Mighty Truth Will Prevail

By Vanishing American II

The CofCC Blog notes the allegations that YouTube and Reddit.com are full of… people who dissent from the received politically correct party line on human differences. In other words, [they’re] ‘racists.’

I think the word should be called the ‘r-word’ in the same fashion that there is an ‘n-word‘ … which is too terrible to utter.

Actually the ‘r-word‘ is offensive for a much more valid reason than the ‘n-word‘. The r-word is meaningless. Its meaning is completely arbitrary, ever-changing (according to the need of the moment) and thus totally without value. Its only value is political… to make outcasts and thought-criminals of those who are dissidents from the official orthodoxy. It has been very effective [this subjective r-word] in silencing many people who are afraid of the opprobrium that is heaped on whoever is the target of this word.

And it’s been so effective that any point of view other than the single politically correct dogma has been driven from the public discussion, and not permitted to be spoken out loud in most situations — at least not without a great deal of furor and name-calling, followed by coerced apologies.

So now the PC-PTB politically correct powers-that-be; (I suppose that phrase is redundant) are going to go on a PC witch-hunt at YouTube and Reddit.com.

I seldom read the latter site, but I do visit YouTube frequently, and as I’ve said before, YT is infested with not ‘r-word‘ dissenters but with the ‘antis‘, those sanctimonious and judgmental thought police who immediately pounce on anybody who says a wrong word.

Read the comments, for example, on any video having to do, even remotely, with the Confederacy, the South, and Southron culture. You will find anti-Southron slurs and slanders laced with misspelled profanities and obscenities. YouTube seems to approve of such comments; these ignoramuses are given free rein to spout their ugly and vicious comments unimpeded.

The comments on videos of even a non-controversial nature (music videos) sometimes end up being focused on racial and political matters; anti-White and anti-South comments are rife.

Watch any video that is remotely pro-English or pro-British, and the nasty Anglophobic comments proliferate.

With all the left-wing odium spewed there, the comments do not even have the saving grace of being written articulately or sensibly. Almost all such comments appear to be written by people with a collective mental and emotional age of about 13 … and with writing skills appropriate to a fourth-grader.  …continue to Full Article with commentary.



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