T.V. Commercials Insult White People

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By Henry Makow, PhD

Not only does Scotiabank — Canada’s third largest bank — sell financial services, its T.V. commercials are helping Canadians of European descent to adjust to future minority status.

Scotiabank is a sponsor of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Thus, millions of Canadians repeatedly see the above advertisement  (now removed by Youtube) which depicts a well-intentional, but “stupid white couple” being instructed by a visible minority woman bank employee.

If this were a one-off television commercial, I would not be writing this. But much of this bank’s TV advertising discriminate against Whites. If White males took the roles of visible minorities and vice-versa … this racism and sexism would be apparent.

The White couple is returning a refund but the Chinese-Canadian “adviser” explains that the money is really belongs to them (for using one of the bank’s products.) They greedily scoop it up and make their escape, afraid the adviser will change her mind. Indeed, she calls them back and hands them a $20 bill they dropped in haste.

I love this bank!” they exclaim.

Indeed, they love “multiculturalism.” It pays them to love it.

Scotiabank can focus on social engineering because, with a market cap of $55 billion, it makes a profit of more than $400 million every month. It has 2000 branches in 50 countries with 70,000 employees.

It’s motto is “You’re Richer than You Think,” which one wag changed to “We’re Richer than You Think.”


Based on Scotiabank’s T.V. commercials, you’d think that Canada was full of visible minority women. In fact, according to the last census in 2006, all visible minorities (NON-whites) of both sexes made up about 15% of Canada’s 33 million population.


[UPDATE to 2018: Native Indians [5%] NOT included in above graph. The 8,000,000 (eight million!) recent FOREIGNERS who’ve arrived only since 1990 is largely the result of one of the greatest immigration DECEPTIONS ever perpetrated on Canada. Majority WHITE CANADIANS now REDUCED to 72% down from about 95% majority White in 1981. Imported NON-white, 3rd-world peoples and their progeny now exceed 22% of Canada’s population of 36 Million … and rapidly increasing every year.   ELN Editor]


But don’t tell this to Scotiabank. In this commercial, entitled “Who’s the Man?” an East Indian woman adviser gives marriage counseling to  another “stupid” White couple.

The overbearing White woman confides that her henpecked husband thinks this is a good time to invest. “Can you set him straight?” she asks.

The adviser says that in fact, he may be right. At which the browbeaten husband tears off his shirt to reveal an “I’m Right” T-Shirt and emits an adolescent whoop!” … heard throughout the bank branch.

The T.V. commercial drew the following comment on You Tube:

This beat comes from the great white north. The ‘fat, ugly, useless White man’, thinks he’s right about investing, but needs the Black woman to confirm to the fatso [wife that] he is, in fact, right. The ‘stupid White man’ acts retarded and loud, and is so happy that the ‘smart Black‘ has made him feel right.” Note the Black gentleman looking confused at the barbarian antics of the White buffoon.

In another commercial, an East Indian male is able to crash the ranks of Scotiabank’s colored female advisers. He gives the, yet again proverbial “dumb” White couple advice on whether to take a fixed or variable-rate mortgage.  Then, the couple flip a coin to see whether to have a Mexican or Chinese meal for lunch. The coin stands on its end. In the final scene, they are eating “Chexican” … which is what Canada will look like in a few years.

In contrast, Chinese-Canadian customers receive T.V. commercials in their Cantonese language, in which their adviser is a Chinese-Canadian.

East Indian customers get advice from a White woman who actually speaks some Hindi! It must be nice to be treated with respect in these Canadian T.V. commercials.

And customers at Scotiabank‘s foreign subsidiaries, such as Mexico, are spared the social engineering because they aren’t in the Illuminati cross-hairs.


As an immigrant, and son of immigrants, I always wanted to contribute to my country.

I didn’t want to be used by a foreign-based Cabalist (i.e. Masonic) financial cartel to subvert the majority White race and alter Canada’s ethnic makeup. I’m sure most visible minority immigrants feel the same way.

The Illuminati bankers claim they are promoting “equality” and fighting “discrimination.” If this were true, they would be color-blind and promote on the basis of MERIT, alone. Visible minorities in (T.V.) commercials would reflect their much smaller proportion of (Canada’s) population.


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The Illuminati bankers’ agenda is to EMPOWER visible-minorities at the expense of people of European descent. The overall agenda is to undermine the homogeneous national character of all European Christian-based nations so they can be integrated into a totalitarian one-world government.

We will undermine every collective identity except our own,” they say in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This applies to race and nation, as well as religion (God) and family.

This kind of advertising is not limited to banks. There is a recent Speedy Lube commercial where the single White woman needs “an oil change.”

Naturally she doesn’t have a man to take care of this problem.  She writes a “Dear John” letter to her dealer, who is a ruggedly handsome White man, informing him that he has been replaced by a little Filipino at Speedy Lube. Again, the White man has just been emasculated.

I am not against intermarriage, but I get suspicious when corporations are pushing it.

If you think I am reading too much into these commercials, don’t kid yourself. They are prepared by advertising agencies who get their marching orders from the Illuminati bankers via the Tavistock Institute.

Message to corporations: Sell your product — not your evil Illuminati social agendaor the public will boycott you.  -Source- HenryMakow.com

Some excerpted comments:

“An example of how insane it has become, I relate the following story. A friend’s aunt, part of a Canadian family going back 200 years, left her job in the private sector to work in government. She was there 2 years and her annual review came up. The boss told her that her work was excellent and she was very professional — but she would have to step aside, so that a recently-arrived immigrant could take her job. This is how ridiculous things have become.”

“These are really a next step from the past 10+ years where White male heads of households have been shown to be dolts, barely tolerated by their far more “intelligent” (T.V.) wives and female progeny in so many (TV) commercials. Used to be that the adult White male was the only fool… now, the whole (White) family is getting in on the ‘stupid act’.”

“Not only Scotia Bank, but McCain Foods commercials make the White male father to look the fool as well, as so many other commercials too numerous to mention.

You should put out a contest to see who can submit the most offending ( to white men) commercials. It would make for an interesting evening of viewing. I always point out to my grandchildren that these commercials are rude and obnoxious, as well as unfair to fathers.”

“On another “Commercial Note” I have been looking out for the “Jewish Tax” on products and it is insidious. Everything we buy has either a COR or MK or K stamp on it. What a racket that is.”

“I’ve watched the NFL with my father for over 20 years. In that time, we have seen countless commercials with the same concept. ‘Smart’ Black guy — ‘dumb’ White guy. One of the most memorable ones being Nike’s commercial of a deranged NFL referee (played by Dennis Hopper) sniffing a Black football player’s sneaker out of reverence.


I would get so irritated every time my father started cursing those commercials out. Internally, I was calling him ignorant, racist, idiot.   Man, the ways of the elderly…. sorry, dad.

“Thank you for the article on Scotia Bank and the commercials ridiculing Whites. Over the years, I’ve read ominous warnings from South Africans to White Americans. They have stated repeatedly that what is happening to White Americans is what happened to them. And that eventually the Blacks turned on them, and they are now brutally murdering Whites.”

“The Nazis did the same thing to the Jews; they demoralized them to the point that they could not fight back. That’s why it’s important to stop watching TV and shun magazines. The media just demoralizes Whites into non-action.”

“I recently woke up to the “anti (White) male” rhetoric in media and the Scotiabank ones are pathetic. Thanks for putting this article out. Many of my female associates are waking up as well.

They also feel that this male-bashing in media is destructive and anti-hetro/family values. The amazing end result is that many of these women now feel that career DOES NOT come first and most think a woman should be home with the children and taking care of home “business”. Society would be a much better place if this were the case.”

“In the Staples office supply commercials, the geeky, flighty feminized White guy is saved by the cool confident woman and a racial minority. And don’t forget ‘Mayhem’, the White troublemaker in the All State Insurance commercials, while you are being served by the suave, Black sales representative.”

“From the start people paid for their own brainwashing. First with nickel movie tickets and penny popcorn, and now with hundred plus dollars per month for satellite and cable TV subscriptions.”

Why not cancel the subscription and tell them to shove it. I can’t believe people continue to pay to be spit upon and mocked by programmers.”

“When two people quarrels, a third rejoices. Therefore the Illuminati bring millions of immigrants from completely different cultures to Europe and North America.

Paris 2005 or London 2011 showed that multi-culturalism doesn t work.  Also Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron were compelled to admit this last year. There is not one example in history that different cultures can peacefully co-exist together in one country.”

“TPTB plans to bring 50 million Africans to Europe

“France is in 30 years a islamic republic http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/5994047/Muslim-Europe-the-demographic-time-bomb-transforming-our-continent.html

“A demographic shift is like a avalanche. In the beginning it is very slow and then gets faster and faster. Even if all western families have 2.2 children per family, the population will decline in the next 25 years. “

“Freemasons and Muslim Brotherhood are working together to transform the Western World. The goal is balkanization and to reverse the accomplishments of the Age of Enlightenment.”

“You have definitely put your finger on an important phenomenon. It’s becoming so common to see ‘stupid’ White people and then ‘brilliant, helpful’ (racial) minorities in commercials. Just easing the path to our displacement and worse.”

YORK Region (adjacent to TORONTO)  does a superb job at celebrating our DISPLACEMENT, too!

…as did their former Police Chief …>:   https://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/anti-white-police-hiring/


Note the ANTI-white themes and promotion of race-mixing.


Parody (noun) : “a literary or musical work (or TV commercial) in which the style of an author or work … is closely imitated for comic effect … or in ridicule”

The audio is real, but the video scenes are seen as the parody.


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Are you still brainwashed by those false Orwellian and nonsensical slogans asserting that “Diversity is Our Strength“?

“Multiculturalism” is an artificial description used to describe Multi-Racialism which is a planned and sinister strategy designed to destabilize White western countries by promoting mass 3rd world immigration. And, unfortunately, it’s working!

White western nations seem to be simultaneously invaded by  incompatible NON-white peoples (in concert with their various “religions”) from diverse 3rd-world countries around the world.

Whether during times of good, or bad economic climates, this relentless invasion has been the theme for over 4 decades. You won’t find China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria or numerous other NON-white countries agitating for change and “diversity” in their respective peoples. That should be a clue to any rational-thinking person who believes something is “not quite right” in our own White western nations.

It took centuries of wars, blood, sweat and tears for tribal fiefdoms and kingdoms to morph into individual European nation-states that eventually became world economic power-houses by their own initiatives.

[One example: Can SWEDEN Survive Multi-racialism?]

So … why introduce poor, incompatible 3rd world immigrants to today’s  successful European-based countries on such a massive scale…. unless, the primary objective is to create chaotic conditions that disrupts the natural equilibrium of a homogeneous nation??

Now, let’s look at one small European nations’s strong WHITE homogeneous force consisting of ONE People, ONE Culture, ONE Race, and ONE Language united in their national song … as seen in this video.

Note: The audio ceases during the last 30 seconds at 4:28

[P.S. From the under-counted 7,000,000,000 (but more likely 8 Billion) people on earth, the total percentage (%) of WHITE people is….?   Answer.]


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White South Africans Denied Jobs

Africa, Crime, Media Relations, Multi-Culti, N.W.O., Politics, Race, racism, South Africa, Welfare


TENS of thousands of skilled Afrikaner (WHITE South African) workers are forced to search for food, and sleep on the streets of Pretoria – the city of their forefathers. With Black-ruled South Africa’s bevy of ANTI-White laws, the ruling A.N.C. (African National Congress) regime DENIES White people ALL the means of survival such as jobs, food-aid, etc.   [Just one probable result! -Ed]

Updated to February, 2018 (The situation has gotten much worse!)

Afrikaner Whites have become strangers and outcasts in their own land. They are denied rights to food-aid, denied government welfare benefits, and especially denied access to the job market.

[More restrictions HERE.]

… the A.N.C. (African National Congress) regime has created genocidal laws denying Whites all means of survival in South Africa … the land of their birth.

Many tens of thousands of skilled, but “legally” unemployed teachers, medical workers, municipal workers, electronic-engineers, mining engineers, IT-specialists and office workers are NOT allowed to work in South Africa — because of their paler complexion.

[Read:  In Defense of Pale Males]

[Whites] are barred by the LAW from the labour market because of the ethnic group they belong to, and the language they speak. Military-analyst Pieter Oosthuizen, author of the book about the Afrikaner Genocide – has been keeping a detailed record of the ongoing genocide of his people. >-Source

View – Streets of famine: The Genocide of Afrikaners
View – Farmitracker

[ELN Editor’s Note:

We keep posting stories on the plight of South African White people because the western MSM (mainstream media) has turned a “blind eye” and abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity whenever this subject matter is exposed to the light of day.

Also read:  Did YOU Know?

Ask yourself this question: How often have you read of a western newspaper condemning the genocidal acts being committed against White South African citizens, or more specifically, singular White farmers and/or families murdered weekly?  That would be NEVER!

In contrast, count the many times per day that ISRAEL (Population: 5 million) gets your attention in the (MSM) mainstream media! The nation of South Africa has a population of 60,000,000 people.

WHITE South Africans — whose forefathers successfully invented and built that nation’s modern infrastructure from the ground up — are the minority race at about 9% of the total population. The Black population in South Africa increased by an astonishing 920% in only 100 years, mainly due to White farmers and western infrastructure, a new report from the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) has revealed.

South Africa’s Black government has sanctioned Anti-White LAWS designed to murder, starve, degrade and humiliate the remaining Whites who are still able (or unable) to survive in their own country, and whose RACIST government edicts are implemented to work AGAINST White citizens because of their race.

Afrikaner MentalitySouth Africanaffirmative action”  laws are meant to enhance job seeking opportunities for the majority Black population only. Highly skilled and competent minority White citizens need not apply!

Strangely, we never hear the word “racism” uttered under these dire circumstances. That out-dated smear word was only consigned to White people.

This Blog has now adopted the credo “ANTI-White”, and we encourage you to do the same. Incidentally, the entire world’s White minority population is rated at only 8% when matched against the exploding NON-white populations of the other 92%.

We have affirmative action/employment equity laws in North America that FAVOR racial minorities at the expense of our own diminishing White population in United States & Canada.

Imagine … the world-wide condemnation IF our White western governments had passed legally sanctioned laws preventing Black people from gaining access to social welfare benefits, food sources and necessary jobs on the basis of being racially defined as Black.

And further imagine, since 1994 of having over 3,150 Black farmers and family members murdered on their own Black-run farms in North America, and with the tacit approval of White governments.

Those events and more — are actually taking place in South Africa today — EXCEPT the murder victims — and other victims of racial oppression — are real WHITE people.

A White farmer is more likely to be MURDERED on his farm than to die of old age.

“About 50 people on average are murdered in South-Africa per day …of which at least 20 [people] are WHITES (95% black on white murder rate).

The minority WHITE people are only 9% (4 500 000) of the demographics in South-Africa and therefore the White murder rate in South-Africa is quite significant. (read more – warning: contains pictures of violently murdered children and grown-ups.)”


[UPDATE: — More employment restrictions place on White South Africans — HERE.


Radio program Monica Stone on the Truth about South Africa.

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Expose their MSM cover-ups, deliberate omissions, obfuscations and general dis-information which has always been their standard modus operandi.

Bloggers have the opportunity of developing a critical mass of citizen journalists dedicated to truth and honesty in news reporting from which the MSM would have no other choice, but to “follow suit“, especially if more readers demand to be informed of the Truth, and nothing but the Truth.  Here’s an excellent “deciphering tool” aimed directly at the New York Times.

“Bloggers are in an entirely different position: They tend to be mavericks who work for free, and operate far from the sources of power. Feeling no need to ingratiate themselves with the movers and shakers of industry and government, they simply tell it like it is from where they sit as concerned, informed citizens with diverse areas of expertise. Though they don’t often have professional training as journalists, many of them exceed professional journalistic standards, because they answer to their consciences alone rather than to corporate honchos and fund managers. We need to hear from such people, and the fact that there are more Blogs out there worth reading than anyone has time to read … is a hopeful sign.”


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Visible Minorities of CanadaThe above pie-chart is outdated. As of October, 2014 consider Canada’s White proportion to be much reduced to about 77% … or slightly above 3/4 of this chart.

Immigration Watch Canada presents two news stories.

One story is from Canada’s Macleans magazine. It states that the United Nations has criticized Canada for using the term “visible minority”. According to the U.N. (whose members vastly over-represent NON-whites), that term implies that White people (84% of Canadians) are the standard. (Obviously, eh?!  -Editor)

The U.N. has ordered Canada to appear in Geneva in 2012 before its Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

This is one more absurd example of how organizations like the U.N., including Canadian” groups who support high immigration and multiculturalism…… have conspired to undermine Canada’s sovereignty and ignore Canadian historical facts.


France and Britain invented modern Canada….. and Canada’s European-based majority population has the right to set Canada’s national policy on immigration, and all other matters.  It is also clear that this is an effort to have Canada bend to the demands of Canada’s immigration industry, and to some recent immigrants and their politically-correct supporters.

In addition, this example again, shows how diversity programs all across Canada, and the visible minority section of the Employment Equity Act, (Affirmative Action) allow visible minorities to jump to the front of the employment queue.

As has been demonstrated, there was never justification for including “visible minorities” in Employment Equity legislation. In fact, many of the people referred to as “visible minorities” should never have been brought to Canada. Bringing them into Canada was a very serious mistake. Giving them preference for (Canadian) jobs only compounded the mistake. Diversity hiring and the Employment Equity section for visible minorities should be terminated.

European Youths Fighting Back To Save THEIR Heritage

The other news story is from the Center for Immigration Studies in the United States. It describes how some immigrants have abused affirmative action legislation to acquire highly profitable government contracts and have become very wealthy. (“Affirmative Action” was intended to protect American blacks and aboriginals, and is similar to Canada’s Employment Equity Act.)

Immigrants have also used the same affirmative action laws to secure entry to post-secondary institutions, “particularly in a time of high unemployment, shrinking government spending, and cutthroat competition for entrance to elite colleges and universities”. –continued HERE.

7,500,000,000 people inhabit our world. What percentage (%) of those people are NON-white? ANSWER.


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