Say No! To Liberal White Guilt

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…AND, Free Negroes OWNED Black Slaves, themselves!

…and on the “indigenous” peoples’ question.

By Petronius

The Liberal Death Wish

The rules governing race relations in the U.S. have been established within the framework of a Liberal ideology.  This is true for both Whites and Blacks.

Modern “Liberalism” is an ideology based on White guilt, but it offers no answers, no solutions, no redemption, and no real-world explanation for that “guilt” . . . instead, it offers grandiose procedures, which only serve to irritate their self-imposed guilt feelings:

By constantly emphasizing Black “victimology” and for those same liberal Whites … the focus is on continuous correction, on continuous re-education, on self-criticism and heightened sensitivity and (“sensitivity training“), on revisionist history, on more taxpayer dollars, on more affirmative action, on more government tribunals, on more groveling and kowtowing to the latest Black fetish, fad, demand, gimmick, or outrage.

[Editor’s Note: Let’s stop here for a few moments and reflect back to White homogeneous 1901 England when the life expectancy of a hard-working, industrial male breadwinner was only 46 years old. Yes, dead at 46!

For the White Liberal, there is no amount of White groveling, no amount of White suffering, no amount of Black-on-White murder, torture, mayhem, rape, robbery, humiliation, and degradation that will suffice to atone for the injustices, real or imagined, of the past.  For the Liberal, there is no end or no terminal point, to the problem of guilt.  There is no saying, “Our work is finally done.”  There is no saying, “Enough is enough.”  There is no moment for the soul to be at peace.

Facing Realities Is NOT The Way of White Liberals

Guilt-ridden White Woman begging forgiveness for Black Slavery. What unadulterated foolishness!
White woman begging for forgiveness for slavery

Liberal guilt is never appeased. Liberal guilt is obsessive and insatiable.

Thus,  the White liberal is perpetually and morally disarmed before the Black person.  However, Liberals will constantly remind the rest of us that we must go to ridiculous lengths to self-monitor our every word, thought, and move.  Those same Liberals constantly remind us that we must adopt a demeaning “racial etiquette” that is so extensive, so demanding, so humiliating, so masochistic, so impossible and unpredictable, that ordinary day-to-day living with Black people becomes problematic, becomes filled with tricks and tension, with dangerous, hidden, racial land mines just waiting to explode.

When it comes to relations between Whites and other races, Liberal guilt demands that Whites must always obey the subtle, obscure, and tortuous rules so carefully built up by decades of Liberal guilt-mongering –– that Whites must lead a life that is full of stress, without fun and laughter, where we must re-think, and then re-re-think again, our every thought and every move, where all enjoyment in life is compromised or denied, where our best intentions are always met with suspicion or hostility, where every joke becomes problematic, where our every word is subject to misinterpretation, where our every innocent remark is rebuked with an insult, where our most sincere apologies are never accepted, where our genuine friendship is not reciprocated, where our utmost generosity is never good enough, and where we are constantly reminded of the transgressions, real or imagined, of our hated White ancestors.

When people no longer accept the common rules in their mutual intercourse, when White people are no longer allowed to move peacefully through the streets of life, when all Whites are “racists,”then civilization ceases to exist.

The destruction of order and civilization, as a means of dealing with irrational Liberal guilt, is the end product of Liberalism itself. Ironically, that is the only significant accomplishment of Liberalism. >Source


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