BLACKS In Holland

By Peter Stuyvesant

Until the 1970s … there was NO significant NEGRO presence in Holland.  

Map of the Caribbean Sea and its islands.
Caribbean Sea and its islands.

In the 1970s … the first (immigrant) wave came from Surinam (South America), then in the 1980s the second wave from the Antilles (the Caribbean), and in the 1990s the third wave from Somalia (Africa). 

Another foolish European nation paying the price for Liberalism.

Since elites in the media and academic world never tire of saying that “mass immigration is beneficial to the receiving country“, it is good to put this thesis to the test using publicly-available government sources, and applying it to the Negro migration.

In 2010 the research centre of Erasmus University of Rotterdam produced a report at the request of the Dutch government on the effects of public investment on the empowerment of (Black Caribbean) Antillean communities (141,000 immigrants) in Holland between 2005 and 2008.  [A side-issue about: Holland, Michigan USA]

The local projects did not yield ANY positive results, and in some cases the situation was even worse than before any government intervention. The main problems are broken families, school dropout, unemployment, and criminality.

[CANADA’s sad experience in:  Importing JAMAICAN “Culture” & Importing BLACK Crime]

[…]  One of the consequences … is that in 2008 there were 14 times (1,400%) more [Black] Antilleans in jail than Dutch natives, if the figures are corrected to reflect their ratio of the population. The over-representation of the Antilleans in jail compared to their crime rate is mainly the result of the brutal violence that is a hallmark of (Black Caribbean) Antillean criminals.

SOMALI refugees don’t fare any better than their Black brethren from the Caribbean.

muslims in holland1

The prospect of Somalis in Holland is so bleak, that the integration report mentioned above, tells us that the only “bright spot”  is that there are not so many of them!!   (22,000 foreign invaders in the Netherlands in 2009 is not a small number … Editor)

[ Another consistent SOMALI story: Shelbyville, Tennessee & Somalis ]

[…]  Forty percent (40%) of Somali males aged 15–64 have NO job … and as a result, they are registered as recipients of social welfare. The heavy reliance of broken families on social welfare is illustrated by the fact that 46% of Somali women rely on welfare.


Behavior, criminality and IQ

There has been a lot of investigation into the root causes of the failure of Negroid communities to achieve economic success.

[…]  The outcome was that more than half had an IQ of LESS than 85, indicating that their average IQ is below that of American Blacks (average 85 IQ) and implying that a substantial percentage (of the Blacks) are in the retarded range  (i.e., IQ < 70).


A glance at the world map with the average IQ per country indicates that this level of IQ is normal among Blacks in the Caribbean, with average IQ’s ranging between 80 and 85, but significantly even lower for Haiti, presumably because Haitians have relatively little admixture with Whites.


The groups are far more similar, than different:  both groups show the same Negroid culture of absent fathers, contempt for education, and a preference of criminality and idleness over work habits.

They are neither willing, nor able to make a contribution for the common welfare of Western countries. This should be a warning for advocates of Sub-Saharan (and Caribbean) immigration to America and Europe.  >to Full Report


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  1. Well, the blacks from Surinam and the Antilles at least come from Dutch colonial possessions, so have a claim to Dutch nationality. But the rest are from Africa!
    Gotta wonder, was just being black the new criteria for open borders immigration?

  2. Thanks. How do you resond when folks say that this is just hate against blacks? I always say that just because people are different, does not make them less human. And that God made all of us in his image. I also use the” The fast black folks are faster than the fastest white folks because they have a slightly different constructed leg muscle. So I guess as long as the differances make the black folks “better” than the whites are ok!

  3. What are some of the reasons for the low IQ’s? Is it just the simple fact that the dumber folks are being forced out of their home countries because they are a drain on the society? I know the Mexican government loves to send us their grunt laborers. They tend to be less educated and in need of more social services.

  4. I feel that nations should follow suite of the Prime Minister and Queen of Australia, where as their law of the land is.. If you are in this country illegally or migrate legally and you break a law, you are kicked out of the country. Also, they must not attempt to impose any pressure for their religion nor request any type of place of worship. Basically its Australias way or the highway.

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