A Sovereign Nation In Peril

Español: Bandera Hipotetica de la unión Nortea...
North American Union?


Contributed by Kathleen Moore



Useful idiot”: Former Liberal federal MP, Warren Allmand (a man who in a separate print news item http://www.mediafire.com/?dekqtahvp49cyy5, takes credit for pushing the Liberal policy of multiculturalism in Canada decades ago), is President of the World Federalist Society, Canada.

In the December 8, 2011 EMBASSY.MAG he urges:

Canada should push for a UN parliamentary assembly

The subnote says:

“A strengthened United Nations where all voices can be heard is imperative. But to be heard, these voices must come not only from government functionaries but also from representatives of people.”

Considering the fact that academics such as Professor John Fonte, whom I translated recently into English, points out that globalization is “post-democratic”; and also in view of LeMonde, a French EU journal online which nonchalantly declares the EU (European Union)  is becoming increasingly “depoliticized”, invitations to join in global “democracy” with an elected world government, can be only spurious at best, and most certainly a trojan horse brought to you by the same people who bombed Libya, bombed Iraq, are planning to bomb Syria and Iran… all in the beneficent name of “democracy”.

Canada should push for a UN parliamentary assembly
By Warren Allmand
Published Dec 8, 2011 6:58 PM


EMBASSY MAG has a tab just for the topic of “Immigration” which is worth checking out. They start by bragging about the (foreign) ethnic “diversity” of MPs (Members of Parliament) in Canada’s parliament.

Kathleen Moore

The Official Legal Challenge
To North American Union
Blog: http://habeascorpuscanadacomments.blogspot.com

Excerpted quote from Allmand: “We passed Medicare in 1968; we passed the official languages act making English and French official languages at the federal level, we passed the Constitution with the Charter of Rights, we introduced the POLICY of multiculturalism, we passed the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

I capitalized the word “policy” because it is a basic feature of our constitutional law that no political party and no government has any power to implement POLICIES contrary to the Constitution.

Canada was intended to, and still remains a LEGALLY quasi-legislative federation.

That means we have ONE political nation under the central Parliament and a federation of Provincial Legislatures. The purpose of the Constitution of 1867 was to provide a permanent LOCAL Legislature for the benefit and preservation of the founding colonies, who considered themselves each quite distinct and entitled to conduct their own local affairs according to their own views and sentiments without interference.

Multiculturalism is a very different system. It is a blatant attack upon the founding peoples of Canada and their right to exist under the constitutional protection of legal federalism. Multiculturalism is clearly an unconstitutional interference: the whole concept of “accommodation” proves this.

The founding peoples are now under a dictatorship which nags and requires them to alter their views and sentiments through so-called “reasonable accommodation”, although there is nothing “reasonable” in being  told by (foreign) outsiders to alter who you are, how you live, and what your views should be in order to suit them… and only them.

I think I could fairly say that multiculturalism is the re-colonization of Canada for purposes not envisioned by the Founders. It is certainly not capable of being legally added to the Constitution, as it is in direct opposition to it.

K. Moore


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