The “Refugee” Game

The emotive word of “refugee” conjures up false images of poor, bedraggled foreigners who’ve escaped from their 3rd-world nations in fear for their lives, and just “in the nick of time“.  

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur region staying at...
Sudanese “Refugee” goes from rags to Welfare riches.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most refugee scammers arrive in jumbo jets from any country in the world, or simply drive across our land border, or pay people smugglers to ship them across the ocean to this “land of trusting fools“.

[See: Canadian Border Madness]

I suggest we immediately stop using that outdated “refugee” word, and replace it with the more apt description of “Backdoor Uninvited Migrant” … or using the simple acronym B.U.M.(s).  

Just how many foreigners have used this bogus “refugee” ticket in the last 22 years or so? Answer:  Numbers that would rival a large-sized Canadian city of 800,000 people!!

[See: Sudanese “Refugee” Turned Rapist]

Number of People Making “Refugee” Claims In Canada Every Year:  30,000! That is approximately 82 unknown foreigners just TODAY.. and continuing EVERY DAY thereafter.  >Source (sidebar)

The refugee” is simply an uninvited foreigner who arrives on our doorstep, begging entry into our country based on unsubstantiated claims of “abuse” in their own country.


Self-proclaimed “refugees” usually arrive with NO identification (or bogus I.D.), NO passport, NO money (they ‘say’), have little education and/or few, if any skills. We KNOW NOTHING of their personal background, nor do we know if they are criminal fugitives, terrorists, scammers, child molesters, diseased TB or HIV carriers … absolutely NOTHING! Yet these foreign liars and scammers are ushered into our country as if they were well-known honoured guests. Amazingly stupid, eh?

(Some Canadian-born residents undergo a more stringent examination when rightfully re-entering their very own nation.)

[See: Chinese Man Knocking On Canada’s Backdoor]

Canadians seem to accept any savvy foreigner at his word, much like how a careless employer with his feet propped up on his desk would screen a prospective employee, and that is… irresponsibly! 

   These lying foreigners arrive here with street smarts that would out-savvy most Canadians, so essentially we ARE “easy pickings” to them.

[See: Deported Egyptian Wants To Return]

Pouring out their well-rehearsed sob stories to immigration officers will most assuredly gain them sanctuary which includes a generous “vacation package” for five years, or until we can sort out their fictional stories. That long wait-time is the result of a huge back-log of earlier phony claimants who’ve gotten “the message” which only expands their numbers with each passing year.

With today’s communication technology, “the messageinstantly gathers speed around the globe in many foreign languages.

What is the worded message sent on their Blackberry smart phone devices … you ask? The message is something like this:  These stupid Canadians are a soft touch,  free money and good times come quickly!”

Thus, a never-ending CHAIN MIGRATION of even more foreign free-loaders who willingly take full advantage of our foolish generosity. The cycle repeats itself again and again until ‘compassion fatigue’ begins to set in, or until the “frog in the slow boiling water” begins to wake up to reality. 

With such an easy access route provided to them, why should “refugees” trouble themselves with the normal channels of immigration when they have no chance of success? With better odds, nearing an 80% acceptance rate, it’s easier to lie and cheat their way into our country.

Of course, our welfare system is the big “pull”, so why not deny “refugees” from accessing our welfare benefits? Who said we owe these self-inviting interlopers any support funds when they could be made to work at low-paying jobs until we can confirm their lies? That would surely discourage over 95% of them from ever seeking asylum in Canada.

[See: Report ILLEGAL Immigrants]

Our OWN destitute people living on the streets or under bridges could use that extra help from gullible do-gooders who eagerly rush around helping conniving foreigners who prey on our misplaced sympathies!

During the 3 to 5 year waiting time, these uninvited strangers from mostly poor 3rd world countries where their living costs amounted to $2 per day back home, are suddenly “blessed with manna from the Canadian heaven” in the form of free benefits beyond their wildest dreams….. free welfare money,  free lodgings,  free food,  free clothing,  free medical/dental care,  free legal care,  free taxi chits, etc. etc. — all provided by YOU….. the stressed-out, working taxpayer. Even Canadian-born pensioners who actually worked for 30-40 years are not treated this well. 

[British examples: “Asylum Seekers” Hit Jackpot & British Welfare Deters Job Seekers]

Ask your Member of Parliament (MP) whether they’re in favour of astronomical support costs amounting to BILLION$ of your tax dollars, freely doled out to these foreign gate-crashers year after year.

Note: 15 yr. old “Benson” from Nigeria in this video.


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