“I Am A WHITE Man”


By Denis

I am a White man – and I have realised that I am constantly judged for that by other White-skin people who have a problem with the fact that I am proud to be a White man.

Let me repeat that first sentence – “I am a WHITE man!”

Does that make you feel a little uncomfortable if you are also a White man? What if I said, “I am a White guy”, instead? Sound more acceptable to you – a bit more friendly? Have you ever wondered why? If you are a White man/guy, do you feel the colour of your skin, or do you just feel normal? Why have we been made to feel guilty because we are White?

[The world population is 7,500,000,000 (BILLION). What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? ANSWER.  ONLY >> 8 percent.]

Population by Race
WP 048

Me? I just feel normal and don’t think about the colour of my skin until I realise that I am being judged for being a ‘White Man.” But like I said, I am proud to be a White Man, although I have given some thought to why that appellation makes me feel momentarily uncomfortable.

So, what if you are not a White man? Maybe you are a not actually a Black man – just not a White man – a NON-white? Does that appellation make you feel a bit angry – with “White Men?” They can’t be held responsible that you are not White. Does this have some sort of deeper meaning for you? You need to ask yourself… why?

I imagine that what I am going to write about here will make both Black and White people feel uncomfortable, that is, unless they have given this issue a bit of thought, and are comfortable with who you are.  [See:  The Right To Discriminate ]

This goes particularly for the White Guys who have been indoctrinated (or BRAINWASHED) to feel some misguided guilt about being who, and what we are – White Men.”

But, it’s not my actual skin colour that I am proud of, because it tends to be a bit blotchy pink, and let me say here, that I am definitely not ashamed of it – either practically or metaphorically – but it is my culture that I’m proud of.

You may call it “White Culture,” and that’s fine with me. In fact, I am much more conditioned by my culture than my skin colour. My culture is so complex that it is not really understood by many of my compatriots – let alone NON-white people.

I have heard well-educated people say that we don’t have a culture. How incredibly stupid of them.

Let me say here again, that I am very proud of it, and I believe it is the most advanced and the most important culture on planet earth.  For example – to compare Polynesian culture to “White Culture” is to compare the space shuttle to a dugout canoe. It is this global culture that would be first to communicate with extraterrestrials – if they exist.

Space Shuttle“A product of WHITE engineers. When you can do this .. come back and talk to me.”… says Fred Reed

My culture is many things, but I consider it global – the most advanced ever – and the only culture that can save humanity from its own stupidity.

I am a New Zealander, and here in New Zealand they have this dream of being able to boast of a “different,” a “Polynesian,” a “Pacific” culture. But the sad fact is, that this – also called “Kiwi” culture — can only exist as part of the Global Western European (White) Culture.

[See: New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion]

That global culture gives my “Kiwi” culture all the things that it needs to function, to think about itself and “grow.” It has some Polynesian input … but that is entirely superficial. This will always cause difficulty for the Political Correct liberals because they really, really want to shrug this off and pretend that the membership in the global, and therefore “White” culture is less important, and that their Maori/Polynesian dimension supersedes it.

In their heart of hearts, they know every moment that they are completely wrong because the Polynesian culture died 150 years ago, and all that is left of it is superficial nonsense, which is actually acceptable to those PC liberals. Much of Polynesian culture is absolutely unacceptable to them, and their “White” culture has expunged those things from both memory, and in some cases … history.

Hardly distinguishable from the Tang Dynasty

An illustration of that, is that part of that Polynesian culture included cannibalism and infanticide and incest, all bound up with constant murderous attacks on rival tribes, all of which is absolutely anathema to the liberals who nevertheless — vehemently support concepts of bi-culturalism and multiculturalism.

[There’s no inequalities as much as there are only inconvenient realities.]

The global “White” culture has unequivocally banned many of the cultural practices of the Polynesians, and rightly so. They were uncivilised. Now there is a basic confusion right there. They know this is true, and this truth really upsets them.

So what about my “Global” culture? Well I was born in the south Pacific to a White European family that has been in these parts for 4 generations, but I still identify with the cultures of the “White” nations of Europe, and I have to say — not even slightly with stone-age Polynesian cultures.

The idea of multiculturalism has spread like a miasma, and to people like me, it is a cultural disaster for the human race … and is developing into an impending catastrophe.

Smoloko.com says:  “Different races have DIFFERENT ABILITIES in many sectors especially in the AVERAGE OF IQ, the levels of hormones that control temperament or the tendency to violence and crimes, the social behavior of “altruism” that characterize the WhiteEuropeans. Also the TYPE of intelligence such as the arithmetic and logic intelligence that is high in the North Asians and the imagination for Aryans.


The thing about my culture that is also important, is that I don’t necessarily believe that one needs to be White to be part of it – but one does need to realise that it is – actually – Whiteand came directly out of White ingenuity, creativity, resourcefulness, originality, and inventiveness.

I believe that the basic problem existing between “Whites” and NON-whites” is that all races realise in their heart of hearts that “White” civilisation is not only a superior culture, it is unlikely to be superseded in achievement by any other earthly race or culture.

To be a true part of it, one needs to be educated and civilised and most of all – secular. One can still have religion, but the religion must really be a private matter. As soon as one’s religious belief becomes something that requires the wearing of regalia, the making of laws, and the imposition of it on others, then its adherents fall outside the Western Global Culture.

It should be recognised by all, that “White” culture was born in Europe, migrated to the North America, Australia and New Zealand.

ONE People, ONE Culture, ONE Race, and ONE Language united in their national song, can be a powerful experience as seen in this video.

Note: The audio ceases during the last 30 seconds at 4:28

Out of White culturemy culture – came the disciplines of law, arts, finance, engineering, science, mass transport, explorationand tolerance of other cultures. That makes it the most important on the planet, and as it happens – the one culture that most people want to belong to and emigrate to. But more important is the White attitude to learning, education, progress and humanity.

Emerging out of Global White Western Culture is a level of learning and education and moral ethos that engendered tolerance. But tolerance, like many other things in life, needs to be tempered with moderation. It is the human condition, that when met with too much tolerance for bad behaviour, you will become cynical towards those who offer you excessive tolerance and your behaviour towards them will become difficult and bad. You will display contempt for the fact that they are apparently too weak.

In our modern global society we have become so tolerant that we are actually tolerant of the intolerance of others – of people who are invading our place on this planet and ruining it.

At the same time, we have become (as a society) intolerant of those of our own culture, and who express misgivings about this, and the damage it does to our society, our people and the future of humanity. They call us “White Supremacists” – and they never let a good debate replace a nasty name.

Some among us can see down the path of time, and can accurately predict what the outcome will be. Disaster!  It is very clear to me, and has been for four decades that multiculturalism was going to have a bad, bad outcome.

In 2011, the leaders of Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland have all come out and condemned multiculturalism, as not just a failure, but an abject failure, a disaster that is going to have grave repercussions in the coming years.

White Man Falling (novel)

It is already TOO late!

The human race is doomed to a disaster of global proportions that will make the Second World War seem like a walk in the park. We can only hope for the sake of humanity, that the so-called “White” people can survive – because they will be the only ones who might rebuild civilisation. –Source

“The goal of abolishing the White race, is — on its face so desirable — that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the White race’ is destroyed –not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” – JEWISH studies professor, Dr Noel Ignatiev

… to further understand this sinister agenda, continue reading onwards to: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century


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    1. If any White country in this world is to save itself from the daily onslaught of 3rd world migrants, and thus being overwhelmed by many of the 92% of the world’s population categorized as NON-white… I often think of New Zealand.

      Due to that nation’s relatively small population of just over 4 million, plus its rather isolated location away from the teeming masses of the 3rd world hankering for “a better life” for them ONLY, then I would expect New Zealanders could easily turn this unneeded phenomenon around to serve their own needs.

      To use an analogy, a canoe is much easier to manoeuvre in troubling waters rather than steering a Titanic-size ship heading towards disaster in an open body of water.

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