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Play this game while watching your next television program. Begin by viewing T.V. commercials from a wholly different perspective from what you’ve been accustomed to.

Pay close attention to the assigned characters in T.V. commercials who supposedly represent a fair cross-section of the population in your average White western country.  Notice how almost every T.V. commercial  must have their token Black character incongruously inserted into acting roles that hardly imitate real-life scenarios.  (One can extrapolate this subject line to include T.V. shows, Hollywood movies and print advertisement, etc.) Note how often Black characters play roles of authoritarians who rule over “dumber” Whites. For example, top police officials, caring doctors, the wise counsellor, astute judges, etc., in addition to every White family having a Black “friend” in their family circle.

Blacks represent about 12.5% of the total U.S. population, and a mere 2% of Canada’s population, (1/2 are foreign-born immigrants/refugees). Nevertheless these people are over-represented in both American and Canadian T.V. commercials in excessive proportion to actual numbers. [U.S. Federal Black employees also appear to fall under this anomaly  – read HERE.]

Selling name-brand product lines may be secondary to the primary motive of actually socially-engineering (better known as “brainwashing or “indoctrinating”) your minds into accepting any ism “they” deem necessary to carry out “their” goals.

The astute Blogger, Vanishing American, thus observed:

“The commercials with all the sage and savvy and hip and well-dressed and dominant Black people are not meant for Black audiences at all: they were aimed at those ‘typical White people’ out there, White folks with lots of ‘troubling‘ attitudes, White people who had still not been effectively ‘politically corrected.’

The idea is not to sell products to black people; the idea is to sell multiculturalism, diversity, and minority dominance to recalcitrant White people.

So I realized — I am the target audience for these things; they want to transform my ‘sad’ attitudes, my ‘troubling’ preference and affinity for people, who are like me and my family. And do you know what? The message-laden movies, TV shows, commercials, and all the rest — they work.”  

Are they trying to sell you cars,  or miscegenation (race-mixing)?

Powerfully Built/Virile BLACK Man Vs Wimpish WHITE Man

Another web blogger is keeping us informed of how to recognize those subtle indoctrinating messages being bombarded through our television screens 24/7.

AWM: Anti-White Media assists viewers to see beyond the veil of brainwashing techniques. Check out AWM’s archive section to find recent and past t.v. commercials or movies expertly dissected for your understanding  — a sample page (<click) from February, 2011.

Plus, another 2 for 1 example story.

Edward Bernays helped to manipulate the masses for the Illuminati. In his book “Propaganda,” he wrote:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Listen to this short podcast explaining ANTI-White Genocide.


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  1. Thanks ELN. I link and repost a few lines to many of your threads. It amazes me how many people instantly yell racist, at me, and you with out ever reading, and studying what you are saying. I recently statred posting at a small news paper site here in California; The Manteca Bulletin, and the libs get all wound up! If you ever have the time, you should drop by and make a guest appearance. I really like the stuff you write. It is not racial, just facts and honest open discussions. Thank you.

  2. Positive white-male role models have apparently been deemed persona non grata in today’s t.v. commercial world, leaving young sons “swinging in the wind” unless they’re fortunate to have a strong father-figure at home.

    Any strong role model resembling the “Marlborough Man” from the ’70s became extinct in television commercials many years ago

    It’s no accident white men are made to look like buffoons at every given opportunity. explains it well enough in many of his essays explaining how the illuminati’s many sinister goals is to shatter the family unit, and television commercials is but one method.

    A timely read:

  3. I think GIEKO has a commercial about guys doing dumb things with smart phones. All three of the office guys are acting like idiots, while being observed by a serious looking black lady. And almost every popular show no positive white figure.

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