Protect Your Fragile National Heritage

WHY do Euro-White countries keep their floodgates open to 3rd-world immigrants when so many Canadians, Irishmen, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, British or other Europeans are unemployed or under-employed??


Frankly, the reasons are NOT about jobs, nor growing our economy, nor replacing the aging workers, nor “helping” poor nations! But, those are the untenable reasons falsely given for maintaining mass NON-white immigration into our predominately White nations.

In a nutshell … the real purpose is to dis-empower White Christian majorities in their White homogeneous nations for the sole purpose of ushering in the “New World Order“.

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...
March for ILLEGAL immigrant amnesty in downtown Los Angeles, California – May Day, 2006.

The more squabbling, the more dis-united, and the more racially incompatible we become … then, all that much better for the hidden rulers who manage this agenda. It’s much easier to divide and rule them (“Order out of Chaos” – Masonic motto) when incompatible foreigners are introduced into stable, White majority countries.

The constant prattle about “employment” and “economic statistics” is just smoke and mirrors used to distract people away from the real goal — which is racial and religious strife at any cost!  (Look around you at the ever increasing chaos surrounding you today, compared to the relative domestic peace we experienced up to about 30 years ago.)

To make mass 3rd world, NON-white immigration more attractive and thus more easily acceptable, several “fringe benefits” were attached to the package to help entice the various elements (politics, business, religious, ethnic, and gullible college students) into compliance.

Those “benefits” serve to lure the unsuspecting ‘sheeple‘ into lending their unbridled support for their own suicide mission, and thus leading them to their own DISPLACEMENT.

First, a TEST case was needed


One example of that notion — affirmative-action (“employment-equity” in Canada) —

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...
Illegal Immigrant “rights” movement, Los Angeles, CA – 2006

– and suddenly you W.H.A.Ms know what displacement means when your ability to earn an income is in jeopardy.

I agree with the definition of some multi-culti horn blowers as being “emotionallyafflicted fanatics“.

But that description only applies to the lower-level ‘Useful Idiots  or “social justice warriors” who have been indoctrinated to the cause“. They turn against their own people, including “racist” family members and friends harboring divergent viewpoints from their own.

Those Leftist/liberal fools would be attracted to any trendy fad. They need a cause just for living, and have no idea they’ve been thoroughly brainwashed with meaningless slogans such as “diversity is strength“, or the joys of diversity and other such brain-numbing drivel.

English: Chinatown Toronto Spadina Avenue Sull...
TORONTO, Canada 2009

These Orwellian mantras are repeatedly broadcast into receptive minds — and many sheeple — actually believe these tailor-made lures used to snare the unwitting dupes amongst us. The city of Toronto has even adopted one those phrases for its own use.

However, the sinister ideologues and master manipulators — the real power people who operate behind the scenes, — and who orchestrate social trends that control those “Useful Idiots” (their words) … are by no means wacky or “socially progressive” themselves. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.


Do not underestimate your sinister enemy! This vast worldwide immigration destruction that we see happening before our eyes every day could not be so well planned, so thought-out in every detail, and so impressively effective as it is… if conceived by deranged lunatics.

Dumbing us down!

The new world orderlies are destroying White majorities in every nation where homogeneous Whites reside. This White population reduction would severely reduce any threat or resistance to the cabal’s hidden agenda.

Unfortunately, the Master Slavers are succeeding with their plans, and they’re aided & abetted by the targeted, unaware White people themselves!

The same power-brokers who led a successful 40-year campaign to topple America’s Eurosourced (1965) immigration laws were not preoccupied, nor cared one whit about job issues, nor national labor “shortages“. No, the end goal is diluting the White majority population into mis-aligned, fractured units that serve their purposes well enough. The U.S. White majority population has declined from about 90% in 1960… to LESS than 63%  today, and soon to 60% White.

CANADA introduced its own official “multiculturalism” (multi-racialism) program, and Australia abandoned its “White Only” policies during the 1970s. These divergent racial policies were forced upon the nation’s people — not for any benefit of those countries — but simply to create disorder in the lead-up to the cabal’s  “New World Order“.

To reiterate…  this unprecedented, nation-destroying phenomenon described as mass 3rd world immigration into predominately White-Euro nations has NOTHING to do with employment statistics or job creation, and never will be (although cheap 3rd-world labor is an added benefit to seduce the owner class); and baffled people striving to understand this ongoing mass 3rd world onslaught in terms of employment… are simply barking up the wrong tree.

There is NO answer to be found there. Wake up, people! That false trail is NOT what this whole NON-white immigration disaster is all about!

Illegal Immigrant rights protest in the US/Mex...
ILLEGAL Alien “rights??” protest in the US/Mexico border in Tijuana

It’s YOUR displacement that really matters to them.

Ask yourself this question. How was it possible for White-Euro countries to have managed successful economies without the “benefit” of 3rd world immigration before now?? About half the world’s population is illiterate, and live on less than two dollars per day.

Yet, imported 3rd world foreigners have also been duped into believing  they’re here to  “help us grow” already fully-developed economies in European-based nations! These are the ludicrous excuses used to usher in through Canada’s door — for example — a minimum of 5,000 new immigrants week after week since 1990!

The United States has a mass influx of over one million LEGAL immigrants, plus another million ILLEGAL migrants who cross into to U.S. every year!

That Orwellian illogic makes no sense when many 3rd world hell-holes are struggling to advance their own economies, and that is after exporting our western technology plus our generous monetary aid to their corrupt governments.

Immigrants to Canada cost Canadian tax-payers an astounding $23,000,000,000 (Billion) per year. Immigrants receive that amount in service requirements (e.g. welfare payments, hospital care, etc.) over and above what these foreign arrivals actually pay in taxes.

If Canada was a company that was forced to hire well-over 300,000 “employees” per year just to add to the excess surpluses from previous yearsthen where are the benefits to the “company”? 

If the “company”  books declare a consistent net loss due to excess labour… then it should immediately close its doors and declare bankruptcy! There’s no logical business reason to remain open when the “company” suffers a consistent net financial LOSS of upwards to $35 BILLION year after year. But that’s how our immigration “system” works.

Over four decades ago, Feminism was growing in accordance to rules of destroying the family unit, and White Western nations were duped into accepting the “Zero-population Growth” (ZPG) mantra aimed directly at White women to stop birthing more White babies. Gullible feminist dupes took a leading role in helping to shatter our women’s confidence of raising a family of her own people.

At the same, the immigrant floodgates were pushed wide open to encourage 3rd world nations to emigrate their vast numbers to our traditional White nations!

Our hidden rulers (not elected politicians beholden to their masters) initiated this process of importing a more dumbed-down, and more manageable disunited populace in our once-thriving, and stable homogeneous nations. This agenda has been in the planning stages for at least 100 years… read about “A Racial Program for the 20th Century“. 

Mass 3rd-World Immigration is GENOCIDE Against European White Nations 

Racial diversity DESTROYS unity … if you’ve not already concluded that fact yourself!”  –Browser


[ Visible Minorities (NON-Whites) of CANADA, 1981-2016 Stats Canada]

(EXCLUDED are 5% Native Indians in this graph)


WHITE Canadians are plummeting in population numbers in direct proportion to the INCREASING influx of NON-white immigrants from 3rd world countries.

WhiteEuro CANADIANS are now LESS than 73% of Canada‘s population in 2016– and continues to spiral downwards every month — to the glee of some foreigners!

( )


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  1. Ok, I found it, and I’ve typed up the segment, just for interest, which gives us his beginnings (described by the man himself) who is now openly calling for Canada to support world government at the UN.

    Source: Warren Allmand Marches On 17 May 2009 Actualites – News CDN-NDG,


    “Allmand joined the Young Liberals as a freshly minted lawyer at a time when Quebec was growing impatient with the traditionalist pro-rural, anti-union policies of Maurice Duplessis’ Union Nationale government. Allmand worked on the 1960 campaign that brought Jean Lesage to power and heralded the Quiet Revolution.

    “The Liberals were putting together a fabulous team, which had René Lévesque when he was still with the Liberals, and Eric Kierans, Paul Gérin-Lajoie, and they beat the Union Nationale. That was the ‘Maîtres chez nous’ government so they were very reformed.”

    Lesage’s government ushered in major social, political and economic changes in Quebec, starting with the separation of Church and State. It was only a beginning for Allmand. In the federal election of 1962, he became president of the Young Liberals and helped defeat a Conservative cabinet minister in NDG. He would go on to win the Liberal seat himself in NDG in the election of 1965 and eight others after it, and become Canada’s Solicitor General from 1972-76. During that time, he was in charge of the bill to abolish the death penalty, which passed by six votes.

    “People say that we never got anything done, but actually if I look at the time when I first got into politics as a Young Liberal in 1959, then I got elected in 1965 and I stayed in parliament until 1997, a little over 31 years, the changes are stupendous,” he says.

    “We passed Medicare in 1968; we passed the official languages act making English and French official languages at the federal level, we passed the Constitution with the Charter of Rights, we introduced the POLICY of multiculturalism, we passed the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

    “Unemployment insurance was greatly improved, public housing programs. When I was first elected there was no department of the environment, no environmental legislation, no consumer legislation, I became the minister of Consumer Affairs.”

    – – –

    I capitalized the word “policy” because it is a basic feature of our constitutional law that no political party and no government has any power to implement POLICIES contrary to the Constitution. Canada was and is LEGALLY a quasi-legislative federation. That means we have ONE political nation under the central Parliament and a federation of Provincial Legislatures. The purpose of the Constitution of 1867 was to provide a permanent LOCAL Legislature for the benefit and preservation of the founding colonies, who considered themselves each quite distinct and entitled to conduct their own local affairs according to their own views and sentiments without interference.

    Multiculturalism is a very different system. It is a blatant attack upon the founding peoples of Canada and their right to exist under the constitutional protection of legal federalism. Multiculturalism is clearly an unconstitutional interference: the whole concept of “accommodation” proves this. The founding peoples are now under a dictatorship which nags and requires them to alter their views and sentiments through so-called “reasonable accommodation” although there is nothing “reasonable” in being to being told by outsiders to alter who you are, how you live, and what your views should be in order to suit them, and only them.

    I think I could fairly say that multiculturalism is the re-colonization of Canada for purposes not envisioned by the Founders. It is certainly not capable of being legally added to the Constitution, as it is in direct opposition to it.

    K. Moore

  2. “Useful idiots”: Former Liberal federal MP, Warren Allmand (a man who in a separate print news item I don’t have handy takes credit for pushing the Liberal policy of multiculturalism in Canada decades ago), is President of the Wold Federalist Society, Canada. In the December 8, 2011 EMBASSY.MAG he urges:

    “Canada should push for a UN parliamentary assembly”

    The subnote says:

    “A strengthened United Nations where all voices can be heard is imperative. But to be heard, these voices must come not only from government functionaries but also from representatives of people.”

    Considering the fact that academics such as Professor John Fonte, whom I translated recently into English points out that globalization is “post-democratic”; and also in view of LeMonde, a French EU journal online which nonchalantly declares the EU is becoming increasingly “depoliticized”, invitations to join in global “democracy” with an elected world government, can be only spurious at best, and most certainly trojan horse brought to you by the same people who bombed Libya, bombed Iraq, are planning to bomb Syria and Iraq… all in the beneficent name of “democracy”.

    Canada should push for a UN parliamentary assembly
    By Warren Allmand
    Published Dec 8, 2011 6:58 PM

    EMBASSY MAG has a tab just for the topic of “Immigration” which is worth checking out. They start by bragging about the (foreign) ethnic “diversity” of MPs in Canada’s parliament.

    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union

  3. I have actually gotten away from the whole Jewish conspiracy thing lately. I know they’re over-represented amongst leftist causes, but I think one of the key drivers of leftism has been Puritan-descended Anglos. Occidental Dissent has been on a real tear lately discussing the Yankee role in abolition, well before there were Jews on the continent. Similarly, you will find the whitest of white Wasps at the heights of leftism, and all the way down the ladder. The new puritanism isn’t about God. It’s about showing piety through recycling and multiculturalism.

    I am currently reading “The Wasp Question”. It examines and fleshes out this theory.

    1. You’ll have to follow your nose wherever it leads you, but I wouldn’t entirely discount the massive influence “the tribe” has over many segments of society. I’m not an authority on the “Jewish question”, so I take my lead from those who’ve done in-depth studies on this subject matter.

      Frank Weltner, a former American librarian runs the website that contains a plethora of information. (a Jew) from Winnipeg, also offers good quality research material from a wide perspective. You may be aware of these websites, so I only offer them up here for the other readers’ benefit. is also another “eye-opener”.

      Reaching back to the earlier part of the 20th century, we have knowledgeable insider Jews named Benjamin Freedman and Myron Fagan, (google their names) who, both and independently from each other, exposed crucial facts of this matter. Freedman’s 1961 speech at a U.S. hotel is an especially compelling read.

      Another point of interest that has always puzzled me, is the serious lack of public knowledge among Gentiles (or “goyim”) that relate to those little Rabbinical symbols placed on almost every piece of processed food (canned and packages), and, non-food items on supermarket shelves. Some of those printed symbols are COR, MK, K and dozens of others. Those manufactured items have been designated “Kosher”, but we all have the privilege of paying this “Jewish tax”. It may only amount to a penny, but considering the tens of billions of items sold every year, that penny could multiply into billion$ of dollars going into Jewish coffers.

  4. Was about to discuss the (not so)”hidden” rulers, who are intent on drowning Whites in this immigration-racket rising tide of color. Just occured to me you live in the land of Bronfman, and I wouldn’t want the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (ZOGestapo) attacking this fine site. Another time.

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