incumbent Gary Lunn, who has the best chance of defeating challenger Elizabeth May of the Green Party.

The Bloc candidate who has the best chance of defeating Liberal immigration critic Justin Trudeau. —and—

The Liberal candidate who has the best chance of unseating ethnic-ass-kisser Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenny.

I am an equal opportunity quisling-hater. All these open-borders champions Chow, May, Trudeau and Kenny deserve to be turfed from the public trough and returned to the hole that they sprung from. A curse on them and all like them, in whatever party. We need MPs who will put Canadians first.  –Source

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada]

[The 2011 Vis-Min (NON-white) numbers suggest 16% — and the 5,000,000+ (five million!) who’ve arrived only in the past 20 years, is largely the result of one of the greatest immigration deceptions ever perpetrated on Canada.]

Two puppet politicians give the same speech in two supposedly independent countries (Australia & Canada) … prompting the question: (((WHO))) is pulling their strings??


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