“Temporary” Foreign Workers

From Immigration Watch Canada

Canadian employers and some governments continue to whip up hysteria that Canada has a “worker shortage“.


Tim Horton’s (restaurant chain) is one of the employers taking advantage of the hysteria.

Tim Hortons in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Between 2007 and 2012, they (Tim Horton’s) received permission to bring close to 15,000 Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW’s) to Canada.

(Editor’s Note: Those 15,000 FOREIGN workers are equivalent to the entire Canadian population of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.)

Many other employers have done the same thing. Together, Tim Horton’s and other employers were allowed to bring in about 400,000 TFW’s in 2012.

(Editor’s Note: That massive influx of “Temporary” FOREIGN Workers exceeds the entire Canadian population of Halifax, Nova Scotia.)


Like [our] regular immigration program, Canada’s TFW program is being used to flood the labour market and to cause wage stagnation or wage depression. Most of the Tim Horton’s TFW’s came from the Philippines (10,888). It is likely that these Filipinos are displacing Canadians who are looking for entry level jobs.

[Think about that for a moment! These entry-level jobs were once the domain of unemployed High school or college students seeking work in their own Canadian towns and cities, yet Tim Horton’s restaurant chain finds it necessary to IMPORT 15,000 unskilled FOREIGNERS from half-way around the world to serve YOU coffee and donuts!?  Where is the outrage from our own working-class citizens whose unemployed sons and daughters sit at home while YOU are being served coffee by a recently imported foreigner?

BOYCOTT >>> Tim Horton’s & MacDonald’s.  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mcdonald-s-foreign-worker-practices-face-growing-investigation-1.2607365

If real Canadian workers are unjustly overlooked in favour of the “temporary” foreign worker program, then hire some of the 5,000  legal immigrants who arrived last week, or some of the 5,000 “new arrivals” this week, and yet another 5,000 the following week !

Similar to the T.F.W. brigade, 90% of new IMMIGRANTS arrive from NON-white, 3rd-world countries! If job shortages exist — as they claim — why not import a ready supply of our American cousins from just across the 49th parallel … or how about some South African Whites?

YET, with an eroding Canadian standard of living and a high unemployment rate, politicians and industry still agitate for … even more foreign workers.

When one year’s allotment of 400,000 temporary foreign workers (hoping to stay in Canada), plus 30,000 bogus 3rd-world “refugees” (hoping to stay in Canada), plus 130,000 foreign “students” (hoping to stay in Canada) are all added to the 250,000 newly-arriving immigrants, one can only ask… “How can Canadians afford to support this massive influx of foreigners?” At an annual cost of $23,000,000,000 (Billion) just for legal immigrants alone, the answer to that question … we can NOT!

Canada’s population now exceeds 35,000,000 people mainly due to 5,000 legal immigrants arriving in our country every week of every year for the past 24 years!

If the foregoing screed makes no sense to you as to why these counter-productive TWP programs and immigration policies are what they are… then I suggest you read this post— ELN Editor]

Most of the countries from which Canada is taking TFW’s (“Temporary” Foreign Workers for Tim Horton’s) are countries such as the Philippines (10,888 people) where high unemployment is entrenched, and where people are desperate for any job. In the 2007-2012 period, the countries which sent the 2nd and 3rd highest number of TFW’s (just) to Tim Horton’s were Mexico (565) and India (248), also bastions of unemployment and low wages. Less significant source countries were Jamaica (112), Ukraine (84), Sri Lanka (62), Nepal (38), Pakistan (37), El Salvador (37) and Fiji (34). These countries are not known as world models for working people.


Our intake of TFW’s is not helping Canada. […] In particular, the youth unemployment rate is officially around 14%, but it is under-estimated… and is probably well over 20%. Nobody in any country should ever have to ask whether employers and governments have a responsibility to employ their own citizens, and to ensure that citizens are not treated as being disposables. >to Full Article

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    “Like [our] regular immigration program, Canada’s TFW program is being used to flood the labour market and to cause wage stagnation or wage depression. Most of the Tim Horton’s TFW’s came from the Philippines (10,888). It is likely that these Filipinos are displacing Canadians who are looking for entry level jobs”.

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