Foreign Elders Collect Windfall

Patrick Grady

Canadian Taxpayers Should NOT Be Paying for the Care of Immigrants’ (foreign) Parents!


The generous benefits — to be derived from joining their own IMMIGRANT children in Canada — are quite obvious to foreign parents/grandparents who are eligible for sponsorship. This has created a steadily increasing demand for admissions. Despite admitting over 450,000 foreign parents and grandparents into Canada since 1990, the sponsorship backlog has continued growing to reach well over 165,000 elderly parents in late 2011.

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The Canadian Government subsequently announced policy measures to stem the backlog. These included most notably: an increase in the number of sponsored parents and grandparents to be admitted next year, from nearly 15,500 in 2010 to 25,000 in 2012; a temporary “pause” on the acceptance of new sponsorship applications for parents/grandparents for up to 24 months; and the introduction of a new “super visa” valid for ten years allowing parents/grandparents to “visit” Canada. The Government also promised to consult with Canadians on the parent/grandparent program on how to redesign the program to make it “sustainable in the future” and to “avoid future large backlogs and be sensitive to fiscal constraints.

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While this all sounds very responsible and sensible, on closer examination, it becomes evident that the Government has not really done anything concrete to permanently curtail the demands for increasing numbers of [foreign] parents/grandparents allowed into Canada, and to limit their growing claim to (our) public purse.

[ELN Editor’s Note: Whose country is this? If real Canadians don’t take ownership of the nation their European ancestors designed, built and successfully managed, they will lose it. Our country, named CANADA, did not exist prior to 1867. Scattered Indian tribes across these lands were busy warring with each other and had no nation-development skills. The few thousand imported Chinese railroad workers were just cheap manual labour-components.  A few hundred low-IQ Black slaves escaping from the U.S. and settling around Halifax, Nova Scotia and Chatham, Ontario definitely had no development skills to build, much less manage a 1st world economy. Note today’s regressive 85% “Black” Detroit … or Zimbabwe and South Africa! It took White European ingenuity to build  those modern infrastructures over a period of a century or two, yet in only 2 or 3 decades of woefully inadequate Black management they’ve deteriorated to become “no-go” areas.

Canada foolishly began opening the floodgates to mass NON-white immigrants only 30 to 40 years ago.  Today, we have dismantled a once-stable, homogeneous nation of people to accommodate incongruent foreigners much UNLIKE our European heritage.

Until 20 years ago, most Canadians had no clue of what a “muslim” was. Sharia laws, “honour” killings, infidel be-headings, etc. were completely unknown to us. Today, we are quickly being enlightened of those facts on our own home turf.

The players in the following video are important to this post … not the news story itself. The politically-incorrect question should be asked “Just why are these illiterate, unemployable African Somali ‘refugees’ residing in OUR Canada, AND why are we feeding them, paying their rent, providing them free hospitalization along with a generous monthly WELFARE or Old Age pension cheque” ??

Africa should never have been a concern to Canadians. If that dark continent has not progressed in thousands of years on their own initiative, in addition to wasting hundreds of BILLION$ of spent Western aid money in trying to uplift these peoples, why is our young nation born in 1867 (and other Euro-White nations) suddenly obligated to take these people into our homes now?]

To the contrary, it has actually increased the number to be admitted this year by 9,500. The short “pause,” supposedly lasting for two years, will accomplish almost nothing in reducing the demand for admissions. It will merely postpone the problem, and when this “pause” is lifted, the backlog will explode.


While the objective of family reunification is specified in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Sec. 3.1.d),… it is a relic of the past.

In the old days before telecommunications and jet travel, (European) immigrants kissed their families goodbye and most likely never saw, nor spoke to them ever again. […]

[Today], immigrants can talk to their families back home on cell phones daily, or even view their images on Skype. And they can visit back and forth every year or two thanks to cheap airfares. That’s why native-born Canadians move all over Canada, and even around the world to live and work, and they don’t expect to bring their own (Canadian) parents/grandparents along at TAXPAYERS’ expense. If Canadians are expected  to manage their own personal affairs in this manner, WHY the difference for immigrants??

The 2006 Census estimates the cost to Canadian taxpayers at $1,300,000,000 (billion) per year in increased Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement (OAS/GIS), plus other transfers for sponsored foreign parents/grandparents. The program has raised estimated annual health care spending by $4,600,000,000 (billion).

The annual fiscal costs of the (foreign) parent/grandparent program to all levels of government in Canada could thus easily exceed $6 billion per year. By allowing the backlog of 165,000 elderly foreigners into our country, plus the expected increase of another 335,000, would double the fiscal costs from the $6 billion estimated to a staggering $12,000,000,000!!

Many Canadians have trouble understanding the meaning of multi-billion dollar cost estimates like these. […] For example, an immigrant family that [imports] one parent or grandparent might benefit from (our) subsidized health care worth $9,600 per year during the senior years of the sponsored (foreign) parent.

The (aging foreign) parent may also reap a Government income support worth about $7,644. Together this adds up to a total health & welfare benefit of $17,244 per year, that would explode to $344,880 over a 20-year life time as a senior individual.

(Editor’s NOTE:   Remember… unlike you or I, who may have worked for 30 or 40 years in the labour field before the luxury of retirement was granted to us within our OWN country, these costly incoming foreigners [mostly from impoverished 3rd-world countries where living expenses are often $2 per day] have NOT contributed anything to our economy, NOR earned one penny of those Canadian welfare benefits to justify their presence in Canada. 

It was former member of parliament, Ruby Dhalla who advocated for a drastic reduction in residency requirements to be eligible for OUR Old Age Security benefits. Immigrant sponsors should be the sole supporters for their own parents/grandparents during their stay in Canada. Why are Canadians suddenly burdened with their support-costs upon arrival if we didn’t initially invite them into our home? 

Imagine your response if I sent my uninvited elderly parents to your house across the street and demanded that you support them at your expense. Well, that is what is happening here, but on a much grander scale. We didn’t invite these hundreds of thousands of foreign elderly people into our country for obvious financial and medical reasons, yet Canadians still become their instant benefactors upon arrival.  

With that generous “pull factor” in play, of course, you’ll have millions of elderly parents from around the world clamouring to land on Canadian soil to reap unearned benefits at our expense. The next time you’re waiting in line for your “free” hospital visit, check out the foreign “grandmother” standing in front of you, who just arrived in Canada… yesterday!  Read: Immigrant Supports Canadian Values)

…con’t from above… Calculating for (4) elderly parents of both immigrant husband & wife, the total fiscal benefit would equal $1,379,520 (million) over the assumed 20-year, post-age-65 lifetime of their four (4) sponsored parents.

The subsidy provided to attract immigrants to Canada is very large, both in absolute terms and relative to family incomes. And don’t expect the (younger) immigrants themselves to reimburse this massive debt. They’re NOT earning enough to pay for their own share of government benefits.

The fiscal benefit offered to their (foreign) parents/grandparents is a huge enticement. So, it’s not surprising why so many immigrants are applying to sponsor their parents/grandparents into Canada.

And how can this be fair to Canadians who are NOT eligible for the same comparable benefits, but instead are left with the expensive monetary tab for the foreigners? Immigration policy should be run to benefit Canadians — not to exacerbate the fiscal costs of our own ageing society.  >Source


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