Sweden’s Racial Suicide Mission

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S.R. Larson

When I was politically active back in the 1980s, I learned that if Swedish politicians are given two alternative courses of action to choose between, they will, as if driven by a force of nature, always choose the dumbest alternative.

This learning experience has helped me understand Sweden’s slow, but steady decline over the past 20 years, but it has also been a source of frustration.

This habit of always making things worse for the people of my native country, has recently been inherited by a new generation of politicians. My old friends and political combatants are now part of the political elite – and making the same mistakes as their predecessors.


Once they had devalued Sweden from a prosperous world leader to a nation plagued by industrial poverty, they decided to take their country yet another step down the slope of Dante’s journey. Instead of a responsible immigration policy that would allow productive migration across the nation’s borders, the political elite opted for a maximized inflow of migrants. And it was not about getting immigrants with skills, education and ready-to-go professional skills.


No, the typical immigrant to Sweden over the past ten years has been someone with very little education, rudimentary professional skills and an extremely long way to go, before he can begin to act as a productive member of society. (Read: 3rd world, illiterate, African immigrants/refugees). View this example video:

In the meantime, Sweden has suffered a brain drain. The education gap between the country’s inbound and outbound migrants is startling: the average person leaving Sweden has at least a bachelor’s degree. And the exodus has not been insignificant. In Norway alone, some 50,000 young Swedes are building themselves a future. It is unlikely that they will ever return home again.

The mistakes of the Sweden’s political elite of having turned into their very own religion has not stopped at replacing an entire generation of educated and culturally skilled Swedes with immigrants from the rural corners of Africa’s Horn.

The most recent contribution is likely to turn the country into an economic swamp of poverty and social disintegration. Mr. Goran Hagglund, minister of social affairs and responsible for Sweden’s socialized health care system, announced yesterday that the government will remove the last restrictions, on who, the tax-paid hospitals can offer health care. The purported purpose is to allow illegal immigrants to get access to health care on the same terms as lawful, tax-paying residents.


Since 1995 Sweden’s government-run health care system has cut away about one fifth of its medical staff. During the same time the real tax burden on working Swedes has increased almost 50 percent: those who pay taxes are a notably smaller share of the population than they were before the recession in the early ’90s.

With this lopsided change in who pays taxes into the health care system and the size of the “production facilities” – hospitals – about the worst thing you can do is to open the doors and let anyone from anywhere walk in to a Swedish hospital and demand health care. Which is precisely what the government has now done.


For each new mad move to tear the country apart, they leave fewer and fewer options ahead of them. One possibility is that they open the country’s income security system to illegal immigrants, i.e., everyone and anyone in the world. Another (possibility) is that they give illegals the right to vote in elections.

Absurd? Sure, but keep in mind: we are not talking about a normal country. We are talking about “Absurdistan”.  –To Full Report


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  1. HAHAHAHA………….Looks good on you Swedes.
    You and your European neighbors were so self righteous and smug not that long ago.
    Now you got them scavenging savages in your back yard, how you like those poor unfortunate animals now. HAHAHA……..at least in the US, the jews slaved them for a couple hundred years before they got the gibsmedat fever.

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