MSM’s Version Vs The Truth

By Sarah, Maid of Albion


One of the great myths of our age is that the alleged benefits of multiculturalism outweigh any downsides. That claim would be laughable if its consequences were not so deadly.

As I have indicated in earlier articles there is a short term benefit for the very rich from an endless flow of easily replaceable cheap labour which forces down wage costs and disempowers the native workforce, who dare not strike or demand rights when they know they can be so easily replaced. However, even the super rich are now realising the gains are short term. If there is any satisfaction to be gained from this situation it is contemplating how much money those evil and cynical old men have lost in migrant blighted countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Likewise as the crooked bunch of charlatans in parliament who thought they were importing a loyal new electorate, who would guarantee them permanent power, are beginning to discover in areas like the Islamic state of Tower Hamlets, the new arrivals vote on ethnic lines which is beginning to cost them votes.

As for the rest of us, we were told that immigrants would do the mythical “jobs which folk won’t do”, however, we now find ourselves with a million of our youngsters unable to find work and that 56% of young Black men are unemployed, which leads one to ask, if they are not “doing the jobs White folk wont do”… what are they here for?

We are told that immigration “boosts” our economy, yet our economy is now in the worst state it has ever been in, and our once assured status as one of the world’s richest nations is becoming a fading memory as we plummet down the league.

Then there is the great lie that multiculturalism “enriches” our culture, whereas, in fact we have been impoverished by it. It has brought intolerance, it has brought fear and division, it has brought violence, abuse and and it has brought ugliness. It has fragmented communities, broken down families, forced us to accept politically correct lies as the new reality, it has taken away our faith, our pride, and for many it has taken away the love our forefathers once felt for this country.

And what have we gained? Do Calypso, mung beans and curry really compensate for what we have lost, or for the many less appealing sides of Multiculturalism with which we are now confronted day after day?

In one of the earliest articles I ever wrote for this site, I said that Multiculturalism / diversity is not a buffet; you can not wander round the table selecting a few tasty morsels and leaving the less appetising offerings where they are. Its all or nothing. We can not select which parts of a person’s culture, his beliefs and his views he can bring with him when he arrives at Heathrow (International airport) or Dover, they will all travel with him, they will all stay with him and our community must bear the consequences.

If a man in Rawalpindi considers that women are worth half of a man, or that homosexuals should be executed, why would he think differently merely because he has moved to Rotherham?

If someone in Limpopo believes that medicine made with flesh cut from a live and screaming child will cure him of some ailment what is it about travelling to Liverpool that would change his mind? In the Congo, from where Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu originate, children are routinely beaten within an inch of their lives and frequently tortured to death because people genuinely believe they are possessed by evil spirits and large numbers have now brought those beliefs to Britain, together with those practices.

When you welcome the world into your home, the world brings its baggage with it and, as we discover anew each day there are some very nasty contraband lurking in those bags. What we are seeing is just the beginning.  >to Full Article


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5 thoughts on “MSM’s Version Vs The Truth

  1. I still shake my head. Multiculturalism was a firmly addressed mandate in Miami Dade. It was a joke because we are 50% foreign born and 90% minority school district. What were we expected to teach? This ain’t Dorothy’s Kansas.

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