Start Your Own News Blog

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It’s FREE, and it’s EASY, and does not require a private hosting service or domain name!

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs (WeB-Logs) currently floating around cyberspace, and you could easily become a citizen journalist. Obviously, we prefer using WordPress with its 400+ available themes, but there is also Blogspot, TypePad, LiveJournal, Moveable Type. (Note: WordPress has no affiliation to this short essay, other than we appreciate using their service)

Choose a theme of your choice and start writing. If your writing skills fall short of your expectations, then ‘cut & paste‘ the written works of other writers with whom you have something in common. But give credit to the original writer with an added link to the source, and remain within the boundaries of “fair use” copyright laws … if noted.

Keep your posts concise so readers don’t wander off-course due to reading boredom. Having posted over 1000 items on this Blog alone,  new or seasoned Bloggers may re-publish any material found here … whether in whole, or in part. (Archives – in the sidebar)

The Internet has become a precious tool in spreading news and information that is not necessarily sanctioned by governments, nor by their own private tool – the MSM (newspapers, magazines, television, radio). If governments misappropriate their authority (past history proves this premise) at some future date, then ordinary citizen bloggers could find themselves denied Internet access for any excuse of their choosing.

So empower yourself — NOW — by circumventing the mind-numbing plethora of mainstream gibberish — and start your own news service while you still can!

Begin locally with a title containing your own hamlet, town, region or city in your blog title, e.g. — (Click at the bottom of this page to get you started). A hungry audience awaits your truth-telling stories without the added ‘spin’ embedded by mainstream media “journalists“.

MSM newspapers often take the low road of political correctness by skirting around major issues by repeatedly filling their news columns and sporting events with superfluous dross that is designed to numb your mind. For example, reading about London’s recent (Black) race riots, or U.S. flash (Black) mobs erupting across several cities is seemingly glossed over while “the elephant” sits squarely in the room for all to see … but never acknowledged. (e.g. “Teens”, “youths” = Who?)

Expose their MSM cover-ups, deliberate omissions, obfuscations and general dis-information which has always been their standard modus operandi.

Bloggers have the opportunity of developing a critical mass of citizen journalists dedicated to truth and honesty in news reporting from which the MSM would have no other choice, but to “follow suit“, especially if more readers demand to be informed of the Truth, and nothing but the Truth.  Here’s an excellent “deciphering tool” aimed directly at the New York Times.

“Bloggers are in an entirely different position: They tend to be mavericks who work for free, and operate far from the sources of power. Feeling no need to ingratiate themselves with the movers and shakers of industry and government, they simply tell it like it is from where they sit as concerned, informed citizens with diverse areas of expertise. Though they don’t often have professional training as journalists, many of them exceed professional journalistic standards, because they answer to their consciences alone rather than to corporate honchos and fund managers. We need to hear from such people, and the fact that there are more Blogs out there worth reading than anyone has time to read … is a hopeful sign.”


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