South African Black Empowerment

In 2008, Minister in the South African Presidency, Essop Goolam Pahad told a reporter in no uncertain terms that the South African government (ANC) cares nothing about the welfare of White people of South Africa.

Essop Pahad
Essop Pahad

The Black-run Government had announced that “Affirmative Action” was to remain indefinitely, meaning that the 9% White minority race is considered to be 2nd-class in their “new”, and ever deteriorating  South Africa.

“Affirmative Action” in South Africa has opposite intention to that of the United States or Canada. Their policies actually favour the Black majority population in job and promotional initiatives.

Minority Whites are not only discriminated against while seeking job opportunities, but are also denied social welfare benefits, thus forcing many onto the streets, or into shanty towns. And, just to tie up loose ends from the other side of the equation, a business owner could receive a 25 year jail sentence for merely employing a White citizen.


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  1. There appears to be a “news blackout” imposed on the plight of today’s South African Whites struggling for some sense of equality within a modern infrastructure built by the Whites, themselves.

    Another South African reader pointed out that 25% of the remaining 4.5 million Whites now live under some form of poverty in your country.

    It is bad enough to be denied an equal opportunity when competing for a living working wage, but when Whites are unjustly denied welfare benefits due to the initial discriminatory practices in the job market, that calls for international attention.

    The quote of a “25 year jail sentence” for simply employing South African Whites was taken from Sonia Hruska in our “Child Sex Slave” post.

    To spend 2.5 hours in jail for employing a minority White person would be excessive in any “democratic” country, but 25 years?? I would appreciate any South African confirming that fact, if indeed, it is factual. It seems unbelievable to me, but the source appears to be reliable.

    However, above all else, is the deliberate news blackout of isolated White farmers and their families being systematically tortured and murdered by Blacks on a weekly basis! There are other posts on this blog relating to those murderous events, but check out the few South African Blogs in our Blogroll to the right.

  2. I thank The Hill Billy for this repost.
    I live in SA. I am white. I don’t know about the R25000 fine, but I do know that finding a job in SA is almost impossible. Even when applying for something you’re perfectly qualified and suited for, you will be seen over in favour of an Asian, black or coloured person.
    I’ve been working for the past 25 odd years – the only job I managed to find was a temp receptionist job. Don’t know what my future holds for me after June – will have to wait and see…

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