Will SWEDEN Save Itself?

Swedish Flag

The following appeal comes from a Swedish blogger who circumvents the MSM’s disinformation network  by alerting the general public in matters concerning the troubling immigrant question in today’s Sweden.

Similar to other White western countries, SWEDEN is under  invasion by incompatible 3rd world peoples … and NOT necessarily by choice! View this video below:

To be truly informed, the astute reader will ignore the brainwashing methods used by Swedish newspaper/television reports written by Swedish reporters who are taught to lead you astray from the core facts of the immigrant problems in this small country of only 9 million. Instead, we suggest readers to focus their attention on alternative Internet news sources such as the two Swedish-based links below.

Also, we encourage other citizen journalists to develop similar news blogs exposing real truths without a “political-correct” news slant — nor burdened with fear-mongering racist” and “anti-semitic” labels for telling the Truth.

Insidious speech-codes are brainwashing techniques that close off all avenues of approach leading towards freedom of speech, and block your pathway towards a real understanding in how your displacement is important to them.

Cleverly induced mental barriers were designed to prevent you from broaching these truths — and bind you in mental bondage with very little enforcement — simply because YOU are taught to close the cell doors of your own mind. Here, are but two Swedish bloggers who challenge that trend in Europe.  >>H/T to Cavatus’ Blog for the following link:

“Let me introduce Avpixlat (AP), a politically incorrect blog that reveals the truth about all things that the mainstream media in Sweden don´t dare to write about. It is based on facts, articles and official government statistics, that always can be checked. It is Sweden’s biggest political blog: http://avpixlat.info/  (Swedish Language – suggest using Google translate)

The world outside Sweden needs to be informed on the existence of the site AP where everyone can see how Sweden is being flooded with, mostly Muslim migrants searching “for a better life“.

But they are not refugees, which the government claims they are. An astonishing 95% of them have NO passports when they arrive in Sweden — so their stories cannot be verified.

Avpixlat (Oracles?) (AP) reports on these problems and many others, objectively, honestly and accurately. AP does the job that the politically correct mainstream media won’t do. So AP is a “pain in the butt” for the media, politicians, criminals and many, many more, since these problems are now being examined.

Swedish (mainstream) media cover up the real consequences of the multicultural Utopian society:

parallel immigrant communities, murders, sex crimes, honor killings, GANG RAPES, assaults, robberies, arson, social misery, youth criminality and forced marriages.

There is a widespread nepotism in the Swedish society, and there is an unhealthy symbiosis between the media and the politicians.

SVT (Sweden’s Television) and SR (Sweden’s Radio), both public service companies and are so politically-correct that you feel sick upon seeing through their hypocrisy. These are no conspiracy theories, but facts. Just follow the site AP for a period of time and then decide.

Frustrated citizens may comment a little out of line, and immediately, the Swedish media will pounce on us, as being a racist/xenophobic/islamophobic “hate” blog.

This is just another attempt by the MSM (mainstream media) to belittle and ridicule dissidents… but take a look at our articles and their high content of the facts”.  >>More…

One very ANGRY Swede Speaks His Mind (English sub-titles)



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Has SWEDEN Gone Insane?

Can Sweden Survive Multi-Racialism?

Sweden’s Ordered Society In Trouble


Muslims In Stockholm

SWEDEN Tops In Rapes

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Racial Diversity — The CON Game



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    1. Kathleen:

      Canada needs all the help we have to offer, including more Blogs based on your theme.

      As I’ve stated before, there’s hardly a snowball’s chance in hell of ever competing successfully against the massively financed MSM, so our only recourse is to alert one mind at a time with small Blogs as this one, and other Blogs of similar intent and design.

      Yes, I’ll check out your new website to offer any suggestions, but I’m sure it will serve your purposes well enough without my input. By just remaining on the side of Truth as you find it, should suffice.

      [O.K. I just had a look and linked your site in my blog roll. Your blog colours are “easy on the eye”, and the dash of red gives it some “flash”. Other than the large letter “f” diagonally crossing the “C” in Canadians and Canada, it passes inspection ;).]

      I don’t “blog” as much as I did in the early days with a new item almost every day. I believe there’s now enough material on this Blog for readers to at least begin the process of connecting the dots on their own initiative. My blog roll also contain some very good sources for further study and revelation.

      On your question on the “how to” of facebook and twitter, I see you’ve found the method.

      As you’ve indicated a “private message”, so I’ve deleted most of your note.

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