Toronto Police “Losing Face”

Tom Godfrey
Toronto Sun Newspaper

TORONTO Police are working to recruit their first female Muslim officer to wear a hijab, six months after the headgear was approved for use by the force and community.

English: Hijab-Indonesia Anna Martadiningrat

And members of the Chief’s Muslim Consultative Committee, who helped draft the hijab policy, said they would also like halal food served in the cafeteria at police headquarters at 40 College St., and [also] at law enforcement functions.

[Have we Canadians gone mad?? Muslims demanding that HALAL food be served to them at Police HQ!? 

So now, we’re expected to submit to their 7th century Muslim culture at the expense our own traditions!?

These absurdities demonstrate just how far we have capitulated to the “multi-culti” madness that is undermining our own culture and overtly destroying Canada’s hard-earned traditions. 

When are spineless Canadians going to stand up and shout “enough is enough” and inform these foreign interlopers to assimilate to OUR traditions, or return to their own countries of origin?? 

Before the Toronto Police get too “carried away” with this insanity, perhaps they should consult with their British counter-parts across the pond after reading this report.]

Members of the Toronto Police Force
Toronto Police Officers — circa 1900

Its only a matter of time before the first woman to wear a hijab is hired,” said retired Staff-Supt. Cyril Fernandes (a Kenya-born, South Asian), a former committee co-chair.

[Editor’s Note: Police recruits must not be hired on the basis of demonstrating a fashion/religious/ethnic statement, especially one so FOREIGN to our own traditions. How does this sanctioned dress-code nonsense relate to fighting crime, or simply enforcing Canadian traffic laws? Simple answer: There is NO relationship … but we already know this. The real purpose is to down-grade hiring standards to accommodate colour-coded policies at the expense of White Canadians.

Yet more standard CANADIAN Police deterioration: Now it’s SOMALIS??

From 3rd-world Africa to modern Minneapolis, MN., two low-IQ, affirmative-action REFUGEES are on a junket to lecture our Canadian police on our own law enforcement policies:   Somalis, again!

See: Police Uniforms NOT Uniform

[Update November 26, 2013 – Now it’s the Edmonton Police Service]

Employing Muslims

“There is a lot of interest in policing by members of Muslim community.” Fernandes said the cop-issued hijab was approved by Chief Bill Blair last June after months of working with members of the Muslim community.

Gay muslims
Gay muslims

[Were efforts made to consult with members of the Christian community to ask if they approved of this intrusive, non-traditional dress-code policy??] 

We met with 15 to 20 of the most senior Imams in the city to develop the hijab,” he said. “They were concerned that it had to cover the neck and hair.”

Fernandes said the hijab is fastened by velcro straps and held in place by the officer’s hat.

The Muslim community is one of the fastest growing in the GTA,” he said. “Female Muslim officers can better relate to members of their community.”

[If female Muslim officers can “better relate” to members of their own group, how are their Canadian hosts expected to relate to them? Why re-locate to a traditional Christian nation if Muslims are aware their extreme differences will most assuredly cause friction? ]

Opening this door will eventually lead Canada down this path!

Next… if you’re an enemy of ALLAH you will lose your head!

Committee co-chair Osman Khan said he’s hoping Muslim women will be hired after a police hiring freeze is over.

[We’re hoping the Toronto police hiring-freeze remains in effect — indefinitely — if only to save our own traditions from this eroding p.c. disease that favours Muslims‘ self-interests (primarily racial minorities ) to the exclusion and detriment of the battered White Canadian male.]

English: Source: My photo


“There are a number of Muslim women interested in becoming officers,” Khan said. “We are working with them until the hiring freeze is over.”

Police downtown

[There’s a limitless number of better qualified WHITE Canadian-born men interested in these $95,000 police jobs in our OWN 84% White nation… if that’s not asking too much!?
See: White Males Need NOT Apply]

He said only one woman, Auxiliary cop Mona Tabesh, wears the hijab. Tabesh said it has been her dream to become a (real) cop.

Even if I don’t become a police officer, it will be an honour for me to wear the uniform as an Auxiliary,” she said recently.

Tabesh hopes her hijab, a sign of her Muslim faith, will inspire other Muslim women to join the service.

[Is this what Canadians yearn for in our police forces when selecting police recruits who may find themselves tackling armed bank robbers, investigating organized crime or matching wits with criminal minds that far exceed their own IQ?? 

English: Toronto Police Car.
Toronto Police Cruiser

Then Gawd help us all!

 Would a hajib-wearing Muslim woman be willing to accept the same dangerous job-related risks as this California cop, who was shot to death while pursuing a bank robber after a high-speed chase? Ha!  Most unlikely!]

“I hope they feel empowered,” she said

[So… wearing a police uniform is now supposed to “empower” female Muslims?? It must be a great day for master-criminals who can only laugh up their sleeve at the slow disintegration of a once-proud Canadian police force. 

 Whatever happened to duty, respect, honour, serve and protect? Or have those noble aspirations been replaced with the demeaning aspect of “political correctness” where  this once-respected profession has now succumbed to “empowering” Muslim women and Non-whites?

 Reading this article’s contents is becoming more demoralizing by the moment!

Update: But, we’re not alone with this prevailing madness in White European nations … check out the latest British police suicidal tendencies in this story:

Good News story:  FINNISH POLICE refused to be coerced into doing the Muslims’ bidding in Finland

The [Toronto Police] force also has at least one Sikh female recruit who is wearing a turban that was endorsed by the force years ago.

Const. Tony Vella said approval has been given by the [Police] Chief’s office for Muslim women to wear hijabs, which is now only worn by ONE auxiliary officer.  —Source

[At least, the article ends on a good note!] Editor’s notes are all in parentheses […] .

One more item

Affirmative-Action/employment equity policies have been working fast and furious in the TORONTO POLICE SERVICE to have elevated TWO Black men to the lofty position of Deputy Chief.

DOZENS of more qualified WHITE police Inspectors and Superintendents were obviously rejected for higher promotion, so to allow these Deputy-Chief positions to be filled by affirmative-action cops.

Imagine the numerical odds of having 2 of the 3 Deputy-Chiefs being BLACK (and FOREIGN-BORN??) in a traditional 80% White police force in Canada!

In normal times, a few Blacks may have reached the rank of Sergeant in a merit-based promotion scheme. However, these are not normal times when White males are under constant racial attack and oppression in their own nation.

Under the auspices of invasive multi-racial policies and augmented by “political correct” brainwashing — White Canadians are being  marginalized out of existence, as the foregoing example implies … YET, very few Canadians defend their White tribal identity in fear of being labeled a “racist“.

Bowing to the gods of cultural Marxism and to the religion of political-correctness, you can be assured that Toronto’s next Police Chief is slated to be a BLACK man.  So, White men need not apply! As Black American writer, Elizabeth Wright clearly points out in her article, this is a game of power!

UPDATE May, 2015 > …and so, it has happened. Read HERE. Also read our post: Tribal Politics – Choosing Toronto’s Police Chief]

English: Plainclothes Officers -- circa 1919
Toronto Plainclothes Policemen — circa 1919

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