Race Hustler Demands Recognition

English: Upper Cascades at UBC Okanagan  UBC (University of British Columbia) Campus Kelowna

Some… Kelowna (British Columbia) residents say marketing materials and banners produced by the City of Kelowna are TOO White ….and don’t reflect the “racial diversity” of the community.

[See: Diversity Is A Fraud]

[The 2006 Demographic Census reported a 94.5% White majority for this Canadian city, yet “some” non-whites (translation: ONE disgruntled visible-minority) bitterly complain of being ignored in local photographic banners displayed on public streets! The 2011 figures from Stats Canada have yet to be released, but White Canadians can be assured they’ve been diminished in real numbers… and much to the glee of many racial-minorities.

 In 1981 this small city in south-central British Columbia had a near  100% White Canadian population with the exception of a few Native Indian residents. However, since the government foolishly began allowing the mass influx of 3rd-world immigrants (at the expense of White Europeans), it has become a regular feature for emboldened racial minorities to play their “race card” to gain some advantage over gullible Canadians.

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Analogous to a rebellious adopted teenager demanding more power in the home, this racial-minority interloper is attempting to usurp the authority of her “parents”. Her tolerant caregivers (Canadian taxpayers) sacrificed many years to provide food, shelter and sustenance to raise this “cuckoo” placed in Canada’s nest, yet the emboldened “bird” now challenges us in a power-struggle for more control, and more than what she deserves. (Note: Cuckoo birds are notorious for laying their eggs in the nests of other breeds. The unsuspecting care-givers then raise and nurture chicks not of their own breed. — ELN Editor]

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The banners were posted as part of an ambitious revitalization of its downtown core. Fences surround a three block area where construction crews are working. They are covered in banners featuring pictures of people who live and work downtown.

Visible Minorities of Canada
This pie chart is out-dated. Recent demographic figures show 20% of Canada’s population is NON-white!  Just 3 decades ago, visible-minorities accounted for less than 5%.

But all of the people appear to be White. According to the most recent census data… just 6% of Kelowna’s residents are visible minorities (NON-whites).

[Robert11 says: “Let’s see … in the photo attached to the story, one of the 13 people appears non-white. That’s 7.7%. Seems fairly representative of the 6% visible minority fraction quoted in the article!”]

[See: Embolden Minorities Eye Canada]

There was not a lot of diversity represented [on the banners],” said Kamilla Bahbahani, who lives in downtown Kelowna (British Columbia) and is an equity advisor at UBC Okanagan. [Her Email:  kamilla.bahbahani@ubc.ca]

There didn’t seem to be a lot of diversity in ancestry in particular and everyone did appear to be able bodied and other types of diversity also weren’t represented.”

[Editor’s Note: That’s a somewhat disingenuous statement. She probably could care less about “other types of diversity”. This whole sorry episode is about embellishing her race and her daughter’s race because race hustlers always play “the victim” to elicit sympathy from their unsuspecting listeners. Quite possibly she needs to justify her pay cheque as an “equity advisor”. Her job is just another taxpayer supported, make-work project for NON-whites who can’t compete in Canada’s real job market.]

Bahbahani wrote a letter, complaining to the city’s mayor and council.

I can tell you that I personally felt excluded, that I was concerned for the message this would send my daughter about her place in this town and who is welcome,” she said in the letter.

[ELN Editor’s Note: She could easily solve her problem by hopping on the next flight back to the land of her heritage where she won’t feel so excluded amongst her own racial grouping. Yes?]

The city’s business liaison for the revitalization project, Kelly Kay, says the marketing materials are more diverse than they appear.

Our [banners] actually do feature individuals from Latin America, Lebanon and Europe and then we also have individuals of African-American and Asian descent in our other marketing material for the project,” she said.

However, in a reply sent to Bhabahani — Kelowna’s communications co-ordinator, Lesley Driscoll — acknowledges the marketing campaign’s lack of “visible minorities“.

Her letter says 25 people responded to an open call looking for volunteers to participate in the campaign.

While there was a variety of age ranges, there were not a variety of ethnicities,” she wrote.

Driscoll also said the city is working to make sure future marketing materials are more diverse.

We did put out another open call for participants and have a handful of participants with various ethnic backgrounds this time around whose faces will be appearing in various marketing collateral such as our e-subscribe bulletins, website, fact sheets and brochures.”  >Source

CANADA – The Land of Pandering Fools

“TOLERANCE and APATHY are the last virtues of a dying society.”

[Note: All links, bold-type and underlined words are added for emphasis by ELN Editor]


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  1. It would be nice if white women would wake up. All this talk of equality has rattled their brains. Soon the only job open to a white women will be cleaning a minority’s women’s house as she goes off to teach the white women’s kid how great the minority woman’s culture is in comparison to white culture. It really is cultural and racial genocide It is subconscious revenge and envy and getting what they never earned by invoking the magic words guilt and minority rights/rites. Minorities are always subversive in order to get what they want. Deception is their game.

  2. What really pisses me off is that minorities expect whites to carry the banner for them. Why should I carry their banner.? Whiners and complainers who expect others to do what they are too lazy to do. I refuse. They play on white guilt to get us to do what they are incapable of doing. Whites need to wake up to this game for that is what it is. Gas lighting whites because we are what they want to be and can never be. The so called victim playing on the good will of the so called ‘privileged white’. I no longer care. I only care about the survival of the white race. That is not to say when I can help someone of another race I will, but not to the detriment of my own. I do not hate other races, but I will be damned before they are put before mine.

    1. This “white guilt” burden is a crafted, mind-controlled mechanism that has been perfected and controlled over many decades to induce White self-flagellation, and designed to have the maximum effect on the world’s MINORITY race.

      Here is a flagrant American example: http://www.antiwhitemedia.com/2012/09/get-religion-pasty-golem-tools-shame.html

      Many Whites are oblivious of how strong an undertow this conditioning has on their daily actions, and will condemn another White person as being “racist”, or shout out some inane cliche` about “all us of being part of the human race“, if you support the survival of your own White race which is now reduced to only 8% of the world’s population.

      Many, many Whites are subject to this indoctrination, and it takes much will-power not to be entrapped by its devious undertow. Hopefully, Kelowna’s communications co-ordinator, Lesley Driscoll, resists capitulating to the “tail” trying to wag the “dog” in this story, but it’s doubtful that she’ll challenge the complainant in any meaningful way when “Driscoll also said the city is working to make sure future marketing materials are more diverse“. Once again, we seem to have cowardly officials backing away instead of confronting these race-hustlers who’ve got “whitey” on the run again.

      A similar controversy erupted in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Pop. 120,000) when complaints were lodged by a Black African “refugee” after only 1 Black was displayed in the photo section of the telephone directory. This nonsense happened in May, 1995, when the 98% White majority had their cage rattled, as in the Kelowna affair. The local newspaper was citing “systemic racism in Thunder Bay” in the May 10, 1995 edition of the Chronical-Journal. I don’t remember the outcome of that charade, but a “letter to the editor” suggested, that even including 1 Black person in the photo display was far too accommodating, considering the fact that only a handful of Blacks resided there. Native Indians were, and still are, the largest minority group.

      P.S. Check out this new video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=572AAtAt5C4&feature=youtu.be

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