Economic Plan of Germany’s NSDAP

Circa 1936 Germany (Deutschland) – Modern AUTOBAHN

Historian Rodney Martin of the World View Foundation narrates an English translation of the Germanys National Socialist Economic Plan (1932) to rescue and restore Germany’s economy so to:

— Put the German population back to work — to increase production and prosperity for the people — to halt usury, exploitation, foreign speculation and interference in the economy — and to increase independence, etc.

Transcript of ANOTHER video HERE.



COLOUR Photos of a prosperous and care-free 1930s Berlin under command of the NSDAP … while Britain and the United States were still suffering in the midst of the great economic depression.

Mr. Martin simultaneously compares and contrasts what happened in the Weimar Republic (1920s) with what is happening in the USA in TODAY.


A copy of the English translation of this document can be downloaded here in pdf format




National Socialism (or “NAZI”) brought the German people together after
extreme poverty suffered under the previous Weimar Republic.

After defeat in the ECONOMIC WAR of 1939 to 1945, the German people suffered greatly.

(Apparently, the above video must not be seen or else some TRUTH will leak out.)

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