South Africa Falling Into Decay

Mike Wilson

South Africa – the name conjures up visions of White colonialism, riches of diamonds and gold, beautiful cities, beautiful people, rich farmlands and technical innovation.
A strong and vibrant country with a modern army and air force and an air of expectancy, handed down from (White) Afrikaner father to son, that their land would be the greatest in the whole continent.
Well it does to me, and this is what the country used to be like when I lived there 40 years ago. Johannesburg was a thriving metropolis of great buildings and the frenzied rush of people going about their affairs much like any other major city in the world. It was such a powerhouse of people, ideas and innovations and the strong Boer mentality over rode all.
Today, Johannesburg appears to be a run down shanty town with decrepit buildings, boarded up windows, filthy garbage riddled streets and squalor everywhere.
So, what happened?
The infamous pass laws were rescinded in the early 90’s and then the Black man took over the country.
This utopia, this land of riches, this gemstone in the crown of the continent, is now like so many other African nations, a struggling mix of different tribes coming to terms with life in the 21st century.
Unfortunately, Black Africans have not been able to rise above tribal culture and are cursed with a background that has not reached the stage which would enable them to mentally grasp all the requirements that are needed to administer a complex and busy country.
From being the underdog, to being the dominant force today, has created major schisms within the overall South African society.
There is an ongoing payback mentality that encourages Blacks to take from the Whites in many different ways. In one way the houses of White people are regularly burgled and effects stolen. This is not done covertly, and gangs of Blacks regularly threaten households.
In another way there is what is now called ‘Black Empowerment’ or BEE where blacks are given preference over Whites for available jobs.
This stupid practice gives the unskilled African peasant direct involvement in manning the infrastructure support that runs the country. As a consequence the major power supply company Eskom is unable to maintain its equipment as most of the trained skilled White staff are no longer employed. This has caused frequent power supply problems so that they had to rely on power shedding, or in other words, maintaining power to select parts of their industry rather than all consumers who need it.
The current junior leader of the ANC, Julius Malema, keeps telling his followers to kill the Boer, one man (or woman) one bullet. He has recently been found guilty of inciting racial hatred and fined 50,000 Rand for his troubles. Not that this has changed his tactic one iota. On a recent trip to Zimbabwe he went out of his way to repeat the phrase to all who would listen.
Over 3,000 White farmers have been murdered since the ANC took over in a deliberate government policy to get Whites to give up their land.
From being a rich farming country under White-rule, South Africa now faces the prospect of importing food to feed the masses. Many Whites claim that there is now a policy of genocide leveled against Boer farmers as a result of the ANC policy to grab land. This is the same process that started in Zimbabwe,  and will have the same result.
On a recent trip to Zimbabwe there were talks between Mugabe and Malema on how to take over the remaining land still in the hands of White minorities. Now there is also talk of the mining industry which made SA very rich, being nationalised for the benefit of the Black politicians.
Law and order is a thing of the past now. There is no law of protection for Whites, and no laws for the Blacks to abide by. Even Jacob Zuma the current leader of the ANC had a number of rape and corruption charges leveled against him by the then law and order anti-corruption team called the Scorpions. The ANC had an easy answer to all this… they simply disbanded the unit and the charges were dropped!
In fact many of the Black policemen supposedly upholding what little law and order is left, are themselves involved in burglarising, raping and armed robberies. The number of deaths of WHITES has been unrecorded , although the litany of deaths occurs on a daily basis.
Many people felt that with the advent of Black rule and empowerment Blacks and Whites would be able to sit together and maintain a strong and prosperous country that would continue to be the envy of Sub Saharan Africa.
Today, the situation is so bad that the country is becoming another Zimbabwe and Whites are powerless to stop it, but can only look on in horror as their once great country crumbles about them.
Due to the political process of giving to the Black people at the expense of the Whites, there are now 450,000 White people living below the poverty line in shanty towns around the country. The majority of these people are from Afrikaans backgrounds who would normally be the underclass looking after fairly menial jobs, railway workers, cleaners etc.
Since those jobs are now taken by Blacks, these unfortunate men, women and children have no recourse but to become part of the homeless generation, forgotten by more affluent Whites, as well as the Black government. Even some soup kitchens that were set up by well-minded individuals, have been closed by bureaucrats who say that the Whites must fend for themselves. It’s only the help from other Whites that keeps these unfortunate people with some form of subsistence.
White liberalism is to blame for the problems affecting South Africa and the fall of the White Governments pre-1994. The world saw a country with Blacks being oppressed and demanded change for the betterment of the Black population much like Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) several years earlier.
Today, who has benefited from these changes? Certainly not the Blacks as the majority of them are now far worse off than ever they were under White rule. Again, the classic example is Zimbabwe under the megalomaniac Mugabe who has robbed his country blind, whilst 98% of his followers still live in shantytowns in abject poverty without the benefits of modern civilisation.
Every one of the ruling politicians in South Africa lives a life of wealth and privilege, with the latest cars, biggest houses in the best suburbs etc., yet their followers are very much worse off than they were when the Whites ruled the country.
Apart from the trashing of cities which have become sleazy rubbish dumps the hospital services are almost non existent. It’s hard to accept that the country that pioneered the first heart transplant under Dr. Christian Barnard has now a run down medical service which once used to be the envy of the world.
Everything about South Africa today, smacks of total incompetence with inmates running the asylum for the rest of the inmates who just have no idea what is going on.
The murder of Eugene Terreblanche may be just the last nail in the coffin of apathy that has affected the White liberals in this broken country.
Indeed, apathy is probably the correct word to describe how the rest of the world views this former nation. It just seems that the power brokers amongst civilised nations are just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the continent to implode before they go back in perhaps 40 years time or so, and pick up the pieces once more. Although by that time — the Chinese will have probably got in first, and Blacks will have a far stronger, stricter and nastier overseer than the Whites ever were.   –Source
….and lastly, other photos of Johannesburg