Mob Violence in America

Unamusement Park

Welcome to Unamusement Park! Go ahead and test your knowledge of mob violence in America with this short quiz.

  1. In recent years, have violent mobs comprising dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, all of them Black, created havoc in major American cities including Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York City, and St. Louis?
  2. Are new Black mobs now reported on an almost daily basis?
  3. Do many of these Black mobs target random White people for brutal beatings, often using racial slurs and laughing at their victims?
  4. Is the racial makeup of the violent mobs relevant, considering that there is no epidemic of mob violence by Whites, or anyone else, but Blacks?
  5. Is the racial makeup of the victims relevant, considering that much of the violence is explicitly motivated by race, whereas there is no epidemic of racially motivated mob violence against anyone but Whites?
  6. Have the mainstream media largely ignored these attacks and consistently covered up the racial makeup of the mobs and their victims?

If you answered “yes” to all six questions, you can skip the rest of this post. Don’t worry, we will have new content for you soon enough. Actually, that should read: worry a lot, because we will have new content for you soon enough.

But if you answered “no” to any question, I’m sorry to say you failed the quiz!

No, I don’t grade on a curve

Yes, you failed. You do not know enough about mob violence in America, and thus you are not quite ready to understand current Unamusement Park content. It will not make any sense to you.  >>Read MORE with several good links including this short essay by Thomas Sowell.


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