Taking The Red Pill

[Editor’s Note: The term “red pill” and the “blue pill” are pop culture terms that became common symbols for the choice of remaining in the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue), or acknowledging the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).] 

An attempt at a discrimination graphic.

By Val Koinen


Here is a sampler of some  infuriating ANTI-White garbage being put upon us, and taught to our children day in and day out, year after year; issues and events that should justly enrage all thinking White people.

Artificially excessive and exaggerated Negro “presence” in our culture and society:

Becoming nearly dominant in TV shows and commercials, and in print ads — almost always portrayed as having more stature, kindness and understanding, wisdom, and/or overall human quality than Whites.


ANTI-white Media 

More Mass Media Manipulation 

Britain, TOO!

Photos show the reality HERE.]

Also, grossly-exaggerated presence in terms of numbers — not only in popular culture and media, but also in academia and jobs as a result of affirmative action, NON-white racial preferences, set-asides, etc.

Also — constant race mixing being shoved in our faces, as with Negro men paired with White women, and the “normalcy” of always including Negroes in White people’s groups of friends and social settings. 

One result is the ever more commonplace miscegenation results in the pollution of our DNA (mongrelization) as has happened to Whites in many places down through history (and will eventually result in the destruction of our gene pool).


The LIES of supposed “benefits and wonderfulness” of diversity and multiculturalism (multi-racialism):

These concepts — the “diversity is our strength” and “beauty and advantages of multiculturalism” memes — are closely related to the preceding items. They are demonstrably false; little more than wishful thinking. In actuality, these things have resulted in societal disharmony and disruption, and are rapidly leading to our demise.

Also in that connection — the way we brainwash our children in their public schools with regard to those false notions of racial equality, diversity being a “good thing“, acceptability of race mixing, and the “beauty” of multiculturalism. That is just plain inexcusable, disgusting, and outrageous.

The grossly disproportionate and savage nature and numbers of Black-on-White crime:

So-called “flash mob” harassment, the beatings and robbery; the assaults and battery, torture, rape, murder, and all manner of serious, felonious crime perpetrated by Negroes and Mestizos.

And then, as if that weren’t enough, we constantly suffer from the Jew-controlled mainstream media’s refusal, or at least reluctance to report that interracial crime (when coloreds are the perpetrators and Whites the victims). Even when those incidents are reported, the race of the colored perps is usually not even mentioned (deliberately covered up).


What is so hard to understand about the fact — and it is a fact — that species (and subspecies such as human races) — are naturally and genetically programmed to compete for space and resources?

And, that all the other racial groups are actively competing against us, while we are not only no longer even working for our own interests; we are aiding and abetting, even legally and financially supporting, those other groups in their efforts to dispossess us in our own countries? >…more.


Useful Idiots

Diversity Is A Fraud 

Brainwashing University Students 

T.V. Commercials Insult WHITE People

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