Muhammad Ali Spoke The Truth (1971)

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Muhammad Ali, who engaged in more 'fight of th...

Muhammad Ali (More recent photo)

The video at the bottom of this post is from an earlier time before Marxist-inspiredpolitical-correctness” began suppressing freedom of speech.

Muhammad Ali  (born Cassius Clay, Jr.) is a most noteworthy man when speaking candidly about miscegenation in the 1971 BBC interview seen in the
video below.

The White British interviewer didn’t capture the basic essence of this race-mixing dialogue with Ali, and instead assumed the role of appearing noblesse oblige who failed to “keep it real.

I use the term “noblesse oblige” loosely and with a derisive tone … meaning the BBC host played a condescending role tainted with a hypocritical stance before a public audience.

Noblesse oblige” is a French noun sometimes used to imply that people with wealth, power, or prestige have certain responsibilities attached to their influence. The false premise of “white guilt” is added to the mix, and extended towards “victim” minority races living in White societies. (In reality, NON-whites account for 92% of the world’s 7,500,000,000 (BILLION) people — so the remaining 8 percent White-minority race have absolutely NO collective cause to harbor such foolish notions as “white guilt“.)

During one segment of the interview, Ali may have suppressed the urge of calling out the BBC host as a sycophantic hypocrite …  but, he only resorts to “you’re on the show, you gotta say that”. Then the pathetic BBC host becomes immediately defensive — and unconvincingly — blurts out “that’s not true“, while casting a furtive glance towards his live audience in a desperate move for moral support.

What if Ali had ensnared the BBC interviewer with this question: … “would you marry a black woman and subsequently spawn a few mulattoes that didn’t quite share your skin tone“? The White hypocrite would have probably answered “yes” knowing full-well that he was lying, and with a straight face. White liberal hypocrites will always command that you “do as I say, not as I do“.

Imagine a White man having spoken as honestly as Muhammad Ali did in 1971 — or especially today! He would be repeatedly maligned with slurs of “racist” “racist”.

(Fast-forward 45 years later to 2016 for a look at the (BBC) British Broadcasting Corporation’s own racist hiring policies.

After viewing the 3 minute video below, check out these examples of misplaced altruism … or is that competitive altruism tinged with a healthy dose of narcissism — rather than any genuine concern for the “poor victims” they purport to “save”?? Then, again, perhaps it’s the latest Hollywood-craze designed to reinforce guilt-ridden Whites into following tinsel town’s latest fashion statement.

Update: He died in June, 2016 at the age of 74 yrs.

Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on Jan. 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky,  Ali learned how to box after his bicycle was stolen when he was 12 years old. When young Clay vowed to “whoop the behind” of the thief … a local White police officer encouraged him to learn to box, so to channel his energy.

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12 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali Spoke The Truth (1971)

  1. Ali fails to mention something and that’s why Blacks don’t date and marry other Blacks. Let’s look at modern statistics. 75% of Adult Blacks Males have been or on their way to jail. 73% of Black Infants are Illegitimate. No woman in her right state of mind wants a Black man,yet White women can’t get enough for some reason. They are not considered traitors of their race though. If a Black woman decides to date a non Black she has suddenly committed a great crime however. Being the child of a Black mother and European father I know that Black women date other races because their children are more aesthetically pleasing,have better opportunities for advancement,and aren’t furthering the atrocity that is modern Black Urban Culture. They fully intend that their children won’t look back unlike Whites who assume a White woman with a biracial child has gone Black for good. Blacks date other races to ecsape!

    1. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -Orwell

      Muhammad Ali was the “truth” who came out swinging against the “deceit” in this one-round match and won the “fight”.

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