Two-Tiered Riot Enforcement

By Anonymous

How do we explain the phenomenon of ‘young white trashimitating Black gangs (in Britain’s recent riots)?

“Well, the answer is simple and can be clearly identified by the reaction of the police, the media and the government to the riots. What was the reaction? It was to:

(1) leave the Blacks to riot, loot and burn;

(2) crack down hard on any Whites who dared to share their faces to defend themselves and their property e.g. Enfield (1000 police vs 200 Whites was one example);

(3) praise gangs of Sikhs and other Asians who gathered to fight any rioters and carried swords and other weapons to do so — their photographs appeared all over the place, and articles were written comparing them favourably over the Whites (they know how to handle the rioters better than we do – and there was even an article in the DT saying that immigrants love this country more than we do);

(4) minimize the involvement of Blacks in the rioting (the BBC were particularly bad at this);

(5) maximize the involvement of Whites (the BBC again – but pretty much all the other media as well);

(6) interview as many Black victims, shopkeepers and community leaders as possible (the politicians in particular did this).

I could go on but you get the point.

What all this indicates is a culture which has existed for decades now — that of excusing almost anything non-whites (Blacks, Muslims and other immigrants) do – even including burning and looting our cities – where they get preferential treatment in (apparently) practically every walk of life. This culture is enshrined in law and rigorously enforced by the courts.

In fact, the more violent and intolerant the Blacks and other minorities become, the more money we throw at them. The more we try to ‘understand‘ them, the more ‘inter-community harmony groups‘ we help establish for them, and then more “advisers” are appointed in our government, councils, police and so forth.

There is no doubt about it; WHITES are treated as an underclass in their own country.

Is it any surprise that uneducated White youths look at all this and see everyone (from the media, to the government, to the courts, etc.) almost KISSING THE ARSES OF IMMIGRANTS (excuse the language but we must be honest about this,) and conclude that the obvious thing is to almost become an immigrant themselves to receive such lavish government attention, plus generous monetary rewards.

And there you have it. If you want to solve these problems the answer is simple. DON’T TREAT THE INDIGENOUS WHITE PEOPLE AS AN UNDERCLASS (in their own country). You have stolen their self-respect. I suggest that you give it back to them.

You (the government, the media and so on) can stick that in your ‘consultation exercise‘ pipe and smoke it.”   –Source



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