Our First P.M. Warned Us

By Jeff Goodall

“For Macdonald, Canada was to be the country that restored a pure Aryan race to its past glory, and the Chinese threatened this purity.”

Writing in the Ottawa Citizen (Newspaper) last month, Tim Stanley unleashed a vicious, ANTI-White tirade against one of Canada’s most famous Founding Fathers,  Sir John A. Macdonald.

Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald in 1878

His crime?   Sir John A. wanted Canada to remain White.

[See: How To Destroy A Nation]

He even went so far as to refer to the  “Electoral Franchise Act” of 1885 as “my greatest achievement”, and spoke favourably on an  amendment to ensure that Chinese, and other non-Whites would not be allowed to vote.

According to the suitably-indignant Tim Stanley, he (Macdonald) even ventured so far as to observe that “the Aryan races will not wholesomely amalgamate with the Africans or the Asiatics” and suggested that “the cross of those races, like the cross of the dog and the fox, is not successful; it cannot be, and never will be.”

Sir John A. was aware of the more unpleasant realities of race, and wished to avoid mongrelisation, and the accompanying destruction of White civilisation and its accomplishments – a typical “White Supremacist” — in other words.

In my experience, the best way to find out why things are best done in a certain way is to try doing them some other way.  And now that Sir John’s sage-warning has been thoroughly ignored for several decades, we find ourselves sadly aware of why race-mixing — both through immigration and inter-breeding — is something to be avoided at all costs.

[See: Emboldened Minorities Eye Canada]

Our major cities are rapidly becoming dangerous third-world hell-holes, with minority-crime rates far exceeding those of White Canadians, and innocents of all races being killed or wounded in the crossfire as Black gangs show no compunction about fighting it out and settling scores in crowded public places.

Look what has happened to Toronto!

[See: Importing Black Violence]

Chinese colonisation is well-advanced with so-called “immigrants” striving to achieve “critical mass” — which means being able to live, work and play entirely in Chinese, without having to speak a word  of English, or mix with others.

[See:  New Chinese Political Party in CANADA]

Many immigrants bring their disputes with them, and engage in criminal activities and welfare fraud in order to finance their foreign wars.  Poor countries send their surplus population to us … adding their burdens to our own.

Our foreign policy is now determined by domestic concerns, and by the need to please or appease  ethnic “voting blocs” that reward or punish politicians based on their responses to obscure conflicts,  in otherwise, unimportant parts of the world.

Sir John A. was right, and his worst fears have been realised many times over.  It’s time to turn the clock back, and to start asserting ourselves until we can regain full control.

CANADA is our country — founded by members of our race —  for OUR benefit and OUR future.   Nobody else’s.  > Source  (Note: All word highlights and added Links are by ELN editor)

Read:    http://whitegenocideproject.com/more-flyers-against-white-genocide-in-canada/


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