Diminishing WHITE Britain

Dalston's Ridley Road market, October 2005.
Dalston’s Ridley Road market, October 2005

Steven Swinford

Figures from the 2011 (U.K.) Census show that immigration of people from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan means that in some parts of London … fewer than 1 in 3 people are White.

Overall, the proportion of White people in Britain has fallen from 91% in 2001 to now 86% in 2011. (80.5% ??) The fall has taken place despite an influx of White immigrants from Poland.

The number of people who are mixed race has risen to more than 1m for the first time … from 664,000 to 1.2 million.

The number of Asian (e.g. Indian, Pakistani) people in Britain has risen by two-thirds from 2.5 Million people to 4,200,000, while the number of Black people has risen from 1.1m to 1,800,000 people.

A growing force of belligerent MUSLIM Invaders who meet with no resistence in the once “great” Britain, except for this lone British woman.


In London… only 44.9% of people are White and with large populations of people who identify themselves as African, Indian and Caribbean.

[ … ]


Vanishing England

Britain’s Immigration Fiasco

How Britain Destroyed Itself

The West Midlands also has a high proportion of minority ethnic groups, with 4.1% of people of Pakistani origin, 3.9% who were Indian and 1.5% who were Caribbean (Blacks).

The overall percentage of people identifying themselves as Cornish in England and Wales was just 83,000.

However, in Cornwall 1 in 8 people said their national identity was Cornish.

Wales was the least ethnically diverse place in England and Wales, with just 1% of people from ethnic minorities.  >Source

50 years ago!

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