Importing Black Violence

BLACK shooter kills two (2) in crowded Toronto shopping mall.

By Jeff Goodall

Well … how reassuring it is to know, that although the shooting last weekend in a crowded (Toronto) public area in broad daylight was not “gang-motivated”, though it was definitely “gang-related”.  I am sure that vital differentiation will be of great comfort to those who were close by.  As Peter Worthington says in his (Toronto Sun) column today (June 6th), “Safe Toronto doesn’t matter if you’re the one shot”.

It would seem that the dead man, was considered by the shooter, to have been responsible for his recently ended incarceration for “sexual assault”, (“rape” – for anyone outside Canada), and that the likelihood of such a “hit” was well-known on the street.  One, therefore, wonders how much did the police know, and when.  And if they didn’t know anything, then why not?

Toronto viewed south from Bloor

And, trusting such a person to stay at home while under house arrest is a dubious proposition at best, although the police do not have the final say in such matters.  Why was this person not required by the courts to wear an electronic monitoring device to keep track of his whereabouts?

Once again, we have a Black gang-member opening fire in a crowded public place in order to settle a score.  To his credit, the shooter did manage to kill his target, but he also shot several innocents, including a 13 year-old White boy (from Port Hope, Ontario to see the big city) who was shot in the head.

Jane Creba Jane Creba (15 yr. old Canadian teenager) Shot to death in another Downtown Toronto cross-fire shooting by rival Blackgangstas”.

All the usual suspects are now whining for more gun control in order to counter criminals who never, ever, register their guns.  Yes, Liberals are that stupid.

In my opinion, we don’t have a “gun” problem — we have a BLACK problem — overwhelmingly involving Jamaicans.

[UPDATE: Again, just to re-confirm that Toronto doesn’t have a “gun” problem, nor a “gang” problem … but a “BLACK” problem!

Mass Shooting Spree – 23 Wounded, 2 Dead

The answer lies in selective immigration, and the removal of anyone committing a serious crime, regardless of race or birthplace.  That includes both legal and illegal immigrants, family re-unification immigrants, and “refugees”.

I’m sick and tired of “refugees” from war zones being able to commit crimes without any fear of deportation.  Perhaps we should set up a massive prison way above the tree-line (Baffin Island?), and put those who cannot be deported, up there so that they cannot harm us.

If a criminal’s parents are from another country, that person should be subject to deportation to that country … regardless of whether they were born here.  Legislation to that effect would go a long way towards solving the problem of  unvetted imports.

Whenever I express such opinions in conversations with others — most agree with me — but all are afraid of being called “racist”.   I see that as being the result of decades of “conditioning” by the media, churches etc., to prevent our interfering with their social-engineering projects.

WHITE people must learn to put themselves first.  We owe nothing to those who have not contributed to our civilisation … but seem determined to drag it down.

To me, it is very simple.  When I arrived here in 1966, Blacks were few and far between (only .0016 percent of Canada’s entire population), and many were born in Canada … descendants of those who escaped from U.S. slavery by way of the “Underground Railroad”.

American readers might be interested to know that “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was real, and located in Ontario.  While some areas of Toronto had no shortage of crime, gun-related crime was minimal (in fact, extremely rare).  Since the (immigration) floodgates were opened, crimes involving guns are frequent, and can occur anywhere.  Nobody is safe anymore.

Few Blacks, little gun crime … lots of Blacks, lots of gun crime.  It’s just as simple as that, in my view.   [Editor’s Note: Same problem as in the United States … read HERE.]

BEFORE 3rd-world immigrants “graced” Canada’s largest city, it was a pleasure to ride on its once-safe transit system, but NOT today!

The answer to our problem is obvious, and I will work to support any political candidate who is prepared to take tough, realistic action to protect us from Black crime, and to restore our once-high quality of life. >Source

July, 2016 UPDATE on the BLACK Criminal HERE.

Black Violence Narrative Summed Up in 6 minutes, 19 seconds!

Lots of Blacks, Lots of violent crime, PERIOD!
Mass Denial – The Media, The people.  What’s wrong with you people??  [If you like facts and stats on historical BLACK CRIME rates >> see HERE.]

Washington, DCReduced Black population = Diminished Crime Rates

Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

“Experience — practically everywhere in the world — tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.”

U.S. Black males (14 yrs. to 49 yrs.) are only 4% of the entire U.S> population, BUT commit over 52% of ALL MURDERS. (FBI source).
Updated to April, 2018


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