It’s Called “Tribal Politics”

[Editor’s Note: The following excerpts were written after the recent U.S. presidential race where Barak Hussein Obama was re-elected for… yet another 4 year term in office. To read the entire essay, click the “source” at the end.

Tribal ~ (adjective) meaning to display loyalty to a tribe, group, or tribal values]

By Gregory Hood


Do you get it yet? It’s revenge against YOU – for existing. It’s revenge  for “racism,” for conservatism, for success, for being strong, and proud and accomplished. It’s vengeance against the America that once was.

English: President Barack Obama welcomes Israe...
1st term Obama and (very tribal) Israeli President Shimon Peres in the Oval Office, May 5, 2009.

They have their revenge for the fact that your country existed. Barack Obama is President of these states united — and was re-elected because — not in spite of the fact that he despises everything America was.

Look… I was like you. I was a patriotic, normal Republican. I knocked on doors for city council. I wanted Colin Powell to be President, because “a black Republican will help everyone get beyond race!I was there too.

And then I started looking around.

It doesn’t matter if Black unemployment is skyrocketing, and their communities are devastated – they [still] vote Black.

It doesn’t matter if [the state of] Nevada has the worst economy in the country – they vote Hispanic.

It doesn’t matter if candidates are running for re-election from the Mayo Clinic, or if a Congressman thinks islands tip over if too many people are on them [See video below] — or if Blacks are worse off, by every measure — WHEN African-Americans are in charge. It simply doesn’t matter.

Note:  the 1:25 Minute

There are vast swaths of the country where elections, policies, and good government simply no longer matter.

Camden, NJ, Detroit, MI, Birmingham, AL, and other once proud metropolises are shattered wastelands, and they are lost – forever – regardless of how bad they get.

Let’s make it perfectly clear – George W. Bush was probably the last Republican President this country will ever see. Once you go Black, the country doesn’t come back.

Perhaps you think it will all be OK if the GOP just wins the Hispanic vote. After all, Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove tell you they are socially conservative and patriotic. Unfortunately, they favor “Obamacare” even more than they favor unrestricted immigration.

They have their problems with President Obama – because he doesn’t support immigration enough. If you want to win the minority vote, you have to become more liberal on economic issues. Even the Beltway conservatives know it. And despite what your ministers and priests tell you about “Christian Hispanics,” they have higher rates of illegitimate births and abortions, too.


You probably have a kid or two. Do you have any illusions about what he is learning in school? He is being taught that White people are uniquely “evil”, that he is the recipient of unearned “privilege” because he was born, and that to be a moral person, he has to turn his back on his own ancestors – i.e. you.

If you’re a Christian, you’re faithfully taking your child to church once a week – and five days a week he’s being taught about the “glories” of homosexuality, or the “wonders” of Islam, or how Black people “single-handedly built Western Civilization”. None of it makes sense – except that it is all targeted against you.

Let’s say you send him to college. Well, you can look forward to paying off student loan debt for the rest of your life. It would be great if you could get free money for college on account of your race… but you’re White, so no one cares about you. This assumes your child can even get into a decent school… as every major school in the country fiercely defends anti-white racial preferences.


Now that you’ve bankrupted yourself and burdened your child with student loans, it’s time to get a job. Unfortunately, there are few to be had. The government is still hiring, but unfortunately, your “White privilege” doesn’t extend to [you] having a job.

You know who else defends ANTI-white racial preferences? Corporate America.

The 1% is actually pushing for diversity even more than the universities. Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Microsoft, and all the great “job producers” that you’ve been defending?

They despise you and give money to your enemies, and discriminate against you because you’re White. When your right to be treated equally went before the Supreme Court, 68 Fortune-500 companies filed amicus briefs to make sure you, and your children can’t get jobs. Those are the people you want to give tax cuts.

Want to have a small business? Better not try to do anything with the government or from federal funds – those are set aside for minorities. Also… any of your NON-white competitors get special financial benefits for operating… so good luck competing.

Incidentally, Barack Obama is going to dump some more regulations and taxes on you, especially through “Obamacare“. The Secretary of the Treasury doesn’t have to pay taxes… but you do.

[See YOUR: Affirmative Action SURGEON-GENERAL]

Well, maybe you want to be a COP or a FIREMAN then. You can’t.

Those jobs are set aside for (racial) minorities, even those who can’t pass the test. Especially for those who can’t pass the test. Remember those heroic NYC firefighters on 9/11?   Well, your government sued them for being too White and “racist”. Even dying for your masters doesn’t get you anything.

Read: [Wanted: LESS Qualified Police]

Let’s say against all odds, you manage to get a job. Well, better keep your head down. You never know when a co-worker will accuse you of “racism” or “sexism“. There doesn’t need to be a reason – it could just be out of spite. Or because you’re a Republican. Or because you reported them for stealing or incompetence. If anything, just count yourself lucky they don’t shoot you – the media will report that you — as a “racist” — had it coming. Every moment of every day, you are on the brink of professional and personal destruction, because you are White.


When they grow up, your children will worship celebrities of dubious talent who mock and despise you. You’re surrounded by filth – you can’t go to a restaurant, or a store without background music from some bimbo relying on autotune to “sing” about S&M, or threesomes.

Of course, that’s assuming your kids aren’t another victim of “random” crime by “youths.”

As a father … sitcoms portray you as an idiot. As a husband, [T.V.] commercials mock you as sexually undesirable because of your race. As a White man, movies openly call for you to be killed. And if by chance you do something admirable, why, Hollywood simply changes the race.

[ANTI-white Media]


Starting to get it yet? Every moment of every day, you have to bend the knee. Then, maybe, they’ll let you have your job so you can pay taxes to sustain people who hate you. Maybe, you’ll have the privilege of working long hours to pay the mortgage, which costs you more, because you’re White.

~Your Tax Dollars at Work~

Maybe, you can spend a few years with the children that the entire society is trying to turn against you. Maybe you can have a dinner with the woman you love, and hope that she can ignore the culture telling her she’s a “traitor” to her sex by staying with you. Maybe you can avoid the doom that hangs over your head every second.


Then, when it’s all over, your life wasn’t nothing. It was less than nothing. You actively contributed to your own destruction. Despite your surrender and respectability, you’ll be remembered as a “racist“… a relic of an evil society.


I’m going tell you what the solution is.

Everything you loved about what used to be your country came Race one group of people. It’s the group you belong to. It’s the White race.  (Read: It’s A Wonderful Race)

And it’s not an accident that the same people who hate your country, your religion, and your family… hate your race more than anything.

You’re a White man.  “Americandoesn’t mean anything anymore. If anything, citizenship is actually a burden. As a White American, you are a second-class citizen in jobs, education, and government benefits. No one cares about you, and no one ever will. Those in power will deny that your suffering even exists. So why are you fighting for these people?

The nation you loved is still there. But it’s not in the flag of a government that hates you, or in the guns that serve people who don’t care about you. It’s in the faces of the White people who built this country and who sustain it today. That’s what you have to fight for. [For inspiration, see: 56 Men of Conviction]


You can ignore me. Wave the American flag and pretend everything is going to be OK. But it won’t be. Turn on the TV. Listen to the radio. Look – really look – at the culture that surrounds you. I think you know it too.

[See: ANTI-white Media]

Do you get it yet? America, your America, is finished. But you don’t have to be. It’s time to fight for what comes next. It’s time to fight for a country of our own.

It’s time to stop being Americans. It’s time to start being White Men again.  >Source

[All Bold type and underlined words are added for emphasis by ELN Editor]

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22 thoughts on “It’s Called “Tribal Politics”

  1. Thank you for the links. It is pretty obvious to me that White Canadians are in trouble, but as usual we are pretty complacent and very naive. One would think the lessons of the Us and Europe would wake us up. I try my best, but people just do not want to talk about it. It is as if Canadians think we are immune to what is happening every where else. Thanks for keeping on the track.

  2. I would be interested in knowing how this applies to Canada. Do you think we are in the same danger or is Canada different from the trials and tribulations of the US? I am not sure myself, so this is not a trick question?

    1. As an analogy, think of a giant wave beginning somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean and washing over in (now minority-White) California, then gradually over the entire U.S. for the next 20 years, but not stopping at the Canadian border. That wave action is mass 3rd-world immigration that is actually swamping across almost every successful White nation on earth, so Canada is not immune from racialized politics. Once critical mass is reached, it becomes unstoppable. If you’ve not read the 3 posts below, they may give you an idea of what direction we are headed in less than 20 years. Remember, we have already flirted with this phenomenon by appointing two recent past Govenor-Generals, one born in Hong Kong, and the other in Haiti.

      PLUS… Tim Murray always has some outstanding piece of prose that aligns with my own thinking as in here:


      Canada’s White population has been dropping steadily for the past 40 years.

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