Canada’s Black Population

Changing Canada 


Canadians were NOT asked to be DISPLACED!   “My country was once my home. Today, Canada consistently imports 3rd-world poverty from around the world and has become an international flophouse offering free lodgings & meals to priority NON-white immigrants  … and they expect me to serve as their waiter. No thanks!

3rd-world IMMIGRANTS are a burdensome cost that drain Canadian taxpayers of over $23,000,000,000 (BILLION$) per year!!

 PART 1  (Some quick facts from the past.)

The  1951  Census  detailed  the ethnic  and  racial  composition  of  Canada which  included  in- total  6,709,685  British Isles (White)  plus  6,872,889  “Other”  European (White),  72,827  Asiatic,   165,607   Native   Indian/Eskimo  and only 18,020  Negroes   out of  Canada’s  total  population of  14,009,429   people.   

…. CANADA  was overwhelmingly   WHITE   European     and    comprised     approximately   98%   of     our   population.        >Source:

Twenty years later, the 1971 census enumerated 34,400 BLACKS out of 22 MILLION people, or just .0016% of CANADA’s entire population!

Canada’s 95% WHITE majority population — until 40 years agowas still the dominate racial group before mass 3rd-world, NON-white immigrants began flooding into our homogeneous nation.

TORONTO in 1968.  No “joys of diversity” in those days!. (C.N.E. – no sound)

TORONTO – 40 years ago

Metro TORONTO’s population 97% White in 1971. (NO daily shootings, NO home invasions, NO car-jacking, NO street gangs, very rare street muggings and maybe 10 murders per year (usually domestic-related).   Yorkville St. Toronto – 1967

TORONTO’s Black population was a fractional .003 percent (one-third of 1 %) by the mid-1970s.  Black pedestrians on Toronto’s well-known Yonge Street were a rare sight — except for the occasional Black American tourist.

1972  > 97% “Lily-White” TORONTO.  Looking north on Yonge St.

(TODAYTORONTO’s Black immigrants and their progeny have exploded to 8.5% of Canada’s largest city.

(UPDATE 2016: City of TORONTO’s WHITE population is now LESS than 49%. This DISPLACEMENT trend will NOT ease until the Federal government shuts the door to NON-white immigrants. That won’t happen, so Canada’s suicidal multi-racial experiment spells doom to the original European races who founded, built and developed all of Canada’s prosperous cities and towns.)

BLACKS now account for vast increases in violent crimes as seen in TORONTO’s crime index figures, in our court systems, and in our prison populations. Canadians become responsible for the BILLION$ spent on this immigration fiasco.

Starting off the year in January 2016, the prevailing crime trend continues unabated with the usual hand-wringing, guilt-ridden platitudes of “what can we WHITE people do to rectify a Black community problem“? To answer that silly question: WE CAN’T. Has ANY U.S. city ever managed to achieve that goal??

Read: Importing Black Violence (Canada))

Look what has happened to TORONTO, Ontario!

BLACK man kills two and wounds several others at TORONTO’s crowded downtown Eaton Centre – 2012

TORONTO’s Black crime rate is such a major problem that another Blogger could fill his/her day by reporting the daily occurrences.  They could start here:

(Update to May, 2016: Canada’s prison population 10% BLACK.

More news:


 U.S. Black on White Crime – Facts & Figures – WARNING: Coarse Language

In the United States — “Reality is that 52.5% of (ALL) homicides in America are committed by BLACKS, usually by Black males 18 to 49 years old who’re just 4% of the U.S. population! That statistic comes from the Department of Justice (FBI)”.   (this is the grammatical shortened version) >Source

Just so you know!

“At Those Who Can See, we recently postulated that in a Euro society, Afros on average need stronger social controls than other groups in order to conform to Euro behavioral norms.

Where these controls are tightest, such as a slavery system, black criminality will be lowest; and where such controls are loosest, Black criminality will be very high. We also hypothesized that when a new freedom or right is obtained by Afros, a statistically significant percentage of them will ‘act out‘ in response, in ways that include antisocial and criminal behavior.”

See:  Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada?

Kiyan Prince, whose death in May 2006 has brou...

Just to reiterate … from 1971 to 2006 — Canada’s Black population jumped from 34,400 to a whopping 783,795 Black foreigners … an astounding increase of 2300% in just 35 years! 

Blacks now account for 2.2 % of Canada’s population … and over one-half are foreign immigrants.   Also … given their excessive and gratuitous exposure on TV, print advertising and government photo displays, etc., the Black’s overrated minority 2.2% status … is vastly out of proportion to our 84% White majority.

[Update for 2013:  Black people now account for 2.9 percent (1 million of 35 Million total population) after the 2011 Canada Demographic figures were released.

Euro-Canadian population plummets: currently down to 77% of Canada’s population, vastly reduced from the 95th percentile from three decades ago! … and much to the joy of some emboldened racial-minorities .]   Read:  “Useful Idiots”

Canada’s Native Indians are seldom seen on television … yet “just-arrivedBlacks (2.2%) are always  liberally over-represented in Canadian TV commercials and TV entertainment … including their token Black TV newsreaders. The same gratuitous racial inclusions occur in American television, and on European TV programs.  Read: More Mass-Media Manipulation

Let’s look briefly at the IQ (Intelligent Quotient) of different races to determine whether Black immigrants and their progeny are a benefit, or an encumbrance to Canada’s future. The obvious distinction should be a “no-brainer” to most (thinking) people’s abilities… except for those who nobly refer to themselves as “anti-racists” (ANTI-WHITE).  One example to help form an opinion.

Jared Taylor’s partial video on race IQ

A complete turnaround from compatible immigrant European-based sources to incompatible 3rd-world countries occurred without any viable explanation … nor with the consent of Canadians! [See: The Betrayal of Canada]

Before proceeding to Part 2 … bookmark these up-to-date websites, and be prepared for some naked Truth-Telling:


U.S. BLACK Crime 1900-1964

Part Two

Canada’s RACE REPLACEMENT policies gained momentum in the 1970s with the introduction of “Zero Population Growth” (ZPG) aimed specifically at White Canadian parents for purposes of reducing our own birth numbers … while simultaneously opening up themulticultural” flood-gates to NON-white, 3rd world immigrants!

Update 2017:  CANADAs diminishing WHITE-majority population is down to 72% for 2017. That’s a HUGE and unnatural reduction from our once-held 95% Majority-White in 1981 in our own country! (Over 300,000 added FOREIGNERS take up residence in our nation … EVERY YEAR.) The term “VisibleMinority in Canadian parlance refers only to NONwhite people.
Native Indians” are separated from this designation, and account for yet, another 5% of Canada’s population. Learn more >> HERE.


[ WHITE Canadians DECLINE in population numbers in direct proportion to INCREASING influxes of NON-white immigrants. Allowing eight (8) MILLION additional foreigners into our country in just 35 years, is one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians. NON-whites (not including Native Indians) now exceed 22% of Canada‘s population, dramatically REDUCING our WHITE proportion to just 72%. We WERE about 95%around 1980. ]

con’t …

Before public protests could be mounted against this unwarranted, uninvited and unwanted racial transformation imposed on OUR nation, Canadians were pre-empted with a bevy of draconian restrictions.

Police officers and hockey fans in Toronto, Ca...
Police officers and hockey fans in Toronto, Canada celebrate the gold medal won by Canada’s ice hockey team at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Hate crime laws were suddenly enacted to thwart the expected opposition to this sinister plan. Their enforcement wing, the “human rights” tribunals (better known as Communist Show Trials in USSR) were designed to punish White Canadian dissenters opposing such unjust policies.

Political correctness” was embedded into the psyche of Canadians, lest we utter forbidden statements unapproved by the state.

ANTI-WHITE “employment equity” (or affirmative-action) policies were introduced to favour usually unqualified racial minorities in jobs and job promotions… at the expense of more qualified White Canadians. (Are YOU aware of how unemployed White South Africans are treated in their country?  Read HERE.)

Free speech was removed from our everyday conversation, except around the family’s kitchen table, and spoken only in hushed tones in today’s Sovietized Canada.

CANADIANS are experiencing a White racial crisis, yet forbidden to openly address this racial transformation carried under the deceptive term of “multiculturalism“.

European nations are under the same relentless 3rd-world immigrant infiltration, including the encouragement of miscegenation (race-mixing) by their leaders. To conclude of a conspiratorial attempt of White genocide by introducing tens of MILLIONS of NON-whites into our traditional White countries … is quite evidential and beyond debate.

Mass 3rd-World Immigration is GENOCIDE Against White Nations 

Canada’s population expansion of just some NON-whites between 2001-2006 (only 5 yrs.) with total numbers in brackets. (Note: For 2016, ALL these numbers have risen much higher since 2006.)

Latin American up 40.2% ( 304,245 )   South Asian up 37.7%  ( 1,262,865 )

Filipino up 33.1% ( 410,695 )     Southeast-Asian up 20.6%  ( 239,935 )

Blacks up 18.4% (783,795 )           Chinese up 18.2% ( 1,216,570 )

(In just 10 years — 1996 to 2006 — the Black population rapidly increased by 36.6%) (See: Canadian Immigration Policy Reform)

What are these unprecedented numbers telling White Canadians about OUR future in our OWN country of just 36,000,000 people?

Simple math says that WHITE Euro-Canadians are rapidly being DISPLACED by exploding numbers of imported NON-white foreigners and their progenies!

One exception to this race displacement trend are Canada’s Maritime Provinces, but for how much longer?? Read: Canada’s Happiest City and Why?

From a historical perspective, it was our European settler-ancestors who — through blood, sweat, and tears — tilled the soil and farmed the land, mined the minerals, built roadways, railways, harvested huge tracts of forests where our skyscrapers, subways and modern infrastructure now stand.

It was they, who later fought and died in European wars. After 1945 Canadian military survivors and their families continued to toil in factories and mines and forests while increasing our standard-of-living, and improving a social welfare-net designed for the benefit of their EuroCanadian families. Our gratitude rightfully belongs to our early English/French SETTLERS (not immigrants) — then followed by other White European generations and their tax-paying progenies — who successfully invented, built and managed a 1st-world nation called CANADA.

Read:  The Betrayal of Canada

(TODAY… we foolishly elect 3rd-world foreign-born minorities into political office who lecture White Canadians on our so-called “White privileges“. We also appoint immigrant Blacks to POLICE CHIEF positions plus other NON-white immigrants as chairman of our Police Boards to satisfy  ANTI-whiteaffirmative action” policies!

Be assured that White Europeans should feel no shame for all our gallant achievements in technology, science, medicine, etc, etc. See: It’s A Wonderful Race)

Many NON-white immigrants believe the leftist/liberal propaganda and lies that Canadians are in “desperate need of their help in building our country” because we’re incapable of managing our own affairs without them!

Canadian-born young people have difficulty finding jobs in Canada’s tight labour market, so why import MILLIONS of unskilled, uneducated and incompatible foreigners from 3rd-world countries to live amongst us??

English: Toronto view from CN tower. Picture f...
TORONTO, Ontario (from the CN tower)

News Flash:  CANADA is already over-built … and our 1st world status was an established fact LONG BEFORE all this unnecessary mass 3rd world immigration was imposed on us. (Lest there be doubt, see these 1950’s Photos depicting prosperous times in the United States, and by extension, Canada.  If a labour shortage truly did exist, does anybody ask why  U.S. citizens (325 Million) living just across our border are not considered for immigration?! Why import poor, incompatible foreigners from India, Pakistan, China, the Philippines or Jamaica??

[See: Score Card:  Immigrants 1, Canadians 0

Importing Jamaican “Culture”]

OUR social welfare plan was NOT intended to feed, clothe or shelter the world’s lying, cheating, and BOGUS refugees who take advantage of our foolish generosity. Nor were our welfare agencies intended to provide undeserving foreign interlopers with unearned monthly welfare payouts, nor free hospital care, nor free dental care at Canadian taxpayers’ expense. In fact, many immigrants/refugees enjoy Canadian living standards that are usually reserved for ‘Royalty’ in their own 3rd-world hell-holes.

English: German immigrants at Quebec City, Canada.

Circa 1910, German family arrive at Quebec City.
No welfare, no healthcare, no free housing.
Father went to work or the family went hungry!

In 1981 racial minorities (NON-whites) accounted for a manageable 4.7% of Canada’s entire population.

In 1991 their imported numbers had DOUBLED to 9.4%.

In 2001, racial minorities had again, stretched to 13.4%.

For the year 2011, imported (NON-whites) and their progeny had risen to 19.1% of Canada’s population. [Update to 2016: NON-whites now account for over 20% … and still rising.]

Are White-Euro Canadians now able to project the dismal prospects for their children and grandchildren? We are almost “past the point of no return” when official demographic figures are next released in 2016 and beyond.   >Source

“Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (just outside of Toronto)

 Spot the WHITE Students

In the next 20 years Canada’s immigration and institutionalized multiculturalism policies will have completely DESTROYED our once homogeneous nation.

Before WHITE Canadians are relegated to racial minority status in our own nation, the immigration doors MUST be slammed shut for the next two generations! 

Among the world’s 7,500,000,000 inhabitants, a whopping 92% are NON-white peoples! The remaining 8% White race is the true minority on this planet, so WHY do we relinquish our few European nation-states to them?

(For B.R.A. [Black-Run America], see HERE) [Also See: Blacks in the News! U.S. Black Racism]

Unfortunately, White identity politics is “heresy” in today’s brainwashed society… so, it’s debatable whether the massive colour tide swamping our European-based nations … can ever be reversed.


OUR RICH EUROPEAN ORIGINS are at serious risk inside our own borders! Just 2% of the World’s Population … are White women of child-bearing age.



… Speak your mind unabashedly, as this Englishman has done.


PHOTOS of 90% White U.S.A. … in the 1950s:

Also read:

“Useful Idiots”

If You’re Black, Go Back!

Happiest City In Canada

Is Burlington TOO White?

WHITE Males Need NOT Apply!


Canadian City Abhors “White Privilege”

Government Disloyal To Own Citizens

Canadians Duped On Multiculturalism

False Arguments Given For (“Needed”) Population Growth ************************************************************

How To Destroy A Nation 

WHITE Americans – An Endangered Species **********************************************

…(almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About BLACKS But Was Afraid to Ask.  Black School Principal Ousted From School *** Black Culture Retarding White Kids ** Stuff BLACK People Don’t Like *** 1868 Description of Negroes *** Black Racism *** Thug Report  *** Crime & Race *** Race, Crime & Media  *** Blacks Less Intelligent? *** More Fall-Out On Black IQ

“The effects of the absorption of the Black slaves has retarded Portugal’s history ever since. Today that country has long been acknowledged as the most backward country in Europe with an illiteracy rate of over 30%. The rapid decline of Portugal following the intake of the vast numbers of Black slaves mirrors her decline.” >Source

 “Racism” Is Not Sinful *** The Right To Discriminate *** Racial “Diversity” Is A Con Game  *** Multiculturalism – A Dividing Force *** Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada? *** ANTI-White Police Hiring  *** “Joys of Diversity”?? 

Sources: Statistics Canada



  1. Before the 1970s, Canada did not have a significant number of visible minorities. A near homogenous 98% White majority population speaks for itself — so mathematically speaking — the odds of finding any number of NON-whites who “served and fought for this land” are rather slim.

    However, I agree that powerful and influential Jewish interests are helping to dilute not only Canada’s White population, but also most European nations as well. If you’ve not viewed the video below, I highly recommend it. (In addition, this website – – is a good source of information.)

    The Fraser Institute estimates that immigrants are costing Canadian taxpayers $23,000,000,000 (billion) every year, so the question arises, why flood our country with millions of needless and incompatible foreigners?

    1. Unlike the U.S. southwest where the vast majority of illegal aliens have jumped border crossings by the hundreds of thousands (or millions?) for the last 2 or 3 decades, most of Canada’s NON-white immigrants arrived through legal channels, then sponsor the village from “back home”, and there begins the long chain of family migration.

      Canada also has its share of illegal immigrants whose numbers are unknown to me, but there are over 40,000 failed “refugees” still wandering our streets. These are documented foreigners who tried their luck with the “refugee” game and lost, and thus ordered out of the country, but decided to stay instead. Canada also has a so-called temporary work program (TWP) that allows a further couple of hundred thousand foreigners to do “temporary” work, but many don’t leave after their expiry date. We also have a so-called foreign “student” program (mostly 3rd world) where many decide to stay instead of returning home.

      Last year, a record high of 280,000 legal immigrants arrived in Canada during an economic downturn, but that didn’t slow the pace. Only 17% of those numbers actually pass the eligibility requirements for legal entry, and the balances are comprised of spouses, family members and other relatives.

      Our “refugee” program is considered a running joke around the world. Any foreign scamster uttering the mildest of sob stories could easily be granted refugee status, and, thus eligible to the identical rights (except voting) as any Canadian born here 65 years ago. In August last year, 492 Sri Lankans arrived in an old freighter, and naturally claimed “refugee” status. The Canadian gov’t was well aware of the ship’s impending arrival, but did nothing to prevent them docking in Vancouver. More million$ of tax-dollars down the drain since that episode began, and its still not finished.

      In other words, if you’re Black, Brown, or Yellow, simply claim “refugee” status. If White, you’re out of luck!

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