Racist Chinese Attack “Minority” Child

Minority White Uyqhur Child in Asia

WARNING: The video below gives disturbing evidence of how some CHINESE people treat minority races in China. It shows a young, unattended (8 yr. old?) Eurasian boy (Uyghur minority?) being taunted… then kicked by Chinese adults on a busy, public Chinese street.

But it gets worse! Following that public humiliation, the defenseless boy’s left hand is held to the ground and deliberately crushed by a man’s foot, then viciously dragged a few feet away, to have his other hand ground into the hard surface.

Now holding up both his crushed hands, the boy’s loud screams are totally ignored by the surrounding adults, and not one Chinese spectator (yes, it was a sport to them) steps forward to help this tortured child. Somebody yells in Mandarin to the injured kid “go home white boy”.

Lending full support in this public torture attack, some people in the approving crowd take time to laugh at the cruel assault being waged against this young child. 


Chinese Zoos NOT For Timid Patrons

Chinese Misogyny At Its Worst

Dying For Their Fur (Dogs & Cats)

White Euro-nations openly pander to Chinese (and other racial minorities) in celebration of “multiculturalism” to the exclusion of our own diminishing culture while foolishly guiding their vast multitudes into OUR western nations to the point of absurdity. Yet, how many gullible westerners are even aware of their foreign practices and “cultures” as seen in the video below? This was not an isolated racist attack, but is often a common occurrence in these “developing” countries from where many of Canada’s 3rd-world immigrants/”refugees” hail from.

Hopefully, this will give leftist do-gooders pause for thought” the next time they go apoplectic over simple political-incorrect verbal expressions directed at racial minorities by White Canadians, and then gleefully shout “racist, racist” in a delicious “gotcha” moment.

It may even cure the lib/leftists puerile notion that “only White people can be racist“. In fact, many naive Whites would be shocked to learn what some Chinese immigrants really think of their “round-eyed” hosts! That’s you, Canada.

As this video will never be aired on any Mainstream Media (MSM) outlet, please copy link and distribute as widely as you please. Again, be warned, watching this video may anger some viewers. 

If Youtube removes this video. Click the other source link below:



News that does NOT reach Canadians. Only Whites should be seen as “hateful” racists.

…another “racist” moment caught on camera in Taiwan.


Duped By MultiCulturalism





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