African Violence Comes To IRELAND

By Ken Foy

A (BLACK Foreign) mob went on a wave of random RACE violence on Temple Bar (Dublin Ireland) … which left five (White) Dubliners with horrific injuries.

One man — a Dublin DJ (Disk Jockey) — was almost killed in the attack, as he suffered serious head trauma after he was set upon by the gang.

The level of violence has shocked gardai (Irish Police) and the many witnesses to the race-hate orgy — believed to be the first of its kind in the city.

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(Editor’s Note: It may be the “first of its kind” but it won’t be the last… here’s another Black crime story from IRELAND.

Black violence directed towards the Irish people is GUARANTEED to increase in scale and numbers for many years to come … all due to Ireland’s disastrous NON-white  immigration policies.

Update: Here we go …

Yet again, another similar story … HERE.)

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UPDATE: March, 2019

One (immigrant) member of the African gang was arrested today in pre-dawn raids by detectives across Dublin city.The five White Dubliners, all aged in their 20s, were left with horrific injuries in the October 2010 attacks, which have… only come to light NOW.

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[Professor Andrew Fraser warned us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said: “Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population (in White countries) is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems”.

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The Black African gang — all in their late teens — savagely attacked six innocent Irish people in total, in the Temple Bar area of the capital in the early hours of October 10 last.

The gang, who are heavily involved in other street robberies and beatings, are all expected to appear in court.

Sources say that even seasoned detectives were left “horrified and shocked” by the extreme level of violence used in the attacks which occurred in the Eustace Street and Curved Street areas of Temple Bar at around 3.30 am on the date in question.

A senior source explained: “We believe that what happened on the night was motivated by racism — that is racism AGAINST White people.”

When the Black suspects were first questioned, they tried to use racism as a defencethey tried to say that they had been racially abused by the victims for being Black”.

How many countries in AFRICA to re-locate to? Fifty-four (54) nations!

“But, absolutely no evidence of that was ever uncovered and gardai (Irish police) are satisfied that the attackers were NOT racially abused.” (Charge the Black foreign thugs with making false accusations, and then promptly DEPORT them. Just wishful thinking here ...ELN Editor)

Dozens of people witnessed the shocking chain of events which started when two young men and a woman were randomly attacked on Eustace Street in Dublin.

In the space of less than three minutes, 5 people were left with terrible injuries as bottles, punches and kicks were used to wound the innocent victims.

In the most serious incident, a DJ who was standing on Curved Street was set-upon and almost killed by the gang of thugs.

A source explained: “The DJ was standing outside a premises while other assaults were going on around him. His DJ bag — with records in it — was on the ground beside him“.

One of the gang members stole the DJ’s bag and ran off, with the victim running after him. Then the attacker turned around and punched the victim, knocking him unconscious“.

When the DJ hit the floor (cobblestones?), the Black culprit stomped on the man’s head in a ferocious display of violence.

This victim is very lucky to be alive — the entire left side of his head was broken because of that stamping incident. The victim ended up having to have a metal plate inserted into his head — if this did not happen he would have lost his eyesight.”

Sources have revealed that another victim suffered a fractured skull in an incident in which gardai (Police) believe a glass bottle was used.

[U.S. Black Racism]

The gang are now expected to face a huge number of charges, including multiple serious assault charges, violent disorder, theft and production of an offensive weapon.


The arrest was made this morning after a massive investigation by detectives from Pearse Street Garda Station.

English: Dublin - Pearse Street Garda Station ...
1998 Dublin – Pearse Street Garda (Police) Station BEFORE Black FOREIGNERS began invading Ireland.

Other suspects were being hunted today.The mother of one of the suspects has a conviction, and served jail time for trafficking children into France … from Nigeria.

The gang is suspected of being involved in other street assaults and have links to a criminal who was involved in robbing head shops and has been convicted of hijacking a Dublin taxi.  —Source

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  1. The unique portion of this story, is that a MSM newspaper actually labeled this vicious attack on White people as a racist assault by Blacks.

    Unfortunately, I fear the editor of this Irish newspaper may now be slated for a reprimand for revealing the truth of this matter……..even though, he correctly quoted a senior police official.

  2. We just had this happen last week in Philly. Of course, it was reported as only a large group of teens!

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