S.A. Child Sex Slaves

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S.A. Child Sex Slaves — NIGERIAN Slavers

“The widespread violence and killings in South Africa have led many victims to lose everything and go into hiding, with some living in makeshift shanty dwellings, or in the fields by rivers. Out of the nearly four million [minority] Whites living in South Africa, nearly one million live in economic destitution.

Sonia Hruska (former Mandela supporter) described how in some cases, young White individuals, especially White females, because of their popularity, have been kidnapped and prostituted as sex slaves.

“Human trafficking is not illegal in South Africa, and many young WHITE teenage girls are drugged and sold for sex across the country. The police do nothing about this; in fact, in some cases they are involved in the prostitution of those women. Those who do escape,” Hruska explained, ‘go into hiding, seeing as there is no government assistance for them, and because they are too embarrassed to tell their family or friends.’

“As a business owner, I can get 25 years in jail time if I employ a White person, for instance. It is totally ridiculous; you cannot have imagined that affirmative-action could have gone so far”. — [South Africa labour laws favour the Black majority and DENY the small White minority access to the job market and welfare benefits!!]  >Source.

WHITE South Africans DENIED Jobs

“And if I seem ungrateful and unappreciative towards her (Sonia Hruska), it is because without such gullible and altruistic people in our midst, it would be far harder for our enemies to undermine and destroy us. That fact needs to be highlighted prominently, despite her subsequent self-rehabilitation.”

“One may wonder at the notorious gullibility of such liberally-minded people. The ANC was known to all as a Communist front, long before the end of apartheid. The ideologically-blinkered Ms. Hruska was a consultant to Nelson Mandela’s government from 1994 to 2001, involved in the implementation of government policy”.

English: A USSR stamp, 70th Birth Anniversary ...

USSR stamp, 70th Birth Anniversary of Nelson Mandela. Date of issue: 18th July 1988. Portrait of Nelson Mandela (fighter for freedom of Africa). Русский: Марка СССР Н. Мандела (1988, ЦФА №5971).

“Once the Black administration was firmly in place, the carnage began. Over 3,000 White farmers have been killed (murdered) since 1994, the year that Ms. Hruska began working for the ANC, and I am amazed that it took so long for her to ‘catch on’. But catch on she did, and to her credit, finally saw the light”.

“It is absolutely astonishing to read her account of how Whites are excluded from job opportunities through “affirmative action”, to the point that business owners can actually be jailed for hiring White people, who are now effectively forbidden to engage in any meaningful form of economic activity.The situation in South Africa is not going to improve, and those Whites unable to escape from there, (and politically-correct Western countries do not want “White racists” as immigrants), will be slaughtered with the same zeal and savagery that up to 20,000 Arabs in Zanzibar were slaughtered by Blacks in 1964″.

[Read: ]

“As a side-note, the world didn’t pay much attention to that, either, and you have probably never heard of it. But the Blacks commemorate it each year with celebrations and a public holiday, see the link below”.

“And then, the jewel that was once one of Britain’s finest and most advanced colonies, and later continued its rise as a Boer-dominated republic, will sink back into jungle barbarism and join the other pathetic examples of what were once advanced and emerging economies but which, once the firm hand of White control was removed, collapsed into ignorance, superstition, and savagery”.

“Not to be left behind, Canada, Britain, and other White countries, have opened their doors to hordes of low-IQ Blacks and others, who cannot integrate without special advantages in hiring and education. They are importing racial and social problems where none previously existed.

“Sooner or later the number of Blacks in our larger cities will reach ‘critical mass’, and they will turn on us, too. And America will likely experience this before the rest of us, particularly if President Obama is not re-elected”.

The writing is on the wall.

“We are in a battle for our racial survival, and if we allow ourselves to be mongrelised and eclipsed, there will be a prolonged “Dark Age” from which humanity, with it’s best and brightest gone, will not have the slightest chance of recovering”. …read Jeff Goodall’s FULL Report

For further information on South Africa: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.ca/

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28 thoughts on “S.A. Child Sex Slaves

  1. Why do you use the pictures of the murdered Boer family, the Potgieter family, with a story about child-slavery in South Africa? Little Willemien Potgieter was executed with a bullet through her head after both her parents were slaughtered on their farm – but she was never a child-slave. I maintain archives of the Boer Genocide on http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com. I am sure you will be able to find much more information there, and feel free to use it, provided that all the links and sources used with the stories are always included so that people can check the veracity of these reports themselves. I have maintained these records since at least 2001. While I appreciate your spreading this report and making it known, it should be as accurate as possible. Because there are many white people in South Africa who are being paid by the ANC-regime to discredit us. Every mistake is pounced upon. The ANC-regime will do everything it can to hide this genocide. They even use fake ‘crime statistics’ to do so. Thank you. Adriana Stuijt. Email me at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl if you wish more information. Always happy to point you to the correct page in my archive to find it.

    1. The photo of the murdered White South African family (the Potgieters) is a permanent feature embedded in the bottom-right corner of my main Web page. So obviously … the photo will automatically load with every new post.

      It bears no relation to any particular story — unless, by happenstance — a similar South African article is posted on that day. Here in North America, and in Europe, the controlled Western media deliberately suppress articles pertaining to the ongoing atrocities in S.A., so I’ve taken on the task to highlight that one story, and to keep it front and center as a daily reminder to readers.

      I’ve never been to South Africa, nor do I have intentions of visiting that country. However, I take every opportunity to remind concerned readers of that murderous and genocidal campaign being waged against the White citizenry of South Africa.

      So, hopefully this serves as an explanation to clear up any misunderstandings related to the Potgeieter family photo inclusion … and yes, you deserve to be commended for helping to expose Black South Africa’s government-underbelly to the world.

      A few South African Blogs — including your own — are linked under my blogroll. In fact, clicking onto the disputed photo in question (located in the bottom-right corner), will take readers directly to your Blog.

      Incidentally, this one post alone, has generated over 500 views in only two days — mainly from South Africa, followed by Australia, then Britain.

      In addition, my latest post “South Africa – Genocidal Slaughterhouse” has also generated over 400 individual views in two days — thanks to Facebook.

      P.S. I’ve added your website to the bottom of this particular post.

    1. Surprised about what? A A truce? That I am drunk? That a blue car is not a car? Maybe it is a truck? That a Canadian friend might be an American and not Canadian? ( or maybe a spy) That simple English just might not be so simple? What ever the problem, I so despise stupidity. Let sleeping dogs lie with their deceptive eye closed. Well, while the white race discusses blue cars and drunkenness. Meanwhile….

  2. northernsea

    you seem to have problem understanding simple English

    how can a Canadian friend not be Canadian?

    can a blue car not be a car?

    can a wet towel not be a towel ?

    are you drunk?

  3. So you are not a Canadian? Yet, we are to find what you want? I mean it would be okay if you did not comment the second time after the owner of this blog gave you stuff. Oh, no, you have to complain and now you have to explain how put out you are. With friends like you, we are fucked.
    (blog owner, you do not have to post this as you know.)

  4. Northernsea

    1- I’m not a troll, my username is Canadian Friend but for some strange reason the system keeps posting that long list of numbers and letters instead of my username
    At other sites I do not have this problem

    2- Some of the links on this site give me a 404 error page, that was part of my question, why are some links now giving me a 404 error page?
    Actually I checked my bookmarks and I had saved the post I am looking for, but of course when I click on it I get a 404 error page
    If the links in the archives give me a 404 error page, then what is the use of my going trhough links that are dead?

    3- I am not asking anyone to do my research. I was simply asking if anyone knew why the document I am looking for can not be found anymore.

    4- You are correct; I am white, and you are correct; the white race is going down the tube, but not because I asked if anyone could help me find a fascinating post I read here a couple months ago which has now become a 404 error page

    I was simply asking and I did so politely

    1. From over 700 separate posts on this Blog, I recall deleting only two posts over the years, and only one of those would have some dead links attached elsewhere.

      Was that my post reading a 404 error page… or was it an embedded link in the post? I might also suggest using the “search” space in the right sidebar and type in some key words related to your inquiry. That is the route I use when researching for my own past material.

  5. G2 Are you a troll? Start at the beginning. Good grief. How lazy can one person be? You know archives? Nobody has to do your research. No wonder the white race is going down the tube.

  6. Thank you < I appreciate your help, but that is not it,

    I am sure it was here at this site…

  7. Hi,

    I am an occasional reader

    I once read a fascinating entry here that had a lot of facts and numbers on how the USA is run by blacks, how large companies like Pepsi or Coca-cola had to pay big amounts of money to some black groups so they would not be sued ( a sort of black mail )

    it had facts about the high number of blacks employed by the USA government
    and so much more fascinating facts I know are true

    But I can not find it anymore

    many of the links give me 404 error page

    could a kind soul help me ?

  8. Thank you for posting this. This problem tends to be swept under the rug. I am pretty sure it happens in Canada too. Runaways did not know what is out there for them.

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